Way of Transmigration Chapter 12

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one two – Not the same

“Why don’t I see you forgetting to confront1 me too?”

Yin Suye’s tone was cold as usual but his slightly squinted eyes made it clear that his current mood was not very pleasant.

“You are not the same!”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know how to explain the complex in his heart, in the end he could only use that one sentence to summarize.

Before he faced this big villain Yin Suye, he could keep his cool. It was not because he has big guts but because Yin Suye was created by him. Although he could only be considered as Yin Suye’s stepmother, no, stepfather, he didn’t treat Yin Suye well at all.

This doesn’t change the fact that Yin Suye is his advantageous son.

Where is such logic in the world that a father would be afraid of his son?

Even if this cheap(advantageous) son’s martial level was over the meter, character was gloomy and behaviour was cruel and emotionless, this doesn’t change Yin Suye’s origin at all. Well, the pack of wolves was also created by him but they were just a group of animals without any thoughts. They cannot be communicated nor reasoned with, cannot be bribed, cannot be intimidated…

No matter who they are, in the eyes of the wolves one would be just food, death is the only ending. So, the wolves’ existence was just a background prop to make more ups and downs in the story.

“Not the same ma?”

Yin Suye ruminated over that sentence, revealing a look of contemplation.

“Right, you are extraordinary!” Shui Ruoshan gave an absolute confirmation.

Although their dialogue sounded quite coherent, the topic has already diverted 18,000 li2 far away from what Yin Suye has first asked. It was a completely different channel in the end.

Of course, Shui Ruoshan was very much delighted that he managed to divert the topic to somewhere else. Don’t think that Yin Suye is just a villain set in the story, because his popularity wouldn’t be any weaker than the protagonist. Due to his overall perfection plus his ups and downs, those could arouse more sympathetic responses from the readers. One just couldn’t really hate him no matter how much he offended the Heaven and reason3, how cruel or how he destroyed humanity.

Yin Suye is definitely the most complex character in [The Strongest King in History], he is also an unique existence that people both loved and hated!

“But I think the thing we should be most concerned with is your injury right now!”

Shui Ruoshan has a feeling that he had forgotten something important, he didn’t thought of it before this because he was busy brainstorming how to answer Yin Suye’s question. Now he just realized that he has forgotten to tell Yin Suye to quickly treat his wounds. He(YSY) has already been injured to the point of fainting, and had forced himself to wake up due to impending danger; dealing with the wolves in spite of his weakened body. All these movements have caused his injury to be more serious.

That perfect and impeccable face was full of fatigue, and the slightly curved phoenix eyes were weakly closed. The pale thin lips tightly pursed and fine sweat slowly slid down from his forehead. The originally dazzling blond hairs were dangling lifelessly right now….

The blood-stained clothes reflected every wounds that Yin Suye received on his body. Not only it didn’t cause the weak Yin Suye to look sorry, it added a decadent feeling instead; bringing a touch of tempting beauty.


There were no changes in Yin Suye’s expression, he just responded with a tone not heavy nor light. No one know if he really listened to Shui Ruoshan’s words.

“Did you bring any healing medicines?”

Shui Ruoshan was very sure that he(SRS) is blameless in this4, and could only throw hopeful glances at Yin Suye.

Space storing equipment is a must-have item in parallel worlds.

As the second most important figure in the novel, it would definitely not match with his identity if Yin Suye doesn’t have any advanced space ring in his possession.

As for what would be inside the space ring, Shui Ruoshan was not so sure. He was the author but he won’t deliberately spend time writing these minor stuff.

“Finished.” Yin Suye simply threw out this answer.


Yin Suye, how much injuries did you suffered earlier here? How could you managed to finish all the necessary healing medicines?

This record of getting wounded is too damm high ba!

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  1. By now, the author must be scrambling their mind on how to progress the storyline. I mean… come on! They’re still in the goddang stinking place for 12 chapters!! wth

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    1. Lol, on the contrary I think the author know exactly what he/she wanted.
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