Way of Transmigration Chapter 11

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one one – Forgotten

“Open the barrier.”

Pushing back the wolves with his sword, Yin Suye directly pulled Shui Ruoshan from behind him to rush towards the cave together; disregarding the attacks from the surrounding wolves. Just as they reached the barrier, Yin Suye stopped and once again lifted his sword to deal with the incoming wolves. At this moment, he was buying time for Shui Ruoshan.

“No need.” Shui Ruoshan said as he walked into the barrier, while Yin Suye still have the wolves’ attention.

Shui Ruoshan : “Just give your hand to me!”

He really doesn’t dare to open the barrier right now. What if some of the giant wolves followed and gotten inside with them? Then it would be a big problem.

Since he could ignore the barrier’s power and pass through freely, then he should be able to bring other people inside by using himself as the medium.


Yin Suye gave a cold glance at Shui Ruoshan’s hand stretching outside the barrier. After some contemplation, with a speed not fast nor slow, he handed his free hand to Shui Ruoshan.

Shui Ruoshan grasped at Yin Suye’s hand and began pulling the man into the barrier.

With Shui Ruoshan’s existence as the medium, not only the barrier didn’t reject Yin suye, he was quickly accepted inside.

“Finally, we are safe!”

After confirming that Yin Suye has completely entered the barrier, Shui Ruoshan’s taut nerves instantly loosened. Not bothering with his image, he(SRS) sat on the ground and started taking deep breaths. Then, he inadvertently caught sight of the wolves outside the barrier. They didn’t leave but keep trying to pounce at them instead. They seemed to be dissatisfied that their preys have escaped right under their nose so they began hitting the barrier with their body.

Shui Ruoshan’s heart started to jump again.

Although Shui Ruoshan think that the barrier should be quite sturdy and he should be confident with it, but when he watched the wolves keep hitting the barrier and getting bounced off, he felt like the cave was shaking from the impact.
He couldn’t help but subconsciously leaned his body towards Yin Suye. No matter how was it, Yin Suye is still the big BOSS of the story. As long as he(YSY) doesn’t encounter the protagonist, one could still feel a sense of security from (staying nearby) him.

“Why didn’t you fight back?”

Yin Suye seemed not to notice Shui Ruoshan’s careful action to get nearer to him, he(YSY) just quietly leaned against the cave wall to save his strength.

Such a simple action, but when was done by Yin Suye, there was a different kind of elegance and was aesthetically pleasant. It was as if Yin Suye was not sitting inside a shabby cave at all but a gorgeous and luxurious banquet. That kind of elegance has been carved bone-deep so it won’t disappear regardless time, location and identity.

“I forgot.”

Shui Ruoshan honestly replied and looked at Yin Suye with an innocent face. He knew that Yin Suye was asking why didn’t he use his power to protect himself when facing danger from the wolves. Right now Shui Ruoshan was asking himself why did he set Yin Suye’s personality as a wild and ruthless tyrant.

And so, facing a reticent Yin Suye who was also concise and comprehensive, he(SRS) must have an excellent translation ability1. Just that when he saw Yin Suye’s eyes showing a light contempt upon hearing his answer, as if he was looking down at Shui Ruoshan for forgetting how to save his own life when facing danger, Shui Ruoshan had a face-full-of-tears (QwQ) feeling.

God knows that it was not that he doesn’t want to use his ability, just that at that moment of life and death, he really couldn’t think of using it! He was not a villain like Yin Suye who could kill without batting an eye. He was also not a domineering hot-blooded youth either nor he was a transmigrator with superb adaptability skills. He is just a normal person who lived in peaceful time!

When facing a dangerous situation, it was already amazing enough that he only forgot to respond rather than get frightened until farting and peed in own’s pants, alright! Was he(YSY) expecting him to have a big ability explosion then proceed to do a wonderful massacre show?!

This is absolutely impossible.

Such powerful non-human characteristic only exist in novel.

Even though he has transmigrated over, it doesn’t change the fact that he was previously just an ordinary boy who had zero fighting power.

When he saw Yin Suye staring at him using a look as if he(YSY) is looking at a monster and that his reaction was something not normal, Shui Ruoshan felt a deep despair towards this parallel world filled with malice!
He was obviously the most normal person in this abnormal world, so being thought as the most abnormal one by someone else; who could understand such goddamned feeling of his?!

But then when he remembered that this abnormal world was created by him, Shui Ruoshan had a undescribable goddamned feeling. Now he finally understand something, this parallel world is absolutely plotting to dig a hole then pushing this author inside!

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  1. He’s kinda annoying.
    I hate MCs who keep complaining about “I’m normal this and that” to explain all their actions.

    It’s so goddamn annoying. But I’ll givenit a last since it’s still the beginning. But dear god. Shut up.
    It’s not funny. It’s annoying

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