Way of Transmigration Chapter 116

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one six – Impossible

“I want your throne!”

Yin Suye said it very casually, but the powerful pressure revealed in his chilly eyes made it clear that he was not joking, but really wanted Wang Batian’s life and his throne.

“Or you can give me your life!”

The corner of his mouth slowly unfolded in an arc like he is looking down the world, together with an aura that cause one to shudder. At this moment, he is Yin Suye, the Supreme King who used to rule in his past life.

“You were playing me all these while?!”

Hearing the two options that Yin Suye proposed, even if Wang Batian has slow reflex, right now he also can understand that he has been tricked by Yin Suye!


Since both of them have torn away their pleasantry side, Yin Suye naturally won’t have to give Wang Batian any face anymore.

“Seeking death!”

Seeing that Yin Suye actually admitted that to him at his face, Wang Batian felt like he couldn’t spit out the negative feelings from his heart.

“If you want to destroy the Capital, you can start fighting here.”

Yin Suye didn’t seem to feel any danger at all, he just looked indifferently at Wang Batian. There were no additional expressions on his exquisite face, and no shocked emotion in his pair of eyes. No disgust, no anger, no resentment, he just said it quite plainly.


Wang Batian, who has already gathered his strength and prepared to teach Yin Suye a lesson, could only recall back his power reluctantly. Although the dungeon is very strong, it cannot withstand the energy wave of the Supreme King, and the dungeon is built underground of the Capital. Should the dungeon gets destroyed, the entire Capital will be in danger of collapsing. Wang Batian is the Capital’s Supreme King, he naturally will not make any move that will self-destruct the Capital.

“Let’s go out to fight?”

Yin Suye slightly opened his lips, and the curve of his lips gave off a strong confidence like he could control everything within his hands. He didn’t want to destroy the Capital as well, but with Wang Batian who is stronger than him, Yin Suye can only go all out. Afraid that he(YSY) can’t control his power in the battle later, he reminded Wang Batian that their current location is not suitable for battle.

“Hmph!” Yin Suye’s abrupt proposal cause Wang Batian to be slightly stunned.

He looked at Yin Suye acting so calm and natural, and felt very uncomfortable. He keep feeling like something is gradually getting out of his control. Years of experience made him feel a little vigilant, but he pressed this thought down at the next second. He is the Supreme King, the supremacy of the human race, he don’t have to be so vigilant against a small Imperial stage cultivator.

No matter what kind of heaven-defying ability that Yin Suye has, he can’t play any tricks under his eyes. Wait and see later how he will make Yin Suye realize how wrong it is to scheme against him! So, Wang Batian flung his sleeve at Yin Suye and walked out of the dungeon. There is only one exit in the dungeon. As long as he waits at the exit, he is not afraid that Yin Suye will run away.

Towards Wang Batian’s contemptuous attitude, Yin Suye’s gaze was indifferent and in it was a chill that could instantly freezes people to death. His perfect face was dyed with coldness as well. He also disdained to talk to Wang Batian, but he needs time to get his body back to the best condition, so he did whatever he had to do.

He opened his palm to reveal a space ring that Shui Ruoshan secretly left for him before he left. As soon as he thought of it, a large amount of medicinal herbs used to treat the wounds appeared in his hands. Yin Suye did not look at it and stuffed all the remedies into his mouth without hesitation. These were prepared by the little guy so he is very reassured to consume it.

The reason why he wanted to change their battlefield, besides the reason not wanting to destroy the Capital, it was because the little guy specifically told him before leaving, that he will put everything he prepared near the exit of the dungeon, so he must leave the dungeon first.

Wang Batian who was walking in front, noticed Yin Suye’s small movement to eat medicinal herbs, but he didn’t stop him(YSY). He don’t think that Yin Suye could make up for the huge gap between them just by eating a few pills and herbs. Even at a time like this, Wang Batian has not given up the intention to get the method to extend lifespan from Yin Suye’s mouth, so he didn’t plan to kill Yin Suye yet. Which is why he thinks it’s good to let Yin Suye heal first, in case he can’t hold back when time comes and accidentally killed him(YSY).

“Right here ba!”

Wang Batian couldn’t wait to give Yin Suye a lesson the moment he arrived back to the ground. The dungeon’s exit was originally built in a relatively remote place, so the area has large enough space for people to fight.


Yin Suye had yet to reach the exit when he sensed a familiar aura from a gap between the stones by the exit. Although it was quite faint, Yin Suye could clearly sense that the aura belonged to the little guy. Yin Suye hooked his finger outward and his spiritual power sucked out another space ring from the gap. Feeling around the contents inside the space ring, Yin Suye’s expression slightly changed and he subconsciously gripped the space ring tightly.

He didn’t think that the little guy could do this much for him, which moved him quite a bit.
The things Shui Ruoshan prepared in the space ring are really helpful for him right now. The little guy seems to afraid that he(YSY) doesn’t know how to use the items so he wrote a small note to explain the usage, so considerate. Although the little guy’s ugly handwriting were a bit unattractive, but they still feel very cute, just as cute as the little guy himself in Yin Suye’s eyes.

Yin Suye originally only had 50% confidence against Wang Batian. Now that he has something prepared by the little guy, his confidence has raised to 80% – 90%.

“What is in your hand?”

Wang Batian may not care about Yin Suye secretly consuming medicines, but he can’t not care of Yin Suye’s behavior at this moment. Although he(WBT) is arrogant, it does not mean that he has no brain. Something appearing at the exit of the dungeon is obviously not normal. There must be something wrong with this. If one don’t stop it even when knowing something is wrong, that is not self-confidence, but an idiotic action.

The pressure from Wang Batian’s body rapidly rose, as if he wanted to crush him(YSY) directly with his pressure.

“You don’t have the qualification to know.”

After Yin Suye got the things he wanted, he stepped out of the dungeon and no longer suppressed the madness in his eyes. At the next second, Yin Suye erupted with a majestic pressure containing the power to destroy everything and rushed toward Wang Batian…

Instantly, the two pressures collided fiercely in the air, and the huge aura impact with two people as the center, exploded with a strong energy fluctuation in the air. The area 10 metre around the two instantly turned bared without any vegetation, immediately forming a huge deep pit.

At this moment, Wang Batian who always thought he has the upperhand, finally changed his expression. Because his Supreme King’s pressure can not suppress Yin Suye?! Doesn’t that means Yin Suye may have the strength equals to him?!

“How… you, how can you…” Have the strength of a Supreme King?!

Wang Batian looked up at the man standing opposite him, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“You should be very familiar with the aura of a Supreme King, right?”

Yin Suye raised his eyebrow slightly and did not give Wang Batian any chance feel shocked, directly blocking his question with his own question. Within his heterochromatic eyes, they at this moment has been completely dyed blood red with an endless madness, and the haze revealed inside caused one to feel timid.

“No! This is impossible!”

Supreme King is a unique existence. This is what everyone knows and the truth that Wang Batian has always recognized.

“As long as I am still the Supreme King, you can’t have the same power!”

But now someone tells him that there’s not only one Supreme King existed! This completely reversed Wang Batian’s belief, catching him unprepared. Wang Batian was so stunned that he didn’t notice that only Yin Suye’s aura belonged to a Supreme King while his real strength has yet to reach the same level . Because right now he is in a state completely shocked by Yin Suye.

“There is nothing absolute in this world!”

Yin Suye’s heterochromatic eyes suddenly turned cold. He gave people a feeling that he is domineeringly looking down at the crowd from the clouds, causing them to not dare to look at his face from the force. Even though both of them are on the ground, but with just his aura itself, Yin Suye has the power to make people feel like he is an aloof being, overlook the world from a high altitude.

“Wang Batian, you went against Heaven1, your sin must be punished!”

Noticing that his secret guards had already rescued out the innocent people secretly held by Wang Batian for experiment purpose, Yin Suye don’t have the mood continued to testing out Wang Batian anymore. His thin lips slightly opened, and his low-pitched voice echoed with an infinite chilling force in this silent night sky…
Especially when he said the word ‘punished’, it felt like the voice came directly from Hell, extraordinarily majestic!

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