Way of Transmigration Chapter 115

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one five – The price to pay

After Shui Ruoshan was persuaded to return to the secret base, Yin Suye let Fox wipe out the their traces before leaving, and restored all the things in the dungeon back to their original position. Then he turned his attention to the unconscious jail guard. The reason why he spared his life was so that he can successfully complete the Fate Substitution, so he must erase the jail guard’s memory of the scene just now. In an instant, Yin Suye’s heterochromatic eyes were completely filled with black light. In order to make sure his plan is foolproof, Yin Suye used his powerful spiritual power to forcibly erase the memory.

Yin Suye seems to be exceptionally skilled with this action, as if he had done it many times before. However, his current simple and rude manner, is different from the time when he tried to do it on Shui Ruoshan, that was without any side effects and carried slight hint of hypnosis. If not for him afraid of being found out and gets suspected if he did it excessively, Yin Suye will never take such a mild revenge on the jail guard who has hurt him. He just injured the guard’s soul and caused his mind to be chaotic.

After Yin Suye handled the jail guard, he used his power to make the guard stand on the place where he stood before, and then stimulated his nerves with his spiritual power. Seeing the signs that the guard is going to wake up soon, Yin Suye returned to his original posture and tied himself back onto the iron fixture, then closed his eyes. He closed all of his senses, and ignored the jail guard. Right now, he must conserve his power and be prepared for the battle against Wang Batian.

Thinking of the various piece of information revealed to him by the little guy, the corner of Yin Suye’s mouth slightly twitched. Originally, he thought that he had mastered enough information after he was reborn, but he did not expect that the little guy will know more than he knew. This gave him even more confidence towards dealing with Wang Batian.


The jail guard opened his eyes and was confused for a while. Why did he forget what he wanted to do in a blink of an eye? And the jail guard didn’t know if it was his illusion or not, but he keep having a dizzy feeling and it was painful everywhere on his body, but he couldn’t find any wounds. Did he got possessed?! It seems that after he was sent to carry out Yin Suye’s punishment, he encountered this kind of ominous feeling very frequently. He would forget what he wanted to do from time to time, and also feel his body getting weak sometimes. Moreover, he also heard that other guards who carried out Yin Suye’s punishment also had the similar situation. So, the guard didn’t think too much. He only thought maybe the sentence of Fate Substitution was too heavy and they were too stressed, resulting everyone to experienced such exhaustion. Sure enough, torturing someone is a very laborious thing!

The jail guard vigorously shook his head and perked up, decided to wait until the end of the Fate Substitution to go home and reward himself. However, why can’t he remember what he wanted to do for Yin Suye’s punishment? Before the jail guard could figure out anything, someone pushed open the iron gate of the dungeon.

“Supreme, Supreme King?!”

The jail guard has assumed an offensive stance but immediately stopped when he saw the person behind the door. Even if this is not the first time he saw the Supreme King in the dungeon, he still felt nervous. Standing in front of him is the strongest person in the human world, and also the only Human Supreme King!

“You go out first, I have something to talk to Yin Suye.”

Wang Batian waved at the jail guard, naturally commanded him to leave.


Although he don’t know why the Supreme King came over to find Yin Suye privately, it does not prevent the jail guard from giving respect and having blind obedience for the Supreme King. Upon hearing his command, the jail guard gave his respect and walked out of the cell without saying anything. He even closed the door carefully before going out. This was a subconscious habit that he formed after doing it many times.

“How are you going to ‘threaten and bribe’ me this time?”

The moment when Wang Batian came in, Yin Suye has already opened his eyes. He didn’t have any unexpected emotions towards Wang Batian’s arrival.

“Are you ready to tell me the method now?”

Wang Batian didn’t expect Yin Suye who usually keep his mouth shut to take initiative to ask this time, so a hint of happiness suddenly appeared on his face. He thought the lessons he ‘taught’ Yin Suye have shown its effect, that Yin Suye changed his tight-lipped attitude after tasted the pain. He seeked out Yin Suye many times before, but every time he only gave more ‘lessons’ to Yin Suye and get nothing in return.

“Can you afford to pay for the price?”

Yin Suye looked up and the corner of his mouth curved into a irony arc to Wang Batian, who couldn’t see the reality at all. Before this when Wang Batian came to him, in order to gain enough time for his Fate Substitution, he told Wang Batian that he will not tell him(WBT) the method before the trial is finished, out of fear that Wang Batian will kill him right after he gotten the method.

With such generic reason, he succeeded in calming down Wang Batian, so that Wang Batian would not let him die immediately. That’s why Wang Batian didn’t eagerly forced him in those 48 days of his Fate Substitution, because Wang Batian intended put all out at the last moment. Because according to the normal situation, the moment a person is immediately released after suffer great tortures, the heart is the most relaxed and at the time where it is most easily conquered.

This is why Yin Suye can guess that Wang Batian would come on the last day. Wang Batian is waiting for the last moment, but Yin Suye is waiting for the last moment as well. As long as he let everyone know that he has completed Fate Substitution and completely solved the problem of Shui Ruoshan’s identity, he will not need to continue enduring all kinds of harassment by Wang Batian. At that time, he will definitely come to collect his debt when it’s due.


Wang Batian was very confident when he said this. In his eyes, it doesn’t matter whether Yin Suye asks for wealth, beauty, or power…
With his identity as the Supreme King, there’s nothing he can’t complete easily so he could give his promise so naturally and easily. At this moment, Wang Batian obviously has forgotten that he has used such conditions to buy Yin Suye before this to get the method to extend lifespan from Yin Suye’s mouth but all failed.

Can you succeed with the same conditions, just by changing the time and place?

But then, even if Wang Batian has thought of this, the arrogant him won’t give too much thoughts on it. He will only thinks that he must have forced Yin Suye with his power, to let him know how to be afraid, and understand the ‘to quit while one is ahead’ logic.

“When the Fate Substitution is completed, I will tell you the price I want.”

The sarcasm of Yin Suye’s eyes became a bit thicker. He is very clear that the current Wang Batian did not put him in his eyes. That’s why Wang Batian didn’t realized all the loopholes and flaws in his(YSY) plan, and would easily accepted his delaying tactics. This can only say that living too long has caused Wang Batian to lose his sense of crisis, and thought Supreme King is already invincible; became negligent.
Yin Suye boldly schemed against Wang Batian because he understood that Wang Batian does not put anything else in his eyes.


Wang Batian agreed without hesitation to Yin Suye’s request. Since he has already waited for 48 days anyway, he don’t mind waiting for a while more. At the same time, he began to laugh to himself towards Yin Suye’s naivety. Does Yin Suye really thinks that he can be completely safe if he lived through Fate Substitution? That is a big mistake!

He is the Supreme Human King. When he wants someone to die then that person must die in time! Before he gets the lifespan extension method from Yin Suye’s mouth, he will let Yin Suye live for a while longer. After he gets the method and confirms its genuinity, he has no reason to let the person who knows his secrets, Yin Suye to continue living! Particularly when Yin Suye also greatly disrespected him before, which caused Wang Batian, who has a small heart, to hate Yin Suye in his heart.

Upon getting Wang Batian’s reply, Yin Suye closed his eyes again. That look of disgust seemed to be saying that looking at Wang Batian is a painful thing to do.

Time passed bit by bit silently between the two…

“Time is up.” When the last minute of the 49th day passed by, Wang Batian immediately reminded him.

“Firstly, announce my success in surviving Fate Substitution to all the citizens!”

Yin Suye endured 49 days of torture just for this moment, naturally will not act rashly before the outcome of the matter is publicised.


Wang Batian took out the communicator that he carried with him and informed the other side of the news that Yin Suye has successfully passed Fate Substitution.

“Can you tell me what is the price you want now?” Saying that, Wang Batian let Yin Suye see the information that he passed out to all people.


Confirming that Wang Batian has officially published his message regarding the result of his Fate Substitution and no longer be able to change it, Yin Suye casually yanked out the chains that were tied around him.

“Your conditions?”

Wang Batian didn’t seem to notice Yin Suye’s behavior at the moment. Right now, he only cares about when he can get the method.

“I want your throne!” Yin Suye’s thin lips opened, and bluntly stated his request.

Since his purpose has been achieved, there is no need for him to continue wasting time with Wang Batian. Therefore, he straightforwardly chose a crude showdown and ‘lay his cards on the table’.

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