Way of Transmigration Chapter 10

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one zero – Sense of security

Looking at the motionless Yin Suye who had collapsed on the ground and the approaching pack of wolves, Shui Ruoshan suddenly could feel how evil this world was! It was not easy for him to convince Yin Suye, and when he finally did after so much efforts, Yin Suye unexpectedly fainted at the time of action.

That was too unexpected!

But if he leave the barrier to save the man, he would incur danger to himself at the off chance he didn’t act right. Due to his reckless action of running back into the cave earlier, the wolves have been stimulated. In order to prevent their prey from running away again, they reacted in advance and immediately shifted their attention towards the fainted Yin Suye.

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t even have the time to weigh the pros and cons, whether to save or not. He only knows that if he doesn’t make his decision immediately, Yin Suye will have his life torn away by the wolves’ mouth the next second. His body reacted faster than his thoughts, and he had immediately ran out from the barrier.

While he ran, he actually have the spare time to praise his selfless Holy Mother-like action in his heart; silently gave himself 321 praises.

Did he watched too much [Touching China]2 that he learned the good character of saving other people, then wanted to experience how he moved to tears from seeing how much of a good character he is? At such an intense atmosphere, is there really no problem to have a hole opened that large in his brain (to be so stupid)?

Fortunately, the distance between both of the men was not far and Shui Ruoshan reached Yin Suye’s side in a few steps. Else, who knows where Shui Ruoshan’s thoughts could fly to!

As soon as he reached Yin Suye’s side, Shui Ruoshan squatted down right away. Lifting Yin Suye’s right hand, Shui Ruoshan used his own body weight to propel the man up.

So heavy!

But Shui Ruoshan have no time to complain that he had transmigrated into a small and weak body. The him right now not only was shorter, his strength has become weaker as well. Next, he tragically found out that from just a simple task of lifting Yin Suye up, he has used all of his strength. No one knows if he would use up all strength in a short while, then both of them will collapse onto the ground together.

With his physique looking like an adult shrunken in size, he was only half of Yin Suye’s height.
Rather than saying he is carrying Yin Suye right now, it would be more accurate to say he is currently being pressed down by Yin Suye!

His current body with weak physical power simply have no ability to help carry other people back to the cave for refuge. Especially when he raised his eyes and saw the leader wolf which was standing in the midst of the pack; its eyes brightened when it looked at him(SRS). Then the wolf leapt, pouncing at his direction.

The speed of the giant wolf was very fast, it landed in front of Shui Ruoshan in a blink of an eye..
It opened its bloody jaw widely, wanting to bite down…

When he faced a real life-threatening situation, Shui Ruoshan’s mind turned blank. He stood there stunned while watching the giant wolf biting towards him.

Will he die like this?

Being eaten by giant wolf as food?

This kind of death is not glorious at all!

He felt that he might be the most short-lived transmigrator in the history of transmigration.

Closing his eyes in resignation, his only wish right now is that the giant wolf would bite accurately and end him in one move. He really doesn’t have the guts to see the horrible scene where he is all bloodied and in pieces after the wolves mauled him. Also, he doesn’t want to experience being eaten bit by bit by the giant wolf either.

Perhaps he could look forward to return to Earth after death but in case he doesn’t, then wouldn’t that means he would be completely dead? In the face of death, he still would feel fear. What to do ah?

“Step aside!”

Just as Shui Ruoshan could feel the almost-within-reach stench from the wolf’s mouth, he was suddenly pushed far away by a strong force.

Upon opening his eyes, he saw Yin Suye standing in front of him with his(YSY) back facing him.
The sword in his(YSY) hand was resisting the attack from the giant wolf.

Escaping from the jaw of death, Shui Ruoshan felt that although Yin Suye’s tone was not good (rude) at first, but that icy ‘Step aside!’ gave him an illusion of the sound of Heaven.

What Shui Ruoshan could see at the moment was just Yin Suye’s back as he stood firmly in front of him, helping him to block danger. His originally flustered heart calmed down this instantly. This slightly shaking figure clearly doesn’t look big but it appeared to be infinitely strong at the moment.

A sense of security that doesn’t exist previously, started to fill Shui Ruoshan’s heart. As long as Yin Suye is here, he(SRS) won’t be in any danger anymore!

As long as this person could stand in front of him, he(SRS) would feel boundless confidence!

These thoughts appeared naturally just like that inside Shui Ruoshan’s mind.

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