Way of Transmigration Chapter 9

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero nine – You can trust me

“I can dissolve the master-servant contract between us!”

Facing the crisis of life and death, Shui Ruoshan’s brain worked at an unprecedented speed and immediately came up with the third option; thus making a tentative attempt to change Yin Suye’s suicidal behavior.

Although he would like to order Yin Suye directly with their master-servant bond, but by doing so would be him slapping his own face. Super embarrassing!

Other than that, though that forceful method would get them to safety, it would mean there will be absolutely no possibility of reconciliation between him and Yin Suye. With Yin Suye’s ‘rather be a shattered vessel of jade than an unbroken piece of pottery’1 personality, they may even become arch enemies.

Numerous facts told Shui Ruoshan that other than the protagonist, anyone who have been hated by the villain will not have any good ending. Death would be nothing, the scariest thing was a life worse than death!

That’s why he hesitated when faced with choices because he felt that no matter what he choose, it will still be wrong. Since he couldn’t seem to avoid the fate of death, he might as well let go, maybe then he could get a slight chance to live.


Yin Suye’s expression didn’t change a bit, showing that he still doesn’t believe Shui Ruoshan.

“But I can’t immediately release the contract between us right now. I need some necessary ingredients first.”

It’s not that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want to dissolve it right away, it was that he has no way to do that now. Moreover, he couldn’t guarantee if the method he mentioned would succeed in the end. But in order to get rid of the immediate crisis, he could only throw out whatever possible methods.

“I swear that everything I said is the truth. When we found the necessary materials, I will dissolve the master-servant contract!”

If he wasn’t being bound by Yin Suye right now, he would definitely raise his hands and make that shameful oath swearing hand gesture.

The method to release the contract does exist, just that one needs to pay a great price to do so.
Those were not the points worth noticing, the most important past was from the serialization of [The Strongest King in History] until the moment he transmigrated; don’t say to write it down, he haven’t even mention it before. At most, he has just explained a bit in the drafts of his novel.

EzoicThat was because he planned one part of the plot for the protagonist to overcome various difficulties, then helped freeing a ‘sister’2 who has been forced to sign a master-servant contract.
Following that was the protagonist successfully conquered the sister.

Because the scene has yet to happen, the method was not tested by anyone so Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have much confident with it.

“You think I will believe it?”

Yin Suye didn’t move at all. Looking at the advancing wolves, he reminded with a taunt, “Instead of wasting time to convince me here, it’s better to make a choice as soon as possible. Then maybe you will get a chance of survival.”

“How come you are so unwilling to believe in people?!”

Being so skeptically responded to from the beginning until now, anyone will be angered.

“There are no one else in this world who deserve my trust anymore!”

Seemed to remember something bad, Yin Suye’s eyes were filled with various dark and complex negative emotions.


Not sure why, from this person in front of him whose body was full of freezing aura that could cause other people to stay away, Shui Ruoshan could feel a sense of loneliness as if he(YSY) was abandoned by the world. At that moment, Shui Ruoshan felt constricted; a swelling feeling of discomfort. The fact that Yin Suye was so distrustful was entirely caused by this author.

He was the one who built the story with ups and downs, so that it would be more unexpected, more brilliant…

He arranged Yin Suye to constantly be hurt, framed, and betrayed. Then he let the misunderstanding between protagonist and him deepened more and more. Finally, he caused Yin Suye to walk up the path of anti-human, anti-society, and anti-world big BOSS.

When he wrote the story before this, Shui Ruoshan did not feel anything wrong with the story’s arrangement. The story was a fiction anyway, so it doesn’t matter however YY it is. There was no pressure from this 2D element at all.

But after he transmigrated into his own novel, he should be clear that everything he saw in the world is no longer the unreal world made up of words. It is a world with real sense of existence.
Thus when he faced with the real life Yin Suye, he no longer could use his usual ‘don’t care, never mind’ attitude like when he was writing the story.


He don’t know what to do next, but he do know that he is just an ordinary otaku living in peaceful modern time. Even if he is the author of this story, he has no capacity and also couldn’t afford to bear the heavy pressure of this world’s fate.

Then he should forget about the fact that he is the author and act like a transmigrator, who has just arrived into the world and doesn’t know anything. This way, he don’t have to take the plot’s direction into consideration, or who is the protagonist and villain; just do whatever he wanted to do!

“You can trust me!”

EzoicUpon making a decision in his heart, Shui Ruoshan raised his head and looked at Yin Suye solemnly and seriously; his eyes were filled with resolution.

“Believe you?”

Yin Suye seemed to feel Shui Ruoshan’s sincerity, and looked squarely at his face for the first time.

“Yes, believe me! I will prove to you that there are still people in the world that you can trust!” Shui Ruoshan said with confidence.

But at the next second, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t feel so confident anymore. He tried to give his life another extra layer of protection by stressing a point, “As long as you do not abandon me first, I will not betray you!”

“Alright, but if you dare to betray me, I will make you regret for deceiving me today!”

Although Yin Suye threatened out with a fierce tone, his hold on Shui Ruoshan gradually loosened.

“There won’t be such day!”

EzoicShui Ruoshan doesn’t have spare time to care on anything else, he raised his feet wanting to rush toward the cave.

“Before that, we must hurry into the barrier to seek refuge!”

Shui Ruoshan haven’t forget that there were still countless wolves around them ready-to-action.
He should be glad that his location was quite close to the cave entrance so they definitely could go in safely before the wolves attack.


Yin Suye supported his body with his sword then took small steps forward. His brows wrinkled painfully while his body started to tremble uncontrollably.


Why you still haven’t hurry over ah?

Shui Ruoshan has just reached inside the barrier, then he turned over and found that Yin Suye did not keep up with him so he immediately urge the man in anxious.

Just that not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to finish saying what he wanted to say, Yin Suye fell onto the ground right in front of his eyes….

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