Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 4

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Chapter 004 — Moving (2)

Clothes, shoes, piggy bank, cactus……. She organized her belongings into categories and allowed the moving company to load the items one by one onto the truck.

Su Niannian stepped into the car. A middle-aged man sat in the driver’s seat. His facial features were firm and a beam of radiance flashed across his eyes. When he saw Chu Suxin, his expression relaxed and he greeted Su Niannian with a smile, “Hi, my name is Chen Yunhua, you can call me Uncle Chen.”

“Hello Uncle Chen.” Su Niannian nodded her head, she favored Chen Yunhua a bit more in her mind.

She had met him a few times before, only back then, his relationship with Chu Suxin was not official yet. She behaved properly and never broke the rules. And now, he didn’t force Su Niannian to refer to him as her father, this made Su Niannian relax a bit.

The black Audi drove speedily along the route, finally stopping within a rich neighborhood in Yu City.

This was the best community in Yu City with high-quality mansions. There were mountains on one side and ponds on the other. The land was extremely expensive and the environment was exceptionally beautiful.

Chen Yunhua parked the car, opened the door, and Su Niannian stepped out.

The area of Chen family’s mansion was rather large. There were numerous rare and valuable flowers planted in the yard, surrounded by a white fence. The mansion had a strong European style, appearing romantic yet also elegant.

Su Niannian felt nervous subconsciously.

“Let’s go, Niannian.” Chen Yunhua smiled at Su Niannian, making her unstable mood fade away.

Chu Suxin clutched onto Chen Yunhua’s arm as they walked in the front. Chen Niannian carried her backpack and followed behind them silently.

“Bang——Bang——” The intense sound of boxing echoed, startling Su Niannian. She looked up, two boys were sitting on the living room floor, currently engaged in an exhilarating video game.

“Oh, Zichen’s here too. Chen Yuan, Zichen, can you guys stop for a moment, I need to introduce you guys to them.” Chen Yunhua grinned. He seemed to have been particularly fond of the boy named “Zichen.”

Su Niannian heard of the name Chen Yuan before. He was the only son left behind by Chen Yunhua’s late wife and he was a year older than her. As for this Zichen, she looked over at him curiously.

The two boys put down the game controllers in their hands and stood up. The boy in the white shirt spoke up first, “Hello, I’m Chen Yuan.” Chen Yuan nodded at Chu Suxin politely, and then revealed a warm smile at Su Niannian. His long lashes hung down, like a generous angel.

Su Niannian replied hastily, “Su Niannian, the Nian refers to the “year” from the phrase months and years.”

Chu Suxin had met Chen Yuan before, she smiled at him calmly.

The boy beside Chen Yuan never spoke. It wasn’t until Chen Yuan elbowed him, before he finally uttered a few words slowly, “I’m Gu Zichen.” The sound seemed as if it had been forced out through gritted teeth.

Upon hearing the pleasant and deep voice, Su Niannian’s face stiffened. Once she caught a clear view of Gu Zichen’s handsome face, she couldn’t restrain from letting out a shriek.

How could it be the cute boy she mistook on her blind date? Why was he here?

“What’s wrong?” Chen Yunhua and Chu Suxin had anxious expressions across their faces.

Gu Zichen wrinkled his brows without being aware. It was her?

Su Niannian shook her head immediately, “Nothing……my vision blurred just now, I thought I saw something.”

Noticing that her delicate face became deathly white, Chen Yunhua’s eyebrows furrowed. It wasn’t until Su Niannian confirmed that she was alright repeatedly, before he headed upstairs with Chu Suxin to organize their belongings.

Su Niannian had planned on going upstairs too, but she was stopped by Chu Suxin, who instructed her in a whisper, “Niannian, Chen Yuan is your older brother from now on. You obviously need to interact positively with your brother. Why don’t you stay downstairs and chat with him.”

“…….” The corners of Su Niannian’s mouth twitched, she was left off walking awkwardly towards Chen Yuan and his friend.


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