Exclusive Sweetheart Chapter 5

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Chapter 005 — Kabedon? [1]

Gu Zichen had a serious expression plastered on his face while he remained silent. His beautiful, pitch-black eyebrows furrowed. His entire body was emitting a cold aura that prevented others from drawing near, as if he was sculpted from ice.

Su Niannian looked at the two of them nervously as her bright eyes shimmered. She couldn’t imagine that she would come across Gu Zichen here.

The atmosphere in the living room became slightly uncomfortable.

Chen Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked with interest at the two of them standing deadlocked. A smile emerged from the corners of his mouth and he spoke kindly to Su Niannian: “He’s Gu Zichen, he lives right next door. Although he looks cold and unfriendly, he’s actually a straight-A student. He’s really popular with the girls at our school.”

Su Niannian smiled awkwardly and threw a grateful glance at Chen Yuan.

“Come sit, we didn’t finish playing this match yet. Hey, why aren’t you speaking?” Chen Yuan chuckled as he looked over at Gu Zichen. He scoffed and didn’t say anything as he sat cross-legged on the floor, continuing the video game with Chen Yuan.

Her brother seemed very easy to talk to…….Su Niannian glimpsed at Chen Yuan. Her glance then landed on Gu Zichen subconsciously.

He looked extremely concentrated when he was gaming, his eyes stared at the screen and his fingers moved at lightning speed, pressing down the buttons on the controller. He appeared calm and composed, as if he had other tricks up his sleeve.

He was really good-looking……his eyelashes seemed to be longer than hers…….

Su Niannian stared for a while before she sensed an ice-cold gaze on her. She wasn’t aware of when Gu Zichen’s pitch-black pupils had shifted onto her.

Su Niannian’s body instantly stiffened from being gazed at by the serene and deep pupils. She was completely unsure of how to react.

“Niannian, grab the watermelon for me.” Chen Yuan instructed her without paying attention. Su Niannian stood up immediately, “Okay!”

She fled towards the kitchen while Chen Yuan laughed and looked at Gu Zichen, “What’s up? Like my sister?”

“I couldn’t tell that you were so open-minded, your step-mother’s daughter has already become your sister? Uncle Chen’s lessons are indeed paying off.” Gu Zichen scoffed, behaving as if the matter was simply unimportant.

Chen Yuan scratched his nose. Why did he feel that Gu Zichen seemed more like Chen Yunhua’s son than himself?

While he blanked out, Gu Zichen had already stood up. He patted the nonexistent dust off his pants and headed towards the kitchen.

Chen Yuan laughed bitterly, this guy’s germophobia was still so severe. Their servants had already cleaned the place three times.

In the kitchen, Su Niannian opened up the Chen household’s massive, extravagant fridge. She could barely see the remaining half of the watermelon in the fresh-keeping drawer at the top.

After trying for a long time to reach it on her tippy toes, her fingers froze and began to ache from the cold air.

Su Niannian blew on her fingers to warm them up as she gazed miserably at the watermelon sitting high up.

The sound of light footsteps grew louder. She turned around, it was Gu Zichen, walking towards her.

Su Niannian’s expression became delighted, “Can you help me get the watermelon?”

Thump——Thump——Footstep sounds continued. Gu Zichen proceeded forward without any expression.

Was he ignoring her?! Su Niannian was practically hopeless, “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

Jing Yichen’s eyes glanced downwards and he responded with a dull “oh.” He leaned over Su Niannian and rested his fingers on the fridge.

Su Niannian’s face immediately flushed red. She leaned on her side against the surface of the fridge, Gu Zichen’s action seemed as if he had confined her within his arms.

She recalled the kabedon scenes on TV that made one blush and one’s heart race. Additionally, Gu Zichen’s extremely handsome face made Su Niannian sense her heartbeat accelerating.

“What did you think I would do to you?” The cold voice floated by her ear, instantly shattering all of Su Niannian’s fantasies.

SINIKI: [1] TL Note: Kabedon, a popular action that originated from Japanese manga, refers to slapping a wall fiercely to produce a “don” sound as another character is surrounded or pinned against the wall. This movement is a popular way to express romantic love in many Asian dramas and novels.

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