The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 64 Part 2

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Chapter 64 Part 2 — Feng Lingran Arrives


“Who are you?” Leng Yuhan did not recognise Feng Lingran. Seeing the unfamiliar man with a luxurious robe holding the little fox, Leng Yuhan slightly frowned. He did not want to make the stranger in front of him, an enemy. “That fox had committed a crime, please hand it over.”

Feng Lingran glanced at Leng Yuhan’s injured hand, and his eyes coldly flashed. But he did not reply, and walked away while holding the little fox.

“Stop where you are.” Even with Leng Yuhan’s good temper, it made him angry when Feng Lingran ignored him.

What type of person was Feng Lingran? If he obeyed Leng Yuhan’s orders, then he was not Feng Lingran.

Seeing a strange guy walk in blatantly robbing him of the little fox, Leng Yuhan rushed forward with his palm aimed at Feng Lingran’s back to his him. But it was like Feng Lingran had eyes behind him as he deftly avoided and counterattacked, sending Leng Yuhan flying.
No one saw how Feng Lingran did it, even the wounded Leng Yuhan didn’t see it clearly until he felt pain in his chest.

What powerful internal force!

Leng Yuhan landed on the floor, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Guards! Capture that man!”

Leng Yuhan supported himself with a hand and got up. His body was a little unstable, and he glared coldly at Feng Lingran.

Very quickly, the Palace guards surrounded Feng Lingran.

When the little fox saw the adulterer get beaten, and she was in great joy. Zi Yi, you are too strong ah! Nice hit! Nice hit! Beat him till he screams!

The little fox admiringly stared at Feng Lingran. Zi Yi, when I become human, you teach me Martial Arts okay? I want to be an expert as well.

An expert who can bully people, but people couldn’t bully her…

Feng Lingran obviously did not care about these guards, his slender fingers pulled out a jade plate from his waist, and sent it forward.

When the guards saw it, their faces changed color, no one dared to be imprudent.

“Why aren’t you moving? Quickly capture him!” Leng Yuhan was annoyed that he was injured, but seeing the guards doing nothing, he became even more irritated.

“Nation Teacher/Guo Shi1, that person is Eastern Jin’s Regent.”

When Leng Yuhan heard the guard’s explanation, his knitted his eyebrows. Eastern Jin’s Regent? He glanced at Feng Lingran again, rumors say the Eastern Jin’s Regent was a war god. Witnessing this today, sure enough this title wasn’t fake. With just his internal energy alone, was already incomparably stronger than other generals.

“So it’s Eastern Jin’s Regent ah! How rude of me. That was a misunderstanding just then, I hope that Regent won’t put it in heart.”

Leng Yuhan’s face changing abilities were first class. First he had wanted to capture Feng Lingran, and then kill him. But when he knew his identity, he was instantly respectful.

Leng Yuhan waved his hand and dismissed the guards.

The little fox had really wanted to laugh. Zi Yi was too amazing ah! His acting was too real, even in the Pill Tower before, she had nearly mistaken him. She glanced at the identical face of Feng Lingran, was he wearing a human skin mask?

The little fox observed with curiosity, she couldn’t hold her paws back. She really wanted to touch his face. But of course, she couldn’t do it here, if they found out that this Regent was fake, wouldn’t that finish them?

“A misunderstanding indeed, can Ben Wang leave now?”

Although it was phrased like a question but with that tone, not one bit did it sound like he was asking Leng Yuhan.

Leng Yuhan internally cursed at Feng Lingran’s shamelessness, it was clearly Feng Lingran that had stolen the little fox, why was he so straight forward?

“If the Regent wishes to leave, then Guo Shi will naturally send. But that little fox is Imperial Consort Ji’s favourite pet, please don’t make it difficult for this Guo Shi.”

Feng Lingran coldly laughed, his hand reached out to stroke the little fox’s fur, and said, “Ben Wang is not aware, but when did this little thing became Imperial Consort Ji’s favourite pet?”

Pretending as if he didn’t see Leng Yuhan’s shocked expression, Feng Lingran continued, “Or did… Nan Gongyin steal Ben Wang’s little thing and gave it to your Imperial Consort?”

Leng Yuhan was in a state of stupor, probably because he had never thought that the origin of this little fox was so… abnormal.

Truly abnormal.

Nan Gongyin had such a gentle and elegant appearance, how could he… steal? What was even more unusual was that Nan Gonyin had stolen Feng Lingran’s little fox.


Leng Yuhan didn’t know what to say. These kind of stuff made him really speechless. But the Huo Yi Grass and the Jin Pill… Leng Yuhan’s eyes suddenly sparkled. Feng Lingran visiting Nanling was to attend the old Emperor’s birthday banquet. He wouldn’t leave so hurriedly. So in these few days, he must make the little fox hand over the grass and the pill.

Feng Lingran carried the little fox away and returned to the courtyard personally prepared by the Emperor. Taking advantage of being still held by Feng Lingran, she climbed onto his shoulders and started rubbing his face.

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