The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 65 Part 1

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Chapter 65 Part 1 — 


Taking advantage of still being held by Feng Lingran, the little fox climbed onto his shoulders and started rubbing his face.

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…” Zi Yi, you were too cool ah! Are you wearing a human skin mask? Where’s the seam? How come I can’t find it?

Feng Lingran captured the little fox’s claws, and his eyes flashed with annoyance, “Have you done playing?”

The little fox blinked, Zi Yi, aren’t you getting too into it? Still pretending to be Feng Lingran? Stop trying to trick Fox, it was impossible for the real Feng Lingran to come to Nanling. He doesn’t know that Fox is here. This type of low-level scam wasn’t funny.

Feng Lingran watched as the little fox acted like it had done nothing wrong, it had even stared at him suspiciously without any expression on its face. He was stunned, was it really like what Wan Siyu had said? That this little fox willingly followed Nan Gongyin to Nanling?

Which part of him wasn’t enough? To actually betray him and do this kind of thing?

The little fox felt Feng Lingran’s grip get stronger and stronger, and even his deep eyes were alarmingly becoming darker. The little fox’s heart trembled and squeaked out a few times, but Feng Lingran didn’t let her paws go.

The little fox couldn’t bear it anymore, she opened her mouth and bit him, and the blood flowed out from her bite, dying his hand red.

The little fox was surprised, why did she feel guilty? Zi Yi wasn’t Feng Lingran, so why was she afraid?

But… the eyes of Zi Yi and Feng Lingran were so similar ah!

“Ben Wang really raised a good fox.” His voice contained a trace of forlorning, but it quickly disappeared. Feng Lingran then coldly continued, “The canines in your mouth, Ben Wang wouldn’t mind helping you pulled out.”

Xiao Xi’s heart jumped, and immediately released his hand and stared at him. Her heart had a bad premonition. The man in front of her wasn’t Zi Yi, but Feng Lingran himself!

Xiao Xi was a little scared.

He really wouldn’t pull her canines out right?

In just a few days, she would be human. If her teeth was pulled out, how would that look?

The little fox was flustered, she stuck her pink tongue out, and licked his bleeding hand, while gazing at Feng Lingran. Now, she wasn’t even sure whether the man was Zi Yi anymore? Zi Yi don’t have any temperature, but this guy, not only was his hand warm, even the blood was hot.

Xiao Xi regretted, she must be really blind, this was Feng Lingran ah! She actually thought it was Zi Yi?

Feng Lingran’ felt the little fox’s warm tongue on the back of his hand. The feeling of numbness penetrated into the skin, and his dark eyes turned deep.

The little fox finished cleaning the blood off his hand when suddenly her chin was caught by him. His fingers entered her mouth and pinched a canine tooth.

The little fox’s round eyes widen with shock as she stared at Feng Lingran. Beautiful man, are you really playing with me? Don’t… pull Fox’s teeth out!

Feng Lingran observed the little fox’s canine. It was long and white, not to mention clean -unlike a real fox. He touched the point, and a light red bead appeared on his fingertips. Feng Lingran pursed his lips, this little fox’s teeth were getting sharper.

“You seem to have forgotten your promise with Ben Wang.” Feng Lingran said casually.

The little fox shook her head with her anxious fox eyes. No, No, she thought that he was Zi Yi, that’s why she bit him. If she had known that he was Feng Lingran, she would never bit him.

The little fox didn’t know how to explain what happened with Zi Yi. The Six-Story Pill Pogoda, and mysterious appearance of Zi Yi were all incredible. If she told Feng Lingran, would he believe it?

Feng Lingran studied the little fox’s expressions, and his eyes turned cold. Wan Siyu was correct, this little fox was unfamiliar. Even the promises it made was forgotten. Could it be that the little fox and Nan Gongyin’s day together, were really that fun?

Thinking of the little fox and Nan Gongyin getting along, Feng Lingran’s heart felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

His fingers were still playing with the little fox’s canine teeth, and she couldn’t “squeak”. She thought that she could use her claws to write in his palm to explain, and knowing that Nan Gongyin could understand her writing, Feng Lingran could understand as well.

But… one paw was caught and her other one was balancing on his shoulder, she simply had no claws to write at all!

Feng Lingran, can you let go of Fox first, and let Fox explain?

The little fox couldn’t wait for Feng Lingran didn’t let her paw go, when there was a sudden knock on the door..

Feng Lingran looked up. But before he opened his mouth, the door was pushed open. Entered Nan Gongyin wearing a white robe.

When Nan Gong saw Feng Lingran “abusing” the little fox, his twilight flashed, and angrily said, “Feng Lingran, what are you trying to do to Ben Gong’s fox?”

Feng Lingran peered at the intruder. His black eyes went cold and his thin lips pulled into a chilling arc. “Your little fox? Your skin sure is thick.”

Feng Ling cursed at the thicked skinned Nan Gongyin for stealing his fox.

When the little fox saw Nan Gongyin, she was so glad. Her canine didn’t have to be pulled out anymore. Her fluffy body twisted and twisted, as if asking him for help.

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