The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 64 Part 1

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Chapter 64 Part 1 — 


“Catching this fox… really wasn’t easy.

From above, came the cold voice of a man. Little fox instantly felt deja-vu.

Xiao Xi looked up. Although the man’s face was backlit, she still recognized who it was. Wasn’t he the one who gave the old emperor a green hat?

The little fox trembled and suddenly thought of the fire fox, did the the fire fox deliberately tempt her? This… how was this possible? Or was the fire fox from tonight completely different to the one she saw at Eastern Jin Palace?

The little fox’s thoughts were like a thousand tangled wires, she fely very confused.

Leng Yuhan jumped into the pit and caught the little fox with ease. Biting his hand, the little fox was carried out of the pit. Leng Yuhan frowned, and he held the little fox by its neck.

“If you want to die, I can help fulfill you that wish now.”

The grip on the little fox’s neck tightened. Tears of pain insistently rolled out, the little fox loosened her mouth, and only then did Leng Yuhan lighten his grip.

Leng Yuhan leng glanced at his injured hand, and his eyes flashed with anger, but quickly pressed it back down. He took the little fox back to the Xing Chen Tower, before locking it in a iron cage, and leaving to deal with his wound.

The little fox glared at the iron bars similar to the size of her claws while her heart had mixed feelings. When Feng Lingran said that he would lock her in a cage, never had she expected that she would be captured by this adulterer instead.

The candlelight was wavering, and the adulterer was treating the wound on his hand.

But she had to say that this adulterer had a handsome face. That sharp jaw, and tall slim body, no wonder he could hook up with Imperial Consort Ji.

When the adulterer finished treating his injury, he turned around.

Did he come to find Fox to settle their scores?

The little fox cowered away in fear. But when her tail came in contact with the bars behind her, she knew that… she had nowhere to escape.

“Little Fox, I know that you can understand what I am saying, don’t pretend with me. I don’t have any patience, hand the Huo Yi Grass and Jin Pill over and I will leave you a living road.”

She didn’t have the Huo Yi Grass on her, but the Jin Pill on the other hand… was in her stomach ah!

Little fox devised a plan, waving her paws she squeaked, “Squeak squeak squeak…” The Huo Yi Grass and Jin Pill has been hidden by me. Release me first and then I will take you find it!

Leng Yuhan brought over a glass of cold water and placed it inside the cage before coldly stating, “Where are the things hidden? Write it down.”

The little fox was flabbergasted, how did this man know? Even Feng Lingran didn’t know that she could write, and she was certain that Nan Gongyin had never relayed anything to this adulterer!

“Don’t want to write? I can chop your paws off.”

Leng Yuhan retrieved a small dagger from his sleeves, it was brightly gleaming in the candle light. He suddenly stabbed the tabletop, almost frightening the little fox to death.

A certain little fox knew that if she answer, she would definitely die. The Jin Pill was already in her stomach. And If he had really wanted it, he would probably rip her stomach open.

She hid in the cage with a face full of recognition. 1

Leng Yuhan’s eyebrows furrowed, he opened the door to the cage and dragged the little fox out, before placing the dagger against her paws.

“I’ll count to three, if you still refuse, then this paw of yours…”




“Squeak squeak squeak…” I’ll write, I’ll write okay!?

The gleam on the dagger made Fx’s eyes hurt and her heart scared to death.

Leng Yuhan’s grip on the dagger loosened, and with a chilling glare he released the little fox.
The little fox placed its entire paw into the tea cup, and soaking wet with water, she abruptly face palmed Leng Yuhan’s face. By the time Leng Yuhan regan his vision, the little fox had already escaped.


East Palace.

Nan Gongyin had waited for the little fox in his room for half a night already, but he still didn’t see it return. He frowned and an unpleasant feeling suddenly aroused in his heart .

He left his room to search for the little fox, questioning all the Palace maids and guards, they answered that they had spotted the little fox half a si chen ago, but not any time afterwards.
Nan Gongyin’s frown became even deeper, did the little fox really leave East Palace?
Damn it! Imperial Consort Ji’s people definitely wouldn’t let the little fox go…


The little fox relentlessly ran for her life. Fortunately, when the adulterer returned, he had left the door open, leaving just a gap open for the little fox to escape Xin Chen Tower.

Leng Yuhan opened his eyes, seeing that the little fox had already escaped, he rubbed his face and began to chase.

It wasn’t easy trying to capture that fox, he definitely won’t let the fox return to Nan Gongyin’s side again, after all Nan Gongyin wasn’t easy to deal with.

Little fox panted as she ran. Just as she thought she wouldn’t be able to run anymore, the air changed and a black figure appeared in front of her.

“I want to see where else can you hide!”

Leng Yuhan coldly gaze at the little fox, and his hand reached out to grab it.

The little fox was horrified and stepped back, but when she was nearly caught by Leng Yuhan, she suddenly saw a very familiar figure. She aimed at Leng Yuhan and bit down hard, causing him to yell in pain. Then she quickly ran to that person.

The little fox jumped into Feng Lingran’s arms, and her paws pointed at Leng Yuhan.

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…” Zi Yi, Fox is so happy to see you ah! That adulterer wants to harm me, quickly save me!

After she finished squeaking, her two front paws hastily hugged Feng Lingran.

Leng Yuhan’s wound were both painful and started to feel numb, fresh blood had even poured out from the bite. His eyes coldly flashed, it had already bit him twice, he really should have kill it earlier.

1 1 recognise that she’ll die.

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  1. Its Nan Gongyin he forgot his mask, he is FLRs brother this novel is essentially man in the iron mask, Saw this plot twist a mile away.

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