The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 63 Part 2

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Chapter 63 Part 2 — This man, was too handsome!


The Head Guard saluted at Nan Gongyin with his fist clasped in front of him before gesturing to his men, “Don’t hurt His Royal Highness, as for the that little fox, it shouldn’t matter even if we brought it back to Imperial Consort Ji at it’s last breath.”

The little fox trembled in fear. Her last breath… how would she still be alive?

Nan Gongyin roared with anger when the guards moved.

“Audacious!” His twilight eyes were cold, “Ben Gong wants the head of whoever touched the little fox today!”

The guards’ complexion changed, the pressure that Nan Gongyin’s exerted made them not dare to advance.

The frosted eyes of Nan Gongyin swept towards the Head Guard’s face, “Head guard, do you think that Ben Gong’s status as the Crown Prince is incomparable to Imperial Consort Ji Niang Niang?”

The guard’s face paled, he lowered his head as he answered, “This subordinate does not dare.”

Nan Gongyin said again, “Don’t forget, Nanling is under the skies of the Nangong family, it still not the harem’s turn to cover clouds and stop rain.¹”

When he finished, he turned and carried the little fox away.

The little fox stared at Nan Gongyin’s jade mask. This man’s words just then, were so handsome~ And the momentum, was so powerful that it almost killed the commander~


When they returned to the East Palace, Xiao Xi had thought that Nan Gongyi would ask her about the Huo Yi Grass situation, who knew that but he didn’t.

“Little fox, you can’t leave the East Palace until seven days, understand?”

Nan Gongyin’s fingers stroked the little fox’s head. As long as seven days had passed, she would become human. Then, no one would know that it was a little fox.

The little fox nodded her head on the outside, but inside her murderous intent was strong. She wasn’t stupid, so of course she wouldn’t leave the East Palace at such a crucial time. Only when she became human, could she return to Eastern Jin. Although Feng Lingran was a bit cold, but the compared to the East Palace, the Regent Palace was definitely more safe, at least, there was no one who would openly go against Feng Lingran.

The Nanling Palace was too complicated, she had also stolen the Huo Yi grass, she definitely can’t mix in.²


For the next two days, the little fox obediently stayed in the East Palace. She ate, then she slept, she slept then she ate. Living life like this, the little fox became a rounder. Not only did Nan Gongyin notice, but the even Palace maids and guard as well. They would even cover their mouths and sneak a laugh whenever they saw her.

What you laughing ‘bout?

The little fox’s face was gloomy. But after thinking about it, even she felt that she should lose weight, otherwise when she became human and become a little chubby kid, how would that look?

A certain little fox acted without delay. That very night, after resting for a while, she went out for a run. This can be euphemistically described as: Lose weight.

Nan Gongyin had just finished bathing when he saw the water trails on the table. Only after a long time, did he understand what little fox had wrote. He shook his head and laughed. He really had no way of dealing with the little fox… in all honesty, he actually didn’t mind if he raised it to be a bit chubby.


The little fox jogged through the East Palace. She was already dead tired and heaving after running a lap. Laying on the ground to recupitcate, she looked up to see that the moon was already out.

The little fox was about to return to the room to rest when suddenly, a small stone landed under her paws.

Alerted, she turn her head to see a flame red furred fox squatting on the conjuring wall of the East Palace, its beautiful eyes, observing her silently.

Fire Fox?

The little fox was instantly elated. That time in Eastern Jin Palace, when she returned to save the Fire Fox, it had already disappeared. The little fox really didn’t expect to see it here.

Truly was fate ah!³

Fire Fox waved its paws at the little fox. Excited, she glided along the tree before jumping on the wall.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Fire Fox, why did you come to Nanling?

It was only until little fox finish squeaking, did she realize that the fire fox could not understand her fox language.

Fire Fox sniffed her body with its nose, as if it had detected something, it wrinkled its brows before sticking its tongue out and licked the little fox a few times.

Acting like a cat whose tail has been stepped on, the little fox jumped away in horror.

She had been licked all over… so disgusting…

The little fox noticed that Fire Fox suddenly turned and jumped down the wall, she stared at its back with disbelief. Was it really going to leave?

The fire fox paused to see that the little fox hadn’t caught up with it. Waving its paws again, it beckoned the little fox over.

The little fox walked forward under the doings of ghosts and gods4. Under the moonlight, the little fox discovered the Fire Fox’s fur was really beautiful, akin to a devilish enchantress in red, every step it took, made one feel mesmerised.

No wonder Feng Tianxue had wanted skin the fur off the fire fox in order to make a shawl. Everyone liked beautiful things.

Walking for about half a si chen.

The fire fox pointed to the bright red fruit on a tree.

Little Fox peered at the approximately two people tall tree. There hung about seven to eight brightly colored fruits. Did Fire Fox call her over just to eat these fruits?

But aren’t fruits with vivid colors supposedly poisonous? Who knew whether this fruit will be poisonous or not?

Fire Fox climbed the tree and directly bit the fruit off. It bite a huge chunk and swallowed it.

Seeing the fire fox eating safe and soundly, she opened her mouth to take a bite as well. At that moment, her eyes opened with amazement, this fruit was really delicious! She had never ate such a delicious fruit before!

The little fox couldn’t resist the temptation of the fruit. It ate and ate until the all of the fruits have been eaten by her… whilst the fire fox only ate one. She felt too embarrassed to even look at the fire Fox. Fire Fox suddenly spotted something behind the little fox, pawing at Little Fox’s front paws once, it requested her to quickly follow after it.

The little fox also heard the sound of movement from behind, someone had came. So when the fire fox ran, she had hurriedly followed behind.

But the little fox did not expect that she was so unlucky… and fell into a pit!

“Squeak squeak squeak…” The little fox kept jumping up, but couldn’t get out.

“Catching this fox… really wasn’t easy.

¹ describes people who are capricious or used to playing tricks
² can’t mix in = unsuitable in a place/thing/skill/etc so one should just give up and walk away
³ but dirtier. like ‘a mixture of saliva and mucus coughed up from the respiratory tract’ type of dirty. Homonym.
4 reluctant. see how wonderfully it fits?

Sitrus: anyone remembers the Fire Fox’s gender? i suspects that its male cause cause i remember the author saying it once but hmmmm

EDITED: one reader says shes a lady fox huehuehuehue ty peeps

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