The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 59 Part 2

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Chapter 59 Part 2 — She Wants To Be Human

Leng Yuhan’s complexion darkened, the fox from last night? Suddenly an image appeared in his mind, the little fox’s mouth… had something in it. At the time, he was relieved that it was only a little fox outside, and because of that, he did not drone into the matter. But now that he thought about it, doing so was actually a big mistake.

The Huo Yi grass… was stolen by the fox…

Leng Yuhan calculated, his fingers tapping. With knitted brows, he spoke, “No wonder, the little fox actually want to destroy future prospects of Nanling.”¹ His mouth curved into a chilling smile, “The beast is still in the Palace. As long as you send someone to search east, you will definitely find the fox.”

Leng Hanyu put his fingers down before glancing at Imperial Consort Ji, “Ji-er, remember, you must retrieve the Huo Yi Grass. ”


East Palace.

The little fox knew that when she had stole the Huo Yi Grass, Imperial Consort Ji would relentlessly pursue her everywhere in the palace. Now she was hiding in the East Palace with nowhere to go, pondering about her escape route. How was she going to return to Eastern Jin with the Huo Yi Grass and the Ye Nan Pearl?

After contemplating for half a day, the little fox came to the conclusion that this mission was impossible to complete. Nanling was separated by a sea from Eastern Jin, so if she went by foot, even if she was exhausted to death, she would not make it back!

Wan Siyu, you idiot! You ruined Fox ah!

The little fox felt that there were only two possibilities for her to return to Eastern Jin. One: Have Nan Gongyi send her back. Two: Have Feng Lingran pick her up.

But was it likely?

Nan Gongyin was fond of her now, fond to the point of not wanting!² All that was missing now is hugging her to sleep, it will be weird if he actually sent her back!

As for Feng Lingran…

When the little fox thought of Feng Lingran, her heart felt so uncomfortable. Did he even realise that Fox had disappeared? Even if he did, he probably wouldn’t think that she was now in Nanling ah!

Perhaps, when time had passed, Feng Lingran would also forget about her existence. He was the Regent of Eastern Jin, so how could he act so impulsively for a mere little fox?

The little fox’s eyes suddenly brightened. Maybe… there was still another possibility… and that was… to become human.

The Jin Pill… she had to find the Jin Pill. Couldn’t she just return to Eastern Jin after she becomes human?

She was unsure whether standing in her human form, in front of Feng Lingran, would scare him or not!

The little fox grinned.

“Little fox’er, what are you thinking about to make you so happy?”

Nan Gongyin walked into the room to see the little fox laughing uncontrollably, using its front paws to cover its mouth, like a giggling woman.

When the little fox saw the Nan Gongyin, her heart was full of joy. What made Fox happy? Of course, it was the thought of Fox becoming human that made Fox happy.

The little fox thought for second, before suddenly pushed the lid off the teapot. Dipping her paws in, she submerge it into the tea. Not long after, she wrote a few words on the table with her wet paws… ‘Fox wants to be human.’

When Nan Gongyin saw the elegant words, his dark moon-like eyes flashed faintly before he stared at the little fox.

“You know how to write?”

Little fox nodded. Of course she knew, she was human, how could she not know? She was even in university ah!

“How did you learn to write?”

Nan Gongyi suddenly grabbed a little fox, his voice slightly eager.

Being tousled by Nan Gongyin, the fox felt slightly dizzy. It’s paws pointed towards the teapot, indicating that the water on her paws have dried.

Nan Gongyin understood what the little fox meant, and his fingers gradually loosen. He watched as the little fox’s paws dipped into the tea again before writing on the table.

His usually calm heart stirred.

¹no idea what the author meant, maybe foreshadowing? O3O meh idk just the tl hohohohoho

²love something so much to the point of saying no. could go both ways. like i love cup noodle so much, but i can’t love it cause ill get fat or like i love dog so much that dog finds me annoying.

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