The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 60 Part 1

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Chapter 60 Part 1 — 


Fox wanted to be human, okay?

The little fox didn’t tell Nan Gongyin how she knew how to write. Even if she told him that she had completed nine compulsory years of education since she was a child, he still wouldn’t understand. As for transmigration, forget it! The moment he asks… What is transmigration? It would lead to other questions. By the time she was exhausted to death, she still would not be able to finish answering his questions.

Right now she just wanted to know if Nan Gongyin was willing to help her?

Taking another peek at the words written by the little fox, Nan Gongyin’s heart stirred yet again. He stared at the little fox for a moment.

“Do you really want to be human?”

The little fox’s eyes lit up, and nodded, want… want to the point of being crazy ah.

“Well then, I’ll take you to a place.”

The little fox jumped into his arms, and her white tail swayed about happily. She gazed up at the Nan Gongyin’s moon like eyes… where were you bringing Fox?

Very quickly, the little fox knew where Nan Gongyin was taking her.

It was the Six Floor Pill Tower, with its eight jade bells hanging from each corner of every level of the tower in all eight directions.

Nan Gongyin held the little fox as he stood beneath the tower, his jade white fingers stroked the little fox’s white fur before slowly saying: “ There are eight princes -including me, in Nanling. In order to become the Crown Prince, one must obtain the Jin Pill at the highest level of the tower. Father has given each of us a single chance to obtain the Jin Pill.”
The little fox was confused, wasn’t Nan Gongyin already the Crown Prince?

Seeing the look of bewilderment on the little fox’ face, Nan Gongyin smiled, “When Mu Fei became Empress, I was named the Crown Prince as soon as I was born, but who could say that I could keep the position?”

The little fox was surprised, what had she just realise?

The meaning behind Nan Gongyin’s words… was the Emperor of Nanling thinking of abolishing his seat as the Crown Prince, that was why this Pill Tower existed?

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Why haven’t you gone in and take the Jin Pill?

The little fox looked at Nan Gongyin impatiently, but was afraid that he couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. Using her claws, she wrote the words onto Nan Gongyin’s palm.

Nan Gongyin stared as the little fox wrote on his hand, it’s fluffy paws tickling at his palm.

He was waiting for the little fox to finish writing.

Nan Gongyin did not speak but quietly stared at the Six Floor Pill Tower. That ethereal gaze… the little fox could not understand it.

She thought that Nan Gongyin wouldn’t answer, but didn’t expect that his fingers would touch his jade mask.

“These eyes will become blind upon entering the Pill Tower.”

Nan Gongyin’s words made the little fox’s stunned again.

Blind… The old emperor of Nanling actually treated Nan Gongyin like this? He was his biological son ah! Not to mention still the son of the Empress.

She had wanted to ask why the Empress didn’t care, but when she saw the flash of grief in Nan Gongyin’s eyes, the little fox had suddenly realised… Could it be that his mother was no longer alive?

The more she thought she thought about it, the more she felt that she was right. If the Empress was still here, with the talent and character of Nan Gongyin, he would definitely be next Emperor. But the Old Emperor actually wanted to use this method to replace Nan Gongyin. Nan Gongyin was so thin that he was easy to bully ah1!

The little fox had suddenly thought of Feng Lingran’s temper and then Nan Gongyin’s. She had really felt that Feng Lingran was too overpowered. No wonder, the environment could really shape people. Nan Gongyin grew up in such a toxic enviornment place, he must had learned to bear.

Nan Gongyin continued to say: “Little Fox, if you can get the Jin Pill, I will give it to you.”

She would had been lying if she said that she wasn’t excited. The Jin Pill… she wanted it so much.

But… If she ate the pill, wouldn’t Nan Gongyin be in trouble?

Wouldn’t the Old Emperor have a better reason to get rid of Nan Gongyin?

Nan Gongyin noticed the little fox’s worries and faintly said, “Fu Huang has promised himself, whoever got the pill, whoever owned it. I am giving it to you, so there’s no problem.”

Was that really true?

The little fox stared at Nan Gongyin and saw that his face was serious with no signs of lying. She was relieved and happily hugged Nan Gongyin.

You really treated Fox well.

Wan Siyu, you bastard. Didn’t you say that Nan Gongyin would already have the Jin Pill? Where was it? It was clearly in the Six Floor Pill Tower, you big liar.

Wan Siyu was cursed many times in the little fox’s heart before she was satisfied.

It can be literal as well, because he so weak he is a easier target to bully. Also metaphorically that he has no backing and just a title, no power. 

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  1. If she gets the pill, she will secure his position as the crown prince. That would be replacement for all the things she had taken and for all the troubles she had make. But I doubt it will be this easy…. she better prepare herself xD

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