The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 57 Part 1

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Chapter 57 Part 1 — 


The beauty lifted her skirt to chase it, only to see… the little fox falling into the arms of Nan Gongyin.

“Your Highness.”

The beauty gave a slight bow, her autumn like eyes quickly glanced at Nan Gongyin before retracting her gaze. It would be rude if she stared any longer.

Nan Gongyin nodded in reply before speaking gently, “This is Ben Gong’s little fox. If it had offend Miss Ji in any way, I request Miss Ji to not blame it.”

The little fox gaped at the beauty, her surnamed was also Ji? Nan Gongyin called her Miss Ji, so would Ji Yun Niangniang1 either be her immediate family or relative?

No wonder Wan Siyu said that the Emperor of Nanling pampers Imperial Consort Ji the most. This girl was so beautiful, no doubt Imperial Consort Ji would be just as beautiful.2

Ji Yunxue’s twilight eyes sparkled a little, “The little fox is so cute, if I didn’t like it before I would have liked it now ah! Your Highness worries too much.”

The little fox knew that Ji Yunxue was truly fond of her. The moment Miss Ji had walked out of the flower garden, and cautiously sat down in front of her, little fox knew.

The little fox was smug. It seems like she still had her womanly aura! It was a good thing to be liked by such beautiful maiden.

Nan Gongyin observed the smug expression of the little fox from the corner of his eyes. He lightly smiled, like a breeze blowing through a stream, a bright moon reflected on the lake. His smile was different from Feng Lingran’s, one was like an immortal fairy, the other, a cold Emperor.

Ji Yunxue had seen his smile, and although it was covered with a jade mask, the crescent like eyes and the perfect thin lips were enough to reverse all things3.

Ji Yunxue lost her soul, her heart was beating… so fast…

On the other hand, the little fox failed to notice the amused Nan Gongyin, and only saw Ji Yunxue’s hairpin. By the time she glanced towards Nan Gonyin, he had already retracted his smile. Jade-like fingers stroked the little fox’s head, and they left the courtyard together.

Only when Nan Gongyin turn to leave did Miss Ji break out of her daze. Staring at his departing back, she had said nothing. But her heart was a little lost. Just then, she was out of character….


East Palace

“Imperial Consort Ji shouldn’t be trifled with. Little fox’er, refrain from going there next time.” Nan Gongyin warned.

The little fox raised her fluffy head and peered Nan Gongyin. She did not want to provoke Imperial Consort Ji, but she needed the Huo Yi grass. If she could obtain it tonight, she would never go to the Imperial Consort Ji’s courtyard again.

“If it wasn’t Miss Ji but Imperial Consort Ji in the flower garden today, do you think that you can still be safe in my arms?”

Nan Gongyin noticed that a certain little fox did not realise how large of a mistake it had made. He tapped on its eyebrows, hoping it would keep his words in its mind. He was the prince of Nanling, and there were many things that he needed to deal with and events he had to participate in, so it was impossible for the little fox to stay with him constantly. He also hoped that it could understand that the harem was not as peaceful as it seemed.

The little fox was wide-eyed in shock, the Imperial Consort… was the type to be fond of killing animals?

Fortunately, the person she had encountered today was not the Imperial Consort. After getting the Huo Yi grass tonight, she would never set foot on the courtyard again. When she return, she could even steal the Ye Nan Pearl from Nan Gonyin while she was at it.

What Jin Pill that could turn her into human? She could not count on this. After when she steals these two treasures, then she’ll talk about it ah!

Little fox obediently crawled into Nan Gongyin arms, giving him the illusion that it had actually understood his words…

1 娘娘 NiangNiang, meaning old lady but its respectful as you call consorts/concubines or the harem/household that.

2 no idea when WSY said this, but imma just go along with it.

3 颠倒众生, its another chenyu, basically meaning reverse all things. Like from wrong to right, up to down. Basically, my just a sudden interpretation was that his smile could entice people to the point where they can’t differentiate from left to right.

Nubilus: Heck, we’ll never know WSY did.

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