The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 56 Part 2

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Chapter 56 Part 2 — 

The next day

Nan Gongyin was not in the East Palace, so a certain small fox ran out. The purpose of coming here was not to be raised by Nan Gongyin, she had to find the Huo Yi Grass.

Wan Siyu said that the Huo Yi Grass was one of the most precious herbs in Nanling, and but also the main herb for rabies. In the backyard of the Emperor’s favorite Imperial Consort, was a small medicinal field, where Huo Yi Grass was grown..

Normally, the Imperial Consort would have guards in courtyard, forbidding anyone from getting close to the medicine field, but they would not to pay attention to a small fox.

This was probably the only benefit Xiao Xi had.


Xiao Xi searched for a long time around the Palace, but did not find the Imperial Consort’s courtyard.

Suddenly, there was a melodious sound of the zither from not far away. It was like the spring breeze dancing through the cherry blossoms, the sound of lingering rain, a pair of mandarin ducks embracing, a song full of joy…

Xiao Xi was fascinated by the sound of the zither. She suddenly thought of Feng Lingran, his eyes, his face, his lips, his fingers, and everything seemed to be engraved in her heart.

Seemingly influenced by the sound of the Zither, she wanted to more and more to return to Feng Lingran’s side.

Did she fall for Feng Lingran?

Xiao Xi blinked and found that her eyelashes were wet… She shook her fluffy head, and discarded the thought of Feng Lingran away from her mind. Sniffling¹, and then ran towards where the sound was coming from.

A woman was sitting in the middle of a flower field playing the zither. She sat on a jade carved table and stool, wearing a pale peach robe on her body. She was beautiful, even the jade on the jade finger was also beautiful. Just from looking at her, Xiao Xi felt that very memerised.

Was there such a beautiful women in the world?

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes glanced towards her, “Who is it? Come out.”

The little fox’s heart was slightly shocked and and she came out…

“So it was a little fox.” The woman gently smiled.

Xiao Xu regretted it after she came out. She was not human. Why did she have to come out?

But… That beauty, was so beautiful ah!

The little fox ran towards the women, she stood outside the flower garden, but did not go in, she just want to quietly appreciate the beauty for a while. The little fox’s gaze passed through the women and stared at the small medicine behind her.

Wan Siyu had let her sniffed the smell of the herbs beforehand. She wouldn’t make a mistake. She was confident that behind the beauty… was the medicine field she was looking for.

The beauty left the jade stool, and her jade hands lifted her skirt, lightly walking out of the flower field. After seeing the little fox still not moving, her beautiful clear autumn eyes flashed a little with surprised, but cautiously kept it down, fearing that the small fox would running away.

The beauty stared at the snow fur of the little fox, and then it’s big black eyes, and she liked it, “Are you a homeless little fox?”

The little fox blinked. She was a little fox that was swindled by Yu Saobao and stolen by Nan Gongyin…

“Why not follow me! I can shelter you.”

The beauty of the voice was very nice and gentle, she wanted to be taken in by the beauty, but… would Nan Gongyin agree?

The little fox turned and she ran towards the door of the the courtyard. She already knew where the medicine field was, she would come during the middle of the night, and find the Huo Yi Grass…

“Little fox… Where are you going?

¹in crying context, yano how you sniff cause all the CENSORED is stuck up your nose when you cry? no just me then.

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