The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 57 Part 2

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Chapter 57 Part 2 — Serve the Fox in the Shower


In a blink of the eye, a day had past.

Night had arrived. Nan Gongyin had just finished bathing and changed into a new set of clothes. Donning a piece of pure white inner robe, he exuded a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Lifting the slumped little fox from the chair and into his arms, Nan Gongyi ordered the servants to fetch a tub of warm water, before he started to personally wash the little fox.

This had scared a certain little fox to death ah! Great God! Go make a fortune somewhere else 1! Fox don’t need you to bathe Fox!

Nan Gongyin thought that it was afraid of water, so he gently grasped the escaping fox, saying, “The water is very shallow, you will not drown.”

The problem wasn’t about the water depth, but about not needing you to wash Fox ah…

When the little fox still wanted to run, Nan Gongyin signed helplessly, and directly lifted it into his arm. Wetting a cloth to clean it.

At that moment, the heart of a certain fox was in despair. Its four paws were caught by Nan Gongyin, so even if she wanted to run, she couldn’t.

Nan Gongyin had cleaned it all over. When it was time to wash her paws, the little fox was squeaking out loud.

So itchy ah!

Once the little fox’s paws were freed, she rolled over and rubbed her fur against Nan Gongyin’s leg. The water on her body was truly uncomfortable, it was as if she was wearing a drenched fur coat.

Nan Gongyin quickly lifted his sleeves, to avoid getting splashed at.

The little fox stared at Nan Gongyin, wasn’t his face covered with a Jade mask? Why use the sleeves to cover?

Taking advantage of the moment Nan Gongyi went to change his wet clothes, the little fox slipped away. When Nan Gongyin came out of the folding screen, how would there still be the shadow of the little fox?

Xiao Xi’s memory used to be very good, if she passed through the road once -even if it was a maze, she would still remember. Therefore, after turning into a fox, as long as she has been to the place before, she would not be lost.

The little fox once again came back to Imperial Consort Ji’s backyard and very quickly found the medicine field. Filled with joy, she rushed to find the herb that resembled the Huo Yi Grass from Wan Siyu’s descriptions.

After searching for a long time, the little fox finally saw the plant. Her heart shook with happiness. She bit the grass and was about to leave.

“Ji-er, I missed you. Did you miss me too when I left for these few days?”

“Brother Han, I missed you to death la…”

The talking had stopped! The sound of shredding and undressing was evidently heard, and soon, travelled voices of a male and a female passionately in love. 2

The little fox widen her eyes and her sensitive ears listened to the sound what should be made on the bed. What had she just discover? Imperial Consort Ji strayed… She gave a green hat to Nan Gongyin’s father…

Hearing the voice of Imperial Consort Ji’s enchanting voice, the little fox was covered in goosebumps. She rapidly made her escape, but who knew on the dark road, the little fox would step on a slippery bamboo stick and trip.

Your uncle, who was so blind? Putting a slippery stick on the ground?

At that moment the bed sounds suddenly stopped, and a dart shot out which almost hit the little fox.

The little fox knew that it was discovered, she quickly scrambled up.

Your mom!

How can thieves be so arrogant?

The little fox quickly ran with the Huo Yi Grass in its mouth…

A black figure flashed out just to see the little fox running away, he was about to chase it but…

A beautiful woman in a red robe stood at the door side: “Brother Han, don’t chase, the old Emperor is coming soon, you should go back first!”

The man turned to look at the beautiful woman: “Ji-Er don’t have to worry, it’s just a little fox. It wouldn’t tell anyone about our matter. Also, most of the herbs in the medicine field would soon mature, so Ji-er should be more cautious, especially the Huo Yi Grass, you mustn’t let anything happen to it.”

Don’t bother her
2 You already know what it isssss. Reminder that this is a mature book~

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