The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 52 Part 1

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Chapter 52 Part 1 — Ben Wang Never Lies


When Feng Lingran saw the returning little fox climb up his bed instead of its nest, his twilight eyes flickered slightly.

Did it plan to sleep?

On his pillow?

Feng Lingran observed as the little fox sigh contently before closing its eyes, he confirmed his guess. Leaving his chair, he walked towards the bed.

The little fox’s body suddenly rose. Her eyes opened to see a pair of slender hands holding onto her body and placing her in her nest.

“This is where you should sleep.”

Although he’d allowed the little fox to climb up the bed, it didn’t mean that it could sleep beside him.

The little fox’s front paws lied on the side of the nest, staring as Feng Lingran’s slender fingers smoothed the folds of the pillow -the pillow she had just slept on.

Feng Ling ah~ You are sleeping alone on such a large bed, yet she had such a cramped nest. She couldn’t even comfortably roll over ah! She didn’t want to sleep in the nest okay?

She wanted to sleep in the bed and sleep with him.

“Not sleeping?”

Feng Lingran glanced at the little fox.


Of course she was going to sleep.

She wanted to sleep on the bed.

“Just as you’re not sleeping, Ben Wang have something to ask you. What did Wan Siyu say to you?”

The little fox blinked, what did he say to her? He’d deceived her to steal the Yenan Pearl from Nan Gongyin!

“Nn? Don’t want to tell Ben Wang?”

There was not a single movement from the little fox, it was just quietly staring at him. Feng Lingran’s eyebrows knitted.

Unexpectedly, the little fox grinned at him with her teeth. It retracted her paws, and laid in the nest, her small, fluffy head moved around to look for a comfortable position before silently resting.

Feng Ling gazed at the little fox in the nest. Not long after, its ears gradually drooped and its eyelids slowly closed. Suddenly, a hand lifted its chin.

Little fox woke up in stupor and met with Feng Lingran’s face up close. Her ears twitched. You’re even not allowing Fox to sleep?

“You’re a smart fox. What should be done, and what shouldn’t be done, your heart would clearly know.”

Feng Lingran studied the little fox’s black watery eyes. His lips pronounced every single word without a hint of warmth.

A smart fox? But wasn’t she still just a fox?

What could she do? Could she treat the wound of the little wolf? Could she sleep with Feng Lingran?

If she could choose, she would never be a fox again. Who could guarantee that Feng Lingran would care about this fox for a lifetime? Didn’t Feng Lingran also say it himself?

She was only a small beast.

That’s right! She, in everyone’s eyes, was only a small beast. A small creature that everyone could chase and hit. A small beast that even a lowly maid could bully.

No, not only bully, they could also kill her.

What Wan Siyu said was right. Only when she becomes human, could she change everything, could she act as she liked. Xiao Xi must find a way to be human.

So for this mission, not only would she help Wan Siyu obtain to the Yenan Pearl, but she will also help herself to become human.

The little fox sighed and nodded its head. From Feng Lingran’s point of view, it seemed to have understand what he had said.

Feng Lingran’s thumb gently caressed the soft cheeks of the little fox. “Little thing, rest assured. If Wan Siyu refuse to treat the snow wolf, Ben Wang will find other physicians to.”

The Little fox looked at Feng Lingran with surprise. Really? Are you really willing to find a doctor for the little snow wolf? And help the little snow wolf’s leg?

When Feng Lingran saw the surprise in the little fox’s eyes, he smiled. Like the brief sight of the Tan flower it disappeared quickly 1, but it was enough to melt the bitter winter, “Ben Wang never lie.”

1 昙花一现, a chenyu, 昙(tan)花 is a flower called the ‘Queen of the Night’. It only blooms once a year, and withers quickly after it does. So basically, FLR’s smile came as quickly as it go. We kept it as Tan flower because broad-leaved epiphyllum and Queen of the night is too long and not poetic enuf.

Sitrus: that last paragraph is probs my fav oml so pretty ahhh
Nubilus: So sweet~

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