The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 52 Part 2

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Chapter 52 Part 2 — 


The next day.

“Wangye, the person you wanted to investigate has been identified. She is a female servant from the Ting Yu (Listening to the sound of rain falling) Building, whose name is Xiao Lu. Only… “ Originally, when Qin Wen found the culprit, he was happy to have done something right, but when he knew what had happened, it made him feel…

“Only what?” Feng Ling probed with displeasure.

Qin Wen’s heart shivered before continuing, “Only that she had died. There were a few maid servants who saw the state she was in before her death. They said she was like a mad dog, biting at everything and everyone she sees. Even the table corner and the door frame was bitten off!”

The little fox’s ear twitched and its eyes widened in shock. Dead? It can’t be? She had only bite her twice, it shouldn’t have killed her! What’s more, how could Xiao Lu be in such a state of madness before she died? This little fox didn’t have rabies, so how could she have caused Xiao Lu become like that?

After hearing this, Feng Lingran faintly frowned.

Qin Wen glanced at the little fox in Feng Lingran’s arms, and only when the little fox raised its head to look at him, did he turned to continue reporting, “After Xiao Lu died, this old slave found a small wound on her neck, but it looked like…”

Feng Lingran’s sharp gaze flew to Qin Wen, flushing him with fear, but he resumed to say, “…like she was bitten by an animal.”

The little fox almost jump up. What did Qin Wen mean? Could it be that she killed a Xiao Lu?

No, that was not the point. The point was that Xiao Lu acted like a mad dog before she died. Did Qin Wen wanted to say that she had rabies?

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…” Feng Lingran, I don’t have rabies ah! It was Xiao Lu who first plotted against me, that’s why I bit her, you must believe me!

Feng Lingran saw the little fox in his arms anxiously squeaking at him, its paws constantly wavering, as if explaining… what?

Qin Wen watched as Feng Lingran held the front paws of the little fox to stop its incessant waving, his fingers dangerously close enough to get bitten. Qin Wen’s heart was shocked, he yelled, “Wangye, your body is worth a thousand gold! Xiao Lu’s cause of death has not been determined yet, so please keep a distance from that little fox!”

Qin Wen’s words had fully confirmed little fox’s suspicion.

Feng Lingran swept a glance at Qin Wen, his black eyes brooding. “When did you have a say in the the things Ben Wang do?

Dumbfounded, Qin Wen’s forehead was damp in perspire. “This old slave doesn’t dare, it’s just that, this old slave is worried about Wangye’s health. After all, this little fox… bites people. Moreover, Wangye also know that the plague is generally spread from animals to humans. A few years ago, Li Shangshu’s dog had also contracted this disease, and the people bitten by it also became like Xiao Lu.”

Little fox really wanted to bite Qin Wen ah! She was just a fox, yet this old guy actually compared her to a rabid dog. If Feng Lingran had believed Qin Wen, wouldn’t she immediately get beaten to death? Her corpse burnt?

There were also small bite marks on Feng Lingran’s hand, and these were left by the little fox. Feng Lingran didn’t fail to notice Qin Wen’s loyalty and his worry. Grabbing the front paws of the little fox and enveloping them into his arms, Feng Lingran’s fingers gently stroked its fur, telling the little fox to calm down and not get angry.

“Qin Wen, how many years have you been with Ben Wang?”

Qin Wen was slightly stunned, what did Wangye mean?

“Replying to Wangye, it had been 6 years and 8 months since I followed you.”

Feng Ling lightly nodded.

“You have been with Ben Wang for so long, yet you think Ben Wang won’t know what a sick animal looks like?”

Qin Wen quickly lowered his head in fear, his whole body shivered with cold sweat, “This old slave have misspoken.”

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