The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 51 Part 2

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Chapter 51 Part 2 — Yenan Pearl


Wan Siyu peered at the little fox and mockingly asked, “What can you do for Feng Lingran? Can bear a child for him? Or can you warm the bed for him?”

The little fox really wanted to scratch Wan Siyu’s face off, but what he said was undeniably right.

Whether it was this world or the the modern one, the status of an animal would always be below mankind. This was an unchangeable fact.

If Xiao Xi wanted her status to be changed, she needed to find a way to become human.

Wan Siyu’s tone switched and he continued to say, “With Ben Gongzi wanting you to become acquainted with Nan Gongyin is actually for your own good. In Nan Gongyin’s possession is a golden pill that can turn you into human. Hey! Don’t doubt Ben Gongzi’s words. Nanling (the country) is known as the medicine capital, there are many rare herbs in mountains behind Nanling Imperial Palace which the Eastern Jin and other countries don’t have. If you can build a good relationship with Nan Gongyin, the day you can be human will just be around the corner.”

Wan Siyu mused, “The day you become human, you must remember to be thankful that Ben Gongzi informed you of this ah!”

Little fox’s heart moved whilst she watched Wan Siyu. I’ll be grateful to your big ghost head!¹

Despicable villain! Only you would make a small fox steal things for you…

But in the end, the little fox couldn’t just sit still and watch as the little snow pup’s life decay away.

Forget it, she could only be sorry to Nan Gongyin. The Yenan Pearl may be important for others, but in this little fox’s eyes, it was not as important as the little snow wolf’s leg.

“Squeak squeak squeak…”

Little fox’s fluffy claw lifted to point at Wan Siyu, then towards the clean bowl by the snow pup’s side.

After catching the little fox’s movements, Wan Siyu’s eyes brightly lit up. He knew that from the little fox’s actions, it had agreed to his requests.

Wan Siyu cheerfully brought the little fox into his arms and said with a wide grin, “Little fox, you can be rest assured that when you are away to retrieve the Yenan Pearl, Ben Gongzi will be taking good care of the little wolf. Ben Gongzi will even make sure that every meal it eats will have meat.”

The little fox immediately leaped out of Wan Siyu’s embrace. She did not want to be close to this man, he was despicable enough to even go as far to use a little fox. However, Wan Siyu had promised to take care of the little snow wolf, so she felt slightly more comfortable.


When little fox returned to the bedroom, the sky was already dark and the moon had crept up the tree branches.

Inside, the candlelight casted a soft glow Feng Lingran’s cold handsome face. He sat on a chair with his fingers tapping on the armrest.

Was he waiting for her to come back?

The little fox’s heart warmed, but after recalling what Wan Siyu had said, she felt somewhat conflicted.

This spacious Regent’s Palace would eventually have a true Mistress… She was only a little fox now and could never become the Mistress.

The little fox did not run into Feng Lingran’s arms, but jumped directly on his bed instead and laid on his pillow.

She was going to help Yu Shaobao steal the Yenan Pearl later, so she must sleep with Feng Lingran tonight.

Nn! She did not want to sleep in the nest anymore, she wanted to sleep… on the bed.²

¹ i know this bit is a bit contradicting but Wan Siyu still has a good(?) heart dont @ me, that is why her heart was moved. but the ghost head is a cursing thing. you’ll see it around but even i don’t get it so your not alone

² apparently she had slept in a nest all this time and not FLR’s bed. whops author has not specified and i don’t remember bahaha. correct me if im wrong~

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