The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 51 Part 1

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Chapter 51 Part 1 — Yenan Pearl


Feng Lingran’s special treatment only applied to the little fox, every other beasts were irrelevant to him. From Qin Guanjia’s point of view, the little snow wolf also held no importance, and its arrangement here was only to give the little fox some face. If it was some other animal, a broken leg was the least of everyone’s problems. Weak meat, strong food, this was the law of the jungle. There were so many beast here, these weak meats would not even have the chance to decay.

The little fox leapt from Wan Siyu’s body and landed right next to the little snow wolf. Its small fluffy paws gently pressed down on it, who was struggling to get up.

Little snow wolf’s leg had broke, even getting up was a difficult feat. But the moment the little fox appeared, its loneliness and fear all disappeared.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Wan Siyu, what do you want me to do so that you can help the little snow wolf?

The little fox squeaked while pointing to Wan Siyu, to herself, then finally the little snow wolf.

Even though Wan Siyu knew that the little fox is spiritual, seeing its small paws communicating with him so clearly, still made him a little surprised.

Wan Siyu smiled. He paused then reached out to touch the little fox’s head. He explained with satisfaction, “An injury which others can’t treat, is certainly nothing for Ben Gongzi, but of course, you also have to help Ben Gongzi do something.”

The little fox had doubts in her heart. She was just a fox right now, so how could she help Wan Siyu?

When Wan Siyu saw the puzzled eyes of the little fox he continued to smile and said, “Don’t worry, Ben Gongzi’s request is very simple. All you need to do is take the Yenan Pearl from His Highness Nanling’s body back to Ben Gongzi.”

The little fox drew in a breath, you say that it’s simple, why don’t you go?

You must be joking with her! Are you telling her to steal the Yenan Pearl on Nan Gongyin, or are you sending this fox to her death?

“Little fox, don’t think that Ben Gongzi didn’t know what happened in the Palace. You and His Highness… um…” Wan Siyu gave a ‘everybody knows’ expression and continued, “It’s very difficult for an average person to approach Nan Gongyin, but easy for you. Maybe, once he knew that you wanted it, he would personally give it to you. As long as you help me with this, I’ll treat Little Snow’s leg. I assure you that when you see it next time, it would be alive and kicking.”

What about fox?

Or did you still think that fox has no brain? If the Yenan Pearl could causally be brought out, then why are you deliberately asking this fox to go… steal it?

Why don’t you steal it yourself ah?

Moreover, Nan Gongyin had fed her a medicinal pill, she was already regretful for biting him. How could she help Wan Siyu steal the Yenan Pearl now?

“If you don’t want to, Ben Gongzi can’t do anything about that little snow wolf’s wound…”

Wan Siyu regretfully said.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Are you threatening Fox?

Wan Siyu pretended not to see the anger in the little fox’s eyes. He shrugged, trying to express that there was no such thing as free things in this world.

The little fox struggled in her heart but when she saw the naive eyes of the little snow wolf, she knew that if she rejected, it’s life would be ruined, maybe, not even guaranteed.

Never before, did the little fox truly wanted to become human. If she was, then… things would had been different, she wouldn’t have to ask for Wan Siyu’s help, she could walk the whole Eastern Jin with the pup to find the best doctor.

Wan Siyu suddenly discovered a certain sparkling determination in the little fox’s eyes. He smiled and said: “Little fox, are you blaming yourself for not being able to help the little snow wolf? Let Ben Gongzi tell you, in this world, only humans can change anything. Animals will never amount to anything, their fate and destiny will be controlled by mankind, including you. So what if you are Feng Lingran’s pet now? When he is tired of you, or when the Regent Palace have a true Mistress, what will become of your fate? Do you think then, Feng Lingran will disregard Mistress for you?”

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