The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 — Would It Kill You To Shut Up?


After finishing a meal, the little fox burped in Feng Lingran’s arms. Noticing him replace the jaded chopsticks for another pair, it secretly snickered. What use were there in replacing chopsticks? Feng Lingran, you’ve seem to have forgotten. These dishes have all been touch by this fox ah!

Feng Lingran elegantly placed a piece of chicken in his mouth, slowly chewing.  Little fox also raised its front paws towards its mouth, its body trembling in laughter. Feng Lingran, do you think that this chicken was roasted well? Fox also liked it! Did you notice that the piece of chicken you’d just ate have the taste of fox’s slobber?

Suddenly, little fox head met with pain, it raised its head angrily at him.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Feng Lingran, you dare smack my head? Want to die ah?

Only after Feng Lingran swallow the food in his mouth, did he unhurriedly spoke, “If you don’t want to eat meals with Ben Wang, then Ben Wang can send someone to put it in front of your nest next time.”

“…” Little fox licked the corners of its mouth. So petty, was laughing also forbidden?

In order for continue eating good meals, little fox became earnest and settled down. She laid in Feng Lingran’s embrace, and didn’t even laugh at him, even though she was not convinced.1

He really did bully fox too much, did he think Fox was a dog? Put food in front of her nest? She didn’t want to be like a dog and eat from the floor.  

“Haha… Ben Gongzi really came at the right time! What a plentiful evening meal!” Wan Siyu walked in smilingly, and sat on the chair next to Feng Lingran, folding his fan and slipping it through his waistband. Spotting the jade chopsticks in front of him, his smile turned even more brilliant. “You’ve even prepared a pair of chopsticks for Ben Gongzi!”

Xiao Xi watched as Wan Siyu picked up the chopsticks she had used, her eyes widened at the sight.

Yu Shaobao, those chopsticks aren’t yours, those are fox’s… Don’t randomly take it ah!

Wan Siyu’s current mood was escalated, picking up a piece of vegetable with the jade chopsticks, he brought it into his mouth.


But without even having the chance to taste it, the chopsticks in Wan Siyu’s hand flew out, fell onto the floor and broked.

Wan Siyu’s expression became stiff. Seeing the slowly chewing Feng Lingran, he yelled, “Lingran! What do you mean by this? I, Wan Siyu has been treated like a veterinarian for your family’s fox numerous of times, yet you won’t even let eat a single meal? You’re too much of a bully, who do you take I -Wan Siyu, for?

Feng Lingran softly replied, “That pair was the little one’s, it’d just finished eating.”

“Little one’s chopsticks?”

Wan Siyu’s gaze lowered to the fox in Feng Lingran’s arms. Seeing the little’s fox look of disgust, his mouth opened and closed in horrid. Suddenly turning around, Wan Siyu held a hand over his mouth, and gagged uncontrollably.

Revolting to the point of death! He’d nearly ate with the little fox’s used chopsticks.

Watching as Wan Siyu dry heave, even little fox felt disgruntled. Hey uninvited guy, no one told you to eat. It was you who ate by yourself, but now you’re disgusted by Fox?

Your uncle! Even Feng Lingran didn’t feel revolted, do you really think you’re more noble than Feng Lingran?

Feng Lingran frowned, “Ben Wang is eating. if you want to vomit, do it outside.”

The little fox looked at Feng Lingran and smiled, well spoken! Wan Siyu was actually the disgusting one here.


The current Feng Lingran, was getting more and more likeable.

Wan Siyu glanced at Feng Lingran with hidden bitterness. The little fox in Feng Lingran’s heart… truly was held in a higher position than him.

“Lingran, you said the little fox had just finished its meal. Don’t you think that all of these dishes have been soiled by the little fox’s slobber?”

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Again, no one told you to eat, would it kill you to shut up ah?

The little fox waved her paw at Wan Siyu, expressing her indignation.

What if after Wan Siyu said the unnecessary truth, Feng Lingran would stop bringing her along with him? She did not want to lose the opportunity and stop eating from the table filled with delicacies.

When Wan Siyu saw the little fox’s livid expression, he smiled and mischievously pointed at the little fox, “So you’re already aware that your slobber has dropped onto the dishes?”

The little fox really wanted to bite Wan Siyu’s fingers at this moment…


Feng Lingran slammed the jade chopsticks down onto the table.

Wan Siyu and the little fox were startled.

But Wan Siyu was relieved as he noticed that Feng Lingran had stopped eating.

Just like he said! Feng Lingran -this mysophobic, how could he not be disgusted by that little fox? Even if it was spiritual, it was still a fox in the end.

“Has the little wolf’s leg injury been treated?”

Little fox lifted her head to stared at Wan Siyu after Feng Lingran spoke. She really wanted to hear from Wan Siyu’s mouth that the little snow wolf’s leg was alright now…

“Ben Gongzi has not treated the little snow wolf’s leg yet.”


Still not treated yet?

Little fox bustled, what did he mean? Did he not want to treat the little snow wolf’s injury?

The little fox instinctively looked at Feng Lingran hoping he would say something to help the little snow wolf. Because, Xiao Xi knew, Wan Siyu would listen to Feng Lingran.

Not even waiting for Feng Lingran to start speaking again, Wan Siyu already had his hand up to stop him.

“Lingran, no matter what you say, I will not treat the pup. I want to speak with the little fox in your arms.”

The little fox blinked. What did Wan Siyu want to talk about? Was it about the bite she gave him last time, and now Wan Siyu wanted revenge?

If Wan Siyu agreed to treat the little snow wolf’s leg injury, she would even be willing to let him bite her back.

Wan Siyu acted as if he didn’t see Feng Lingran’s piercing gaze, instead he was smiling at the little fox, “Ben Gongzi knows, that little snow wolf is your friend. If you want to save your friend, you should pay for it yourself, instead of making Lingran doing it for you, so he doesn’t need to do so much for you.”

“Wan Siyu.” Feng Lingran warned Wan Siyu with a glare.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” What do you want me to pay with?

The little fox stared at Wan Siyu with determination. Seeing Wan Siyu pat his leg, the little fox jumped out of Feng Lingran’s arms and into his. Wan Siyu smiled and carried the little fox out.

“Wan Siyu, stop right there.”

When Wan Siyu heard Feng Lingran’s cold voice, he stopped his stride and said,” Lingran, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to your little fox.”

After that, Wan Siyu left with the little fox.

“Hehe… Feng Lingran really treasures you a lot. Ben Gongzi has only refined three bottles of this good quality medicine. Not bearing to use it even on myself, all of it was given to Feng Lingran. Yet he had used an entire bottle on you.”

Hearing his words, the little fox looked up at Wan Siyu. She suddenly felt that his words has a strange undertone in them, as if… he was jealous.

Yu Shaobao could not be interested in Feng Lingran right? So that’s why he didn’t use the medicine on himself but gave it to Feng Lingran instead?

Wan Siyu took the little fox to the place where the injured little snow wolf was at. There was no one else there -the area was deserted, only the little snow wolf, lied on a plank covered in coarse cloth.

Once the little snow wolf saw the little fox, it excitedly shouted and wagged its tail.

“It’s also a beast, but the difference in treatment is wider than earth and heaven.”

Wan Siyu’s words pierced the little fox’s heart. It noticed a bowl beside the little snow wolf that was licked spotless, little fox’s heart became tasteless.



1 In case you don’t understand, she was willing to be docile, but she wasn’t convinced that he would actually put food in front of her nest.

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