The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 44 Part 2

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Chapter 44 Part 2 — Would Never Wake up Again


When the little fox thought it was going to die soon, a white shadow rushed over, it saved the little fox and fought fiercely with the short-faced bear.

The little fox escaped from death, and its heart was beating like a drum, continuously pounding. Watching the mother wolf save her, the little fox had conflicted feelings, probably because -she never thought that one day, the mother wolf rescued her.

The Short-Faced Bear’s body was three or four times larger than the mother wolf. It was a massive difference, but the mother wolf gave it her best, and didn’t let the bear come near the little fox. While doing so, the wolf made urging sounds for the little fox to leave immediately.


The mother wolf was hit to the ground, the bear bit the wolf’s neck, and blood quickly stained the beautiful white fur.

The little fox’s heart felt like it was hit with a hammer, aching to the point of suffocation. She ignored the desperate eyes telling her to leave, and leapt onto the bear, her nimble body rushed towards the neck of the bear, claws opened the dark fur, bit with great force.

The bear finally released the mother wolf and cried out in pain, its giant body kept jumping, trying to hit the fox on its neck with its paws.

Short-Faced Bears had great strength, once this palm fall, the little fox would be smashed into pieces.

But in the next second, the mother wolf slowly got up, and with a great leap, it bit into the bear’s palms.

The bear unleashed another wave of screams, and its paw slammed and slapped the female wolf away.

The little fox ripped off a piece of flesh and spat it in the bear’s eyes, then she used her four claws, climbed onto its face, and scratched it.

The bear’s eyes were scratched and bleeding, it painfully squatted and jumped, shaking its large body.

Because the Short-Faced Bear was half blinded by the little fox, it would certainly bear a grudge. It licked its sharp and horrifying teeth, and with a contorted face, it suddenly flicked its head and sent the little fox flying. It rushed towards the fox, wanting to tear her to pieces.


But the bear was suddenly thrown to the ground by a black panther -who appeared out of nowhere. One was the strongest beast in the arena, and the other was the most ferocious.

There was vicious bites, and blood that couldn’t be differentiated. Even other beasts in the arena -witnessing this scene, remained far away, fear of getting involved.

The little fox climbed up from the ground. Its mouth was full of blood, though it was from the bear’s. When she saw the dying mother wolf lying far away, she ran over watching the blood continuously bleed from the neck. The little fox put out her fluffy little paws, pressing on the wound, hoping it would stop bleeding.

But, it wouldn’t stop…

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…”

The little fox anxiously cried out, tears were flowing down and some dripped onto the fur of the mother wolf. At that moment, it desperately wanted someone to come and save the mother wolf.

But there was no one… no one came to save the mother wolf…

The mother wolf suddenly lifted up its paws and gently placed the little fox into her embrace. The wolf‘s eyes exuded motherly love, but gradually closed her eyes…

When the little fox saw the mother wolf closing her eyes, she was stunned. Its small claws began to push the body of the mother wolf, hoping she could open her eyes, and not fall asleep.

But it was futile, the mother wolf “went to sleep,” and would never wake up anymore.

The Short-Faced Bear had several injuries on its body, and after some brawls, it was finally defeated under the black panther’s claws. But it wasn’t willing to die. Wasn’t willing to be bitten by the little fox, wasn’t willing to be blinded by the little fox, and certainly not willing to be killed by the black panther.

Nubilus: I think I teared up a little.

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