The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 44 Part 1

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Chapter 44 Part 1 —


The little fox nearly got hit by the stones, it ran for its life, as long it entered the animal enclosure it would be fine, that servant wouldn’t have the gut to continue chasing her.

“Oh no, that’s the Regent palace’s animal enclosure.” Xiao Lu frowned, hesitation flashed in her eyes, but she still went in.

Xiao Xi didn’t expect the servant would actually have the courage to chase her into the animal enclosure. She gulped down her saliva, but was reluctant to throw away the chicken drumstick in her mouth. She was already starving and if she lost the drumstick, she would be hungry until tomorrow. Plus, it won’t be easy to “take” food from the dining room anymore.

Once she entered the animal enclosure, Xiao Lu suddenly flew to the front of the little fox, obstructing its pathway.

“Little fox, you won’t be able to escape from me.”

Xiao Xi was taken aback, she hastily braked her claws, and looked at Xiao Lu with shock. Even a servant knew Qing Gong1?This wasn’t easy at all ah!

The little fox knew when it gets captured, it would be given back to Feng Lingran, then locked in a cage. It didn’t want to be enclosed, it wanted a life with freedom.

Xiao Lu moved her hands swiftly to capture the little fox, but her palms got scratched instead. Her eyes turned green from irritation.2

“Little beast, you’re looking for death.”

Xiao Lu couldn’t resist and gave the little fox a palm, it crushed the ground behind the little fox, and caused her to fly out…

Xiao Lu didn’t think that in a moment of anger she would sent the little fox flying. She had some regrets, but it was too late, after witnessing the little fox fall near the colosseum, she paused.

In the beast fortress, apart from the colosseum that contained the most vicious wild beasts, second to that was the beast enclosure. Her Kungfu wasn’t enough to beat those wild beasts in colosseum, and not only would the little fox not be saved, her life could be put at risk as well.

It wouldn’t be worth it.

Xiao Lu sneered, “Little beast, you brought it upon yourself, don’t blame others.”

It dared injure her hand? It deserved to be shredded by beasts.

Xiao Lu turned and left the beast fortress.


Xiao Xi widened its eyes, the wind screeched pasted its ears, and she still had the chicken drumstick in its mouth.


Her body landed on the floor, fortunately the soil was soft here, she fell from a great height, but didn’t sustain any injury.

Xiao Xi had linger fear in her heart, she placed the drumstick in her front claws, puffed a little and her stomach made some rumbling sounds. She licked the drumstick, and its depressing mood faded because the drumstick was still here.

After eating the entire drumstick, the little fox satisfyingly burped. To have meat was too good.

Suddenly, little fox felt cold, like she had become someone’s target.

It looked up, drew a cold breath, what was that? The whole body had black fur, the head looked like bear, and its yellow eyes emitted cold sparks. It was as if she was seen as a prey.

In fact, the Short-Faced Bear did see the little fox as a prey. Especially the aroma drifting off the little fox’s body made it salivating.

The bear quickly rushed over with its sharp fangs and heavy claws, it was too traumatising.

The little fox was scared and ran off immediately, but how could she be faster than the hunting elites of short-faced bears? Soon, the bear caught up, its large body leaped and like a like a horrible monster it towered over her. Maybe in the next second the little fox would be slaughtered mercilessly.

The little fox trembled, sensing the black shadow above descending towards her, it felt her death arriving.

Qing Gong, in case you guys forgot since it had been a long time. Remember Wang Siyu used ‘qing gong’ to gracefully fly to the roof of the palace during banquet night to let XX see FLR? Yah that’s qing gong.

2 IDK, probs a pun cuz normally your eyes go red with anger. But cuz her name means ‘little green’ 小绿, then her eyes went green with anger.

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