The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 — A Girl’s Heart


Once the fight was over, the panther lied on the floor panting. Blood had spilled everywhere, dying even its once dark fur, red. It glanced at the dying short-faced bear, before lowering its head to lick its ghastly wounds.

Animals didn’t have man made medicines to treat themselves with. Instead, they had their saliva. The next best cure.

No matter how much the little fox nudged the mother wolf, it wouldn’t wake up. She lied beside the still body and wept in sorrow.

She cried continuously, until… the panther suddenly grabbed her with its mouth, tore her away from the mother wolf’s side and tossed her in front of a huge hyena.

The little fox blinked away the tears from her eyes, and looked up to see the giant hyena. It was many times larger than her, however she wasn’t intimidated. If this had been her previous self, she would’ve ran off immediately in terror, however she was less afraid now.  

The hyena shrunk towards a wall, vigilantly watching the panther, its whole body trembling. The black panther was the true king around here. It was definitely not one the hyena dared to offend.

The black panther left the little fox behind, it turned and walked away.

The little fox dazedly watched the scene. It was the same situation she was in not long ago. Except, it was Feng Lingran who had turned and walked away.

Why? Why was that?

She recalled the time when Feng Lingran threw her to the black panther. Back then, it didn’t eat her. Even after Feng Lingran left, it still didn’t. This time, if it weren’t for the panther, she might have died under the claws of the short-faced bear.

The little fox suddenly sobered. As if she had come to a realization, her heart pounded fiercely. Was it… was it what she thought it was?

But why hadn’t he explained clearly? Had he really intended to lock her in an iron cage?

The little fox used her paws to wipe away the tears rolling down her cheeks. Feeling like she was being watched, she looked up to meet Feng Lingran’s tranquil, deep eyes.

He was here? When did he arrive?

How much of the fight did he see?

Feng Lingran dropped the thick bamboo he was holding. The black panther leaped towards it and caught it in its mouth. He bit into it and a fine powder instantly scattered all over his bloody wounds.

Feng Lingran resembled an all-mighty king, looking down at some insignificant creatures. While the black panther looked like a large docile cat,and its image as the king of the beasts was gone.

The little fox stared at the black panther. So it had been serving under Feng Lingran all this time.

Instead of coming down, Feng Lingran stayed where he was, looking down at the little fox with his hands behind him.

He was waiting…

The little fox stayed frozen for a while, but after smelling an odd scent, she regained her composure and turned around to see the trembling hyene urinating.

Feng Lingran stared as the little fox avoid the pooling urine. The little fox wasn’t even scared, yet this huge hyena was so terrified to the point of urinating. Truly the definition of bark but no bite.

Catching a glimpse of the mother wolf’s corpse, the little fox felt awful. She ran over and nipped at the wolf. Taking hold of one of its paws, she pulled back with all her strength.

She didn’t want the mother wolf’s body to stay in the arena and be eaten by the other beasts, but she didn’t want to beg Feng Lingran for help either. That man was currently acting indifferent to tame her. Humph. She wasn’t even a fox, she didn’t need to be tamed.

After a long time, the little fox had used up all of its strength, but the corpse did not move an inch.

Feng Lingran frowned. That little fox could be very stubborn, and its courage was also not small. After seeing him again -and in spite of everything, it had still choose to ignore him. Did it really think that it could move the corpse alone with its current strength?  

Feng Lingran waited for a long time, but in the end his patience ran out and couldn’t bear to watch any longer. He went down from his spot and picked up the little fox from the ground. Seeing the little fox open its mouth, Feng Lingran’s forehead popped a vein and he used his hand to clamp it shut.

“Hei Feng.”

The black panther ran over after hearing its name being called. When it followed Feng Lingran’s gaze to the corpse, it opened its jaws and bite the dead wolf.

“Squeak squeak squeak…,” Feng Lingran, you better make that black panther put down the mother wolf right now. I forbid you from ruining her corpse.

Since her snout was pinched shut by Feng Lingran, the sound was coming out from her nasal cavity. Her front paws were randomly waving at Feng Lingran, trying to make him understand that she wanted him to release the mother wolf.

After Feng Lingran saw the little fox’s anxious expression, his thin lips shifted into a cold smirk, “Little thing, you should be grateful, if not for her, the corpse in Hei Feng’s mouth would be yours right now.”

The little fox’s once stubborn heart was shaken, to think if the black panther had not shown up, she would probably be a dead fox by now. She looked blankly at Feng Lingran, was he the reason why the black panther came? If it was, then why didn’t he save her himself? Did he not know that she could have died?

Or… Did he also want to train her into a fierce beast like the black panther?

She was just a mere fox ah!

Regarding the black panther, this master and this beast, definitely birds of a feather. If not for long term training, why would Feng Lingran call the black panther… Hei Feng?

No wonder it was willing to throw her in front of the huge hyena. This despicable black panther learned from its master!

The little fox placed her paws on the hand that held her mouth shut, and tried to release herself.

When Feng Lingran saw what the little fox was trying to do, his dark eyes flashed. He loosened his hold on the little fox’s snout.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” That mother wolf died trying to save me! Feng Lingran, be the bigger person and quickly let her body be.

This time her squeaks did not carry as much anger, instead her eyes glistened with tears slyly, as if she was trying to win over Feng Lingran’s sympathy.

As if knowing her intentions, Feng Lingran flicked her forehead and warned, ”Watch your behaviour.”


Watch her behaviour? What was he trying to say?

Feng Lingran carried the little fox out of the arena. His slender fingers pushed aside her bloodied fur. The little fox did not resist, however, when he reached her underbelly, a certain little fox turned pale with fright and hastily clamped her legs together.


Feng Lingrans fingers paused, and he smiled in amusement at her embarrassment.

“You’re a fox, not an unmarried girl, why so ashamed?”

The little fox held her legs firmly shut. Who said she wasn’t an unmarried girl? Although her body was a fox, her heart was a proper girl.

Feng Lingran didn’t make things difficult for a certain ‘shy’ little fox and asked, “Were you injured?”

The little fox stared blankly at him, then instinctively shook her head. Suddenly, her eyes shot wide open, Feng Lingran was concerned for her? What he did just now, was to examine her body for injuries?

Despicable! If he was going to be concerned for her, then why on earth would he try to lock her in an iron cage in the first place?

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