The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 43 Part 1

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Chapter 43 Part 1 — 


Aunt Wang’s face turned ugly knowing that she couldn’t conceal things. She explained with a bitter face, “Last night, the Lu brat caught a weasel in the dining room. That thief often steals from the food room. Qin Guanjia, you should know as well, everyone wanted to deal with the thief, but we didn’t expect it to be so cunning. Not only did Liu Xiaoge suffer losses, but it had also climbed onto the roof to throw sticks into the dining room, filling the whole room with smoke!”

Qin Wen sneered, “Aunt Wang, so you’re saying that the weasel was spiritual, not only was it cunning, but it could also start a fire, and that’s why the whole room became like this.”


Aunt Wang was very upset. If only she didn’t listen to the Xiao Lu’s stupid idea last night then the dining room wouldn’t have became like this. What smoke?

At this moment, Xiao Lu prostrated and cried to Qin Wen, “Qin Guanjia, if you have to blame, then blame Lu-Er! It was Lu-Er who inadvertently heard from Mistress that smoking can kill weasels, Lu-Er really didn’t expect it to be such a big disaster.”


Which lady?

Qin Wen thought for a while before finally remembering that Xiao Lu’s Madam was Mu Qincheng. His face changed slightly. Last time’s bath indicient almost ruined him to death. What a stupid woman.

“Your Master’s stupid, so are you stupid as well? If the dining room of the Regent’s Palace was burnt down, how many lives do you have to pay for it?”

Qin Wen’s words were not even a bit polite. The so-called “Mistress” themselves knew just how they became the Mistress of the Regent Palace. It was only a false empty title, but did they really regarded themselves as the Madame of the household? They only want to use despicable means to climb into bed of the Wangye.

Xiao Lu’s complexion was pale, crying she yelled, “Qin Guanjia, Lu-Er knows her mistakes, Lu-Er really knows the wrong in her actions. You are very compassionate, please don’t lower yourself to deal with this stupid person!” 1

Aunt Wang, Aunt Li and Liu Xiaoge watched as Xiao Lu took the blame, their hearts became moved, the their gazes at Xiao Lu also turned into looks of gratitude.

“Whatever is damaged will be deducted from your monthly wages. If this happens again, you can all leave the Regent’s Palace.”

Regardless of status Mu Qingcheng held in the Regent Palace, Qin Wen would not openly go against her. Xiao Lu’s explanation had dragged Mu Qingcheng into it, and with Qin Wen only reducing their monthly salary was already a good thing.

When the group of people saw Qin Wen leave, they released their breaths.

Aunt Wang hurriedly pulled Xiao Lu up from the ground, emotionally saying, “Xiao Lu, you are a good person, before was all this aunt’s fault, failing to see the good in you.”

Aunt Li was also moved, “That’s right! This Lu kid took all the responsibilities onto herself for everyone today. It’s clear that she’s a kind-hearted and loyal kid.”

Liu Xiaoge’s wages were deducted, making him distressed, but still grateful to Xiao Lu, “Little Sister Lu, in the future, whatever work you have in this room, I will help you do some.”

Xiao Lu’s eyes flashed, but showed flatterness on the surface. It was as if she was just a very loyal, a very naive girl.

Not long after, Qin Wen turned around. But this time, his steps were very fast, as if there was something important he wanted.

When the group of people witness this, they became fearful. Did Qin Guanjia feel that the monthly deduction was too light?

“Aunt Wang, you said that the weasel had climbed onto the roof, and tossed dry branches into the dining room?”

Aunt Wang had never seen Qin Guanjia so impatient. She blanked for a moment before nodding. “Yes… yes.”

“Are you sure that it was a weasel? Not a small fox?”

1 idk how this makes someone forgive you but apparently it works. But you are holding the other party in a higher position, and by saying that you are not worthy of being dealt with by them will make them feel more compassion and malevolent, therefore more lenient. Status and position means a lot in case you haven’t worked that out yet 😉

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