The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 43 Part 2

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Chapter 43 Part 2 — Where is the little fox?


Wang Auntie blanked, a little fox?


Qin Guanjia’s heart was anxious enough to die, he couldn’t stand Aunt Wang’s stammering anymore so he asked again, “You just need to tell me, did you see clearly? Was the fur khaki colored or snow white? ”

Aunt Wang recalled, “It was already dark yesterday night. The candlelight in the dining room was weak. I didn’t see it very clearly, but the hair on it was a bit yellow, but it wasn’t khaki. If you said it was white, it was also a bit white. It -compared to an average weasel, was more beautiful.”

Qin Guanjia suddenly wanted to killed Wang Auntie, just what kind of eyesight did they have?

“That was a fox!” Qin Guanjia’s finger trembled and pointed at the group of people: “You… you blind useless things! If something happened to the little fox, don’t even think of escaping. Tell me quickly, where is the little fox now?”

The quartet were beyond frightened and also slightly stupefied. Last night, after the little fox completed its ill deeds, it had already left, how would they know where it was?


The little fox played in the beast enclosure all day, and as soon as it approached dinner time, it had left the beast field to go to the dining room.

You may ask why it wouldn’t go to the dining room at night? And choose this time instead?

The little fox will tell you that whoever goes tonight is stupid. Those people suffered huge losses last night, so they will definitely have something planned tonight. She wanted to take advantage of the Feng Lingran’s dinner period to find something to eat, this way, makes it difficult for her to be discovered.

She really was a quick-witted fox.

Sure enough, as Fox expected, wonderful aromas of food wafted from the dining room. Everyone was busy preparing food for their masters. Little fox waited until the last aunt came out before dashing inside the room. Water ran down the fox’s mouth when it spotted a delicious crispy chicken. It snatched a drumstick and abandoned the place.

It won’t be good if it was discovered, so a fox can’t be too greedy.

Suddenly, a bamboo basket descended from the sky and enclosed the little fox.

Xiao Luyin eerily smiled, “Scourge, lets see how you’ll escape this time?”

Xiao Lu had already inquired about it this morning. It turns out, this fox was actually the pet of the Regent. It had unknowingly offended the Regent, and was left to deal with by Qin Guanjia, instructing him to locked it up. Who knew that the fox would escape, making the King Regent furious, and commanding everyone to find the fox even if they had to dig three chi down.

Xiao Lu’s eyes were shining, if she presented the little fox to the Regent, won’t it be a great achievement?

If the King Regent was happy, maybe he’ll let her stay with him. This was much better than staying with the vicious, bad tempered woman named Mu Qingcheng. This way, she wouldn’t even have to use Mu Qingcheng and she can be…

The little fox saw a hand reaching inside the bamboo, wanting to catch it. Opening its mouth to bite the hand, Xiao Lu released a pained cry. Seeing as the basket was flipped open, little fox loosen Xiao Lu’s bleeding finger and saw the bamboo basket open, the little fox loosened the Xiao Lu bleeding finger picked up the chicken drumstick on the ground, before running away.

“Little fox, don’t run!”

Xiao Lu finger was continuously bleeding, but she didn’t want to lose such a good opportunity so she ran after it.

You say don’t run, so they won’t run? Are you stupid? Or did you think Fox was stupid?

The little fox ran very fast. Xiao Lu would often use the small rocks that she collected along the way to hit the little fox. They were thick-skinned beasts anyway, even if they were bruised, the Regent couldn’t see them. The little fox couldn’t speak, so it wouldn’t be able to complain to the King Regent. Xiao Lu wasn’t worried about her small actions being discovered at all, and she could also teach the little fox who was the best out of the two.

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