The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 42 Part 2

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Chapter 42 Part 2 — 


“Quickly look, it’s that weasel. The roof was opened by it, and its throwing tree branches from above.”

Xiao Lu’s head got hit by tree branches, she looked up only to see the little fox. She screamed with wide eyes, afraid of others not knowing what this ‘weasel’ had done.

Xiao Lu suddenly picked up the broken bowl on the floor, and viciously aimed it at the little fox. That hateful weasel, was it spiritual? It caused her so many troubles, and still not satisfied with what it’d gotten her into.

When the broken bowl nearly hit the little fox, a tile brick suddenly fell, instantly hitting the broken bowl. Xiao Lu saw and was horrified, where she stood, would be the place where the tile brick and broken bowl would both fall on, if they fell on her, she might’ve had her head covered in blood.

Xiao Lu dodged with haste, her pale face terrified.

When Xiao Xi was done with her “mischief” she ran off. There was nowhere else to go to, so she could only return to the animal enclosure.

At the time the little snow wolf saw the little fox returning, its eyes lit up. It snuggled out of the mother wolf, swaying its body towards little fox. But after sniffing her body full of smoke, it sneezed.

The little fox grinned as she watched the hilarious actions of the little snow wolf.

Tonight, she was at peace. But some people, not so much.

The dining room’s fire was put out with great difficulty but the entire room wasn’t like before. Tomorrow, when the housekeeper finds out, all four of them would suffer.

Xiao Lu had worse luck, not only did she had to face the housekeeper, she needed to face her Mistress tonight as well.


A heavy slap was heard.

Xiao Lu could see stars, and there was blood in her mouth.

“You damn servant, it must have been you stealing, but blaming it on that weasel.”

“Madame, you need to believe Lu-Er, it really wasn’t Lu-Er who ate it. It was that weasel, Aunt Wang and Aunt Li -even Liu XiaoGe all saw it, if you don’t believe me, you can go and ask them.”

Xiao Lu covered her swollen face, since Mu Qincheng was ruthlessly thrown out by Wangye, she had became a different person. She was more aggressive, and any slight mistakes would make her yell at the servants, occasionally even smashing things.

“You lowly servant, don’t think that this Mistress don’t know. You and the two women are all in it together, of course they’ll be on your side.”

Mu Qincheng’s beautiful face was contorted, staring at Xiao Lu with eyes like a venomous snake. Last time if it weren’t her (Xiao Lu) persuading her, she wouldn’t have been humiliated. Her entire life was ruined, absolutely ruined.

Xiao Lu prostrated, loudly weeping and said,”Madame, Lu-Er had always been loyal to you. For Mistress, Lu-Er had especially got this blood swallow to forever sustain Mistress’ gorgeous beauty. Why would Lu keep it all to herself?”

“How can that help? If you have the capabilities, then let Wangye favor this Mistress again! Only you think of such bad ideas, that can harm this Mistress, how do you still have face?”

Xiao Lu’s eyes flashed, she bit her lips and said, “I’m innocent! Mistress, Lu-Er just wanted to help Mistress, but never thought it would…” she paused then continued to say, “Don’t worry Mistress, this time Lu-Er will absolutely help you get Wangye’s love.”

“Humph, you think this Mistress would still believe you?”

“Mistress, you need to trust me this time. Lu-Er will get a treasure soon, and only Mistress can place that thing into Wangye’s body. Then Wangye will unconditionally love Mistress forever.”

“What treasure?”



The next day, Qin Wen looked at the dining room devoured by flames, his eyebrows ruthlessly raised.

“What happened?”

If you guys are familiar with Demon Wang’s Golden Fei, then you should know what Gu means.
But if you’re not, it’s basically a venomous worm/bug/insect that can do magical stuff. Apparently you can make them by sealing various venomous creatures into one container, and they do like a battle royale thing, and the last one survived is concentrated with all the venom. Comes in all shapes and sizes.
Hurray for Wikipedia.

Nubilus: This chapter was translate by Hibernation our new tl yayayayaya. And edited by 俺様~
Yayaya more people makes everything easier ( ´༎ຶ ㅂ༎ຶ`)
And why do I feel like I’m always promoting other novels more than this one.  <(・-・<。

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