The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 38 Part 2

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Chapter 38 Part 2 — F**k your old man!


Through the corners of his eyes, Feng Lingran saw a certain little fox clinging onto the white jaded pool edge whilst glaring at him with resentment. Feng Lingran removed his line of sight nonchalantly. Placing the damp handkerchief by the gold basin, his slender fingers pulled open his belt, disrobing of his luxurious brocade gown…

Little fox’s heart was full of grievance while she watched Feng Lingran undress in front of her. If it was before, she would’ve definitely been excited and drooled as she stared, but now… the little fox lost all interest in him.

Such a hateful and heartless man. Even if you gave him to her, she wouldn’t want him.

All Xiao Xi want to do right now, was to flip the bird at Feng Lingran and shout, “F**k your old man!”

Feng Lingran changed into a clean robe, and saw a certain little fox lying on top white jade edge of the pool, panting with rage, refusing to look at him.

Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed, he walked towards it and slowly bent down.

“Finish cleaning up?

The little fox turned its head away and ignored him.

F**k your old man, don’t bother Fox.

Feng Lingran noticed that a certain little fox was being difficult with him. His eyes darkened. Slender fingers reached out, but a certain little fox thought he wanted to pick it up, so it snorted and stood up to run. Yet Feng Lingran’s fingers pushed it back into the pool of water.

“Ben Wang can see that you are not clean enough, continue washing.”

The little fox rolled into the pool again, nearly drowning this time. With great difficulty, it resurfaced again, only to see Feng Lingran’s repulsive face.

“Not bad, you dog paddled faster than before.”

“Squeak squeak squeak…….” You’re a doggy paddle, your whole family is a doggy paddle.

The little fox floated on the water, its front paw pointed accusingly at Feng Lingran.

“If you haven’t clean yourself properly, don’t bother coming out.” Feng Lingran stood at the pool’s edge, overlooking the angry little fox, and again said, “Perhaps, you are worried about the black panther, but Ben Wang won’t fulfill your wish.”

“…” Xiao Xi was speechless.

The little fox continued to obediently wash itself in the tub. But while it was cleaning up, it was also cursing at Feng Lingran in its heart. If it weren’t out of consideration for his eighteen generations of ancestors already buried and at rest, it will would had greeted them already.¹

Who’d let them to give birth to such a cruel and heartless person?

A danger to society! Don’t you think so?

Not only a danger to society! But a threat to foxes and other animals as well!

The little fox continued to clean itself for a good while. After climbing out, it deliberately stood at the foot of Feng Lingran and shook its wet fur, causing splashes of water onto his clean robe.

But Feng Lingran took it as the little fox’s way of venting. He bent down to pick it up, and lift it’s chin. Deep tranquil black eyes studied the large round fox eyes.

“Angry, hmn?”

The little fox didn’t want to pay attention to Feng Lingran. It tried to turn it’s fluffy head away, but there was sudden pain on its chin. His grip tightened.

The little fox saw the cold demeanor his eyes contained, and its body trembled. It had almost forgot, that this heartless man was especially ruthless, if he was provoked, it couldn’t guarantee its meager life.

When Feng Lingran saw the little fox’s teary eyes filled with fear, his grip became lighter.

“In front of Ben Wang, your courage isn’t small. But in beast enclosure, where did it all go? Could it be, compared to the black panther, was Ben Wang easier to offend?”

¹greet or 问候(wenhou) is done out of respect and concern. It is formal and polite way of asking how some is, so when XX says it here it is out of concern, because they gave birth to such a #^%&. she’s being sarcastic basically

Sitrus, the real onewhere my other male lead!@#$&?*^

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