The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 38 Part 1

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Chapter 38 Part 1 —


Feng Lingran’s clear eyes were cold and indifferent, not even a single trace of regret. The little fox gave up all hope in its heart, the corner of its mouth pulled into a bitter smile. Heaven’s plans suppressed the man’s intentions. The little fox had guessed the beginning of the story, but never guessed the ending. Feng Lingran… was actually… wishing for it to die…

Xiao Xi closed her eyes. It doesn’t matter anymore, he was a human, she was a fox, their paths are different. Why should she still hope for his favor? Dying like this was also a good thing… if she could transmigrate back, that would be even better.

Feng Lingran took in the little fox’s hopeless expression, his fingers slightly clenched, but didn’t reach out to rescue it.

The little fox fell onto the black panther’s head, rolling down, she ended up directly in front of the panther’s mouth. If it opened its mouth, it could easily swallow this unlucky little fox.

The little fox was ready to die, its fluffy body trembling as it laid in wait for it’s death. Though after a while, it still couldn’t feel the expected pain. Slowly opening its eyes, a sudden wet, cold thing touched its back. Frightened, the little fox’s hind legs sprung upwards. Like a cat, its body arched and its fox eyes revealed a fierce expression, cautiously staring at the black panther.

Even the black panther was startled with this abrupt change.

Feng Lingran’s cold black eyes flashed, his lips turned into a fleeting smile.

The black panther didn’t attack the little fox, but calmly observed it instead. Its tranquil blue eyes were intimidating, but compared to when it was brawling with the male lion, its eyes were more gentle now.

Feng Lingran turned and walked away, the sound of fading footsteps were something the little fox was able to hear clearly. Swiveling its head around, it saw Feng Lingran’s indifferent figure leaving. The little fox’s heart was frozen stiff, it really wanted to chase after him, but… then what? He doesn’t want her anymore and even allowed the black panther to eat her. Seeing that the black panther didn’t want to eat it, he turned and left instead. He was simply fed up with her and wanted to leave her in this place.

The little fox was deeply disappointed. Blinking a few times, something fell from its eyes.

A wet and cold thing touched its back again. The little fox knew that the black panther was licking her. Did the panther want to check if it was fragrant or not, before eating the little fox?

Feng Lingran’s footsteps slightly paused. Inclining his handsome face to the side, he clearly surveyed the black panther’s actions from the corner of his eyes. His slender fingers inside the sleeve concealed an icy weapon, only until the black panther extend its paw to draw the little fox closer to its chest, did he put away the weapon.

Feng Lingran once again turned around and walked towards the little fox. Kicking the black panther’s paw away, he lifted the heartbroken little fox, and carried it away in his arms.

The black panther immediately stood up. Roaring behind Feng Lingran, it rushed closer towards them. But how could the panther, be Feng Lingran’s opponent?

Like an immortal, Feng Lingran rose into the air. He flew over the beast arena and gracefully landed on the highest peak. Peering down, a look of disdain grazed the  -fangs bared and claws brandished, black panther.

Xiao Xi was once again back in Feng Lingran’s arms. But after feeling abandoned in this vast world along with just experiencing a life or death situation, it unexpectedly felt that Feng Lingran’s embrace was cold, and cruel.

A human, a fox, a path, doesn’t even exist in half a sentence.

Feng Lingran ordered some people to prepare a clean pool of water, carrying the little fox, he directly threw the little fox in.

“Come out when you’ve cleaned up.”

The little fox’s head plunged straight into the water. Her heart despising Feng Lingran. From when he mercilessly threw her in, her body had almost hit the bottom of the pool.

Waving its paws around, it desperately tried to swim to the surface. Its eyes were obscured, its heart was bitter. Now, it couldn’t even differentiate if the water in its eyes were the pool water, or her tears.

Not that it mattered anyway… Feng Lingran was a bastard in the end!

The little fox doggy paddled to the edge of the pool, its two paws clung onto the white jade. It shook its head, making droplets of water fling everywhere.

It watched as the bastard Feng Lingran rinsed his hands in a gold basin, then wiped on a pure white handkerchief. This was the honorable Feng Lingran’s daily lifestyle, only after washing his hands several times, would he dry them on a pure white handkerchief.

The little fox’s heart turned bitter. Since she was so dirty, then don’t hold her, who’s fault was that?

Sellychi: Oh my the black panther likes the little fox, hmnnn or is this parental instincts?

Nubilus: Sigh FLR, you have disappointed me… smh

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16 thoughts on “The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 38 Part 1

  1. Abandon that ungrateful b*stard! How dare he mistreat you like that just to “tame” you! FLR, I’ll slice you into 10,000 pieces if you even dare touch our little fox ever again!!!

    Xiao Xi, don’t mind. He doesn’t know what a treasure you are, simply a pig who doesn’t know how to appreciate a pearl! You have a bunch of options! Escape with the panther and little wolf cub, escape to that Nan-whatever prince, or even escape to us, your loving readers!!! <3 We'll feed you lots of milk and fish and give you fluffy pillows!

  2. Well… MLl is getting more n more dislikeable but… I’m cobfused of what to rly think. ‘Cause u know? He’s trying to “tame” a fox, doenst matter how much intelligence MC shows, its still a fox.
    If u stop to see ML’s actions, though he’s truly rough, he was even in guard with a sword while letting the phanter interact with MC, so… is it not “stick now, carrot latter” kind of taming?

  3. FL is so cruel to little XX. Black panther is more heartwarming than him. Little XX’s small heart is broken and ?. Thanks

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