The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 32 part 1

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Chapter 32 Part 1 


The little fox saw the beautiful maiden who sat next to Feng Lingran during the banquet, walking towards them. Her heart soured, but seeing that girl’s beautiful bright eyes staring at Feng Lingran, the little fox’s heart became even more unsettled.

Yun Ni noticed the little fox in Feng Lingran’s arms, her clear eyes revealed surprise, “Brother Feng, where did this fox come from? It’s so beautiful!”

Beautiful things, are surely liked by everyone.

The small fox was already clever and adorable, her soft snow white fur had nudged the edges of the girl’s heart.

Yun Ni couldn’t help but reach her hand out to touch the little fox in Feng Lingran’s arms, her fingers hadn’t even reached the fox’s hair when it turned away, only displaying its tail for Yun Ni to see.

Xiao Xi didn’t like other people touching her, except for Feng Lingran.

Yun Ni’s fingers went stiff mid air, the delight in her eyes vanished because of the little fox.

It was only a little beast and should be honoured that she -Yun Ni Jun Zhu,¹ was willing to use her lily-white hands to touch it. If it weren’t in Brother Feng Lingran’s arms, she won’t even glance at it.

It dared not give her any face?

Lowly beast!

Yun Ni’s heart was throwing insults at the little fox, but she pretended to not mind, forming a smile, “ Brother Feng, Ni-er likes this little fox. Can you give it to Ni-er?”

The little fox’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, following Feng Lingran had been great, she definitely don’t want to leave.

Why were these annoying people always so self-centered? Did they think that just because it was a fox, it was easy to bully? That it could just be given away like a present?

Feng Lingran also frowned, his heart felt weird, but he didn’t say anything, suddenly the little fox in his arms jumped down and quickly ran away.

When he saw this, Feng Lingran’s temple throbbed a vein, that little fox was too presumptuous, it had had such a short temper. He never agreed to Yun Ni, but it got angry and ran. Doesn’t it know that this was the Imperial Palace? It was not a place where it can be so audacious.

“Brother Feng… Where are you going? Wait for Ni-er!”

Yun Ni saw Feng Lingran go after the fox that ran away without replying to her, she also hurriedly lift her gorgeous skirt and chased after him, her heart irritated.

That little beast ruined her and Brother Feng’s intimate time, it truly deserved to die.

Xiao Xi jumped out of Feng Lingran’s arms not because of Yun Ni, but because she suddenly remembered the Firefox. Did it die in the fire because of those court eunuchs? Xiao Xi had no time to explain to Feng Lingran, even if she did, she couldn’t speak human language anyway. Feng Lingran would also understand, but now there wasn’t any time, she could only run back as soon as possible, perhaps… there was still a glimmer of hope…

The little fox was about to reach to the courtyard where the Firefox was at, suddenly slender fingers caught her, white jade fingers mercilessly grasp the flesh at the back and raised her off the ground.

“Little thing, although this King pampers you, don’t act too spoiled.”

Feng Lingran’s cold voice pierced the little fox’s ears, the little fox quickly looked up only to gaze in his frigid bitter eyes.

He was angry.

….to be continued.


¹Jun Zhu means minister/sovereign/monarch of sort but not really so we kept it in pingyin

Sellychi: Yep, there you go guys, half of a chapter~

Nubilus: What an awesome cliffhanger.

Sitrus: Agreed. We’ve decided to keep with daily releases and keep it normal chapter lengths by splitting it in half (option 1). Chapters will be spilt in [31 part 1, 31 part 2] method.  Enjoy

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