The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 32 part 2

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Chapter 32 Part 2 — Searching For A Little Fox


Xiao Xi knew that the best way to be on Feng Lingran’s good side when he was angry, was to act obedient. She could also be a qualified “beloved pet”, but….

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Handsome man, I beg you, the Firefox was going to die, can you help me save it?

Saving a fox’s life, was better than building a seven floor progada…

The little fox anxiously made gestures with her paws at Feng Lingran, she pointed to the courtyard where the Firefox was, hoping that he could be merciful, and save one of its kind.

Feng Lingran looked thoughtfully at the courtyard, He, this Regent wasn’t suited to enter the living chambers for Imperial Concubines.

“Don’t be so nosy.”

Feng Lingran put the little fox back into his arms, he turned to leave, and at that moment, Yun Ni ran over panting.

“Brother Feng, you walk so fast, Ni-er almost couldn’t catch up.”

When Yun Ni saw Feng Lingran, her heart soared, but then she noticed the little fox in his arms, and Yun Ni’s eyes flashed with a trace of gloom. From when the little fox refuse to let touch it, Yun Ni had despised the little beast.

Suddenly, Feng Lingran felt pain in his hand. The little fox had leapt from his arms and sprinted to the courtyard.

Feng Lingran’s dark eyes flickered with anger. A bite mark and a trickle of blood had appeared on the back of his left hand. He flicked his sleeves, and covered the wound on his palm, whilst fiercely glaring at the naive little fox.

Yun Ni didn’t notice that the little fox had bit Feng Lingran. If she did, she would had definitely chase after it and strangle the little beast that dared to bite her Brother Feng.

“Brother Feng, this is the Imperial Palace’s back courtyard, Ni-er will help you find the little fox.” In order to please Feng Lingran, Yun Ni was willing to find that lowly fox -and in the meantime, teach it the might of the future Princess Regent.

After making up her mind, Yun Ni’s eyes flashed with an ominous glint, and her mood suddenly became cheerful.

Feng Lingran didn’t say anything, his inky eyes constantly staring at the place where the little fox disappeared. Fresh crimson blood dripped from his fingers and into the soil, slowly sinking in.

When the little fox went in, she didn’t see the firefox in the fire, but also didn’t see its charred corpse. Did Firefox escape afterall?

The little fox spotted tense looking servants, some even seemed to be searching for something, which made her more confident about her theory. But since the Firefox was nowhere to be seen, she was relieved.

“That little fox is back again, everyone catch it quickly.”

She didn’t know which eagle-eyed maid noticed her, but one cry and ten responded. All the court eunuchs and palace maids chased after the little fox, fearing its escape again.

The Firefox escaped with a serious injury. When the two small masters return, they would definitely be in trouble. If they seized this little fox instead, then the two masters might spare them.

Xiao Xi became frightened -turning, she ran. But because Feng Lingran was outside, she wasn’t worried of what the eunuchs would do to her.

It’s just that… she had bit Feng Lingran… when she goes back, she was afraid that Feng Lingran wouldn’t give her delicious fruits to eat.¹

But it was much better than being sadistically killed by these servants.

“Audacious slaves, are you crazy? You have no shame! Seeing this Princess has arrived yet you are still not kneeling?”

Yun Ni Junzhu’s appearance made the group of servants panic, they remembered that if they didn’t catch the little fox, they would get tortured. Some were so afraid, they fell to the ground kneeling, while some of the more courageous were able to speak.

“Yun Ni Junzhu forgive us! That little fox injured the Seventh Prince and Eighth Princess, and if we don’t catch it, we lowly slaves won’t be able to explain to our masters.”

Yun Ni saw the little fox ran past her. Suddenly, the little fox was kicked and its body rolled on the ground. Yun Ni’s heart bursted with delight, it was only a mere beast, but it actually had some ability. It dared to hurt the Prince and Princess?

“This little fox belongs to Brother Feng, so if your masters want it… go and ask Brother Feng.”

The court eunuchs and palace maids turned pale with fright… What? This little beast belonged to… the Prince Regent?

Yun Ni Junzhu saw the slave’s fearful expressions, making her raise the corners of her mouth proudly. Her Brother Feng was truly powerful, in the entire Eastern Jin, even the Emperor and Princes would be compliant of Brother Feng to some degree. No one can compare to her Brother Feng!


¹ basically means won’t treat her as good as before

Sellychi: =(。◕‿‿◕。)=

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