The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 —This Fox Likes You The Most


Feng Lingran’s slim jade white digits tidied up his lapel, the fingers of his right hand slightly bent over his clothes -right on top of his chest, while his left hand was placed behind his back. His movements were like elegant white lotuses on a calm lake, but nothing really special about it. However, the little fox on his chest was clearly able to feel the soft, comforting pat.

Xiao Xi blinked her eyes, her eyelashes were still wet with tears, was it her imagination? Did Feng Lingran touch her head to seemingly tell her not to worry and that he will protect her thoroughly?

Was that his intention?

Inexplicably, Xiao Xi’s heart gradually calmed down. With her head nestled to his chest, she could clearly hear his heart’s steady and powerful beats. This strong heart, could shelter her from even the roughest winds and become her safe haven.

Feng Lingran’s sight fell on Feng Tiancheng’s angry face and a pleasant to hear bass like voice asked, “How old are you this year?”

Feng Tiancheng was taken aback, somewhat confused, why would Imperial Uncle suddenly ask about his age?

“Imperial Nephew will be having his sixteenth birthday in three months.”

Feng Lingran nodded.

“Once a Prince of Eastern Jin Dynasty reaches sixteen years old, they are to go join the battlefield to gather experience. There, one can display an outstanding performance, accomplish battle achievements, and not only raise the troops’ morale, but also obtain approval from the Emperor to participate in state affairs, and many other rewards after returning.”

Hearing this Feng Tiancheng became ecstatic, was Imperial Uncle encouraging Him to gather battlefield experience?

“Imperial Nephew will not disappoint Imperial Uncle and Imperial Father.”

But Feng Tiancheng celebrated too early, for Feng Lingran’s next sentence mercilessly pulled him down from cloud nine.

“A mere animal was able to bite you, wouldn’t letting you go experience battle make Eastern Jin Dynasty lose its face?”

Feng Tiancheng’s face quickly turned pale, he dropped to the ground, kneeling in front of Feng Lingran’s legs, “Imperial Uncle, that was simply a moment of carelessness by Imperial Nephew which gave the little beast the chance. Imperial Nephew will surely catch the little beast, and completely beat it to death. Imperial Uncle, please give Imperial Nephew one more chance, please don’t inform this matter to Imperial Father. Imperial Nephew has already grown up, Imperial Nephew wants to serve the country, to relieve Imperial Father’s worries….”

The position of Regent in Eastern Jin Dynasty held high importance and power, one word from him, can even overturn a Prince’s future in an instant.

Feng Tianxue never thought the situation would turn out like this, her face was pale with fright, but she did not dare plead for Feng Tiancheng.

From a young age, she was afraid of Feng Lingran -this cold and detached Imperial Uncle.

Nan Gongyin saw Feng Lingran’s subtle movements of his fingers before clearly, his eyes quickly flashed before it disappeared. He glanced at Feng Lingran’s completely livid eyes, and the corners of his mouth curved slightly.

Feng Lingran cared for the little fox more than he thought.

When the little fox heard Feng Tiancheng’s voice begging for mercy, her heart was completely comforted, did Feng Lingran say that to get revenge for her?

The little fox squinted its eyes in joy and smiled a Fox smile, her fluffy fox face rubbed against Feng Lingran’s chest.

Handsome man, you treat this fox the best!

This fox likes you the most!


A certain little fox pushed its snout onto Feng Lingran’s chest, giving it a kiss.

Feng Lingran’s heart shivered, he had almost lost control and nearly threw the little fox out.

Such impudence!

Feng Lingran’s matchless handsome face subtly changed, but it was hard to notice at night. He glanced down at the kneeling Feng Tiancheng who was in a near crying state. In his mind thought, this little bastard wants to slaughter his little fox?

Feng Lingran ignored Feng Tiancheng, after turning, he walked away.

Because a certain little fox felt especially safe inside the chest of Feng Lingran, its courage also grew. Climbing out through Feng Lingran’s lapel, and revealing a fluffy head, it craned its neck to look down at the kneeling Feng Tiancheng.


1 muah can be translated as me me da (么么哒) but we’ve decided to keep it like muah cause why not.

Sellychi: I completely forgot that all of this was happening at night, until the last chapter. Makes sense why the eunuchs were holding lamps now, rather confused at why those kids would be out at night though =(─‿‿─ ;;)= ….anyway next chapter is a nice juhcy and satisfying revenge chapter~

Sitrus: me me da~

Nubilus: vat.

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