The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 — Face Smacking


Feng Tianxue watched her Imperial Uncle indifferently leave, finally allowing herself to relax. Suddenly, she saw a familiar little fox…

“Imperial Brother, look… it’s that little beast.”

Feng Tianxue didn’t think before blurting it out, slender fingers pointing directly at a certain little fox.

When Feng Tiancheng saw the little fox, his pupils shrunk. It truly was wearing out one’s iron shoes without ending up anywhere, but gaining what one wanted without effort.¹ He stood up from the ground, and if looks could kill, then his fierce expressions would be enough to tear the little beast to shreds… But just as he walked a single step, Feng Tiancheng stopped… How could the beast end up in Imperial Uncle’s… arms?

Xiao Xi saw Feng Tiancheng rushing towards them with a fierce expression. Her fluffy body shuddered, and she reluctantly retracted her head, but soon, she raised her fluffy head again to look at her Feng Lingran.

The little fox suddenly gave Feng Lingran a wide careless smile, her pearly whites and four canines were visible, paired with her shining black beady eyes, it made her appear very cute.

Was this little fox trying to curry favor with him?

Feng Lingran was somewhat surprised, slender fingers tenderly stroked the little fox’s head, and his cold black eyes showed a rare glimmer of gentleness.

It was probably due to her animalistic nature, but the little fox didn’t mind Feng Lingran’s petting, in fact, Feng Lingran’s strokes were unexpectedly comfortable.

The little fox closed its eyes in satisfaction, with Feng Lingran and his powerful position of Regent to shelter her, who is there to be afraid of?

She had someone to rely on.

The little fox crawled up Feng Lingran’s lapel again, her fluffy head looked over Feng Lingran’s shoulder. Hmm… How should she reply to the certain individual who came forward? Should she pretend to not to have seen Feng Tiancheng’s grimace? Nevertheless, she still raised her front paws towards Feng Tiancheng… and made a punching motion.

That little beast… So audacious!

Feng Tiancheng’s face became livid, his fingers clenched iron tight. He was the Prince of Eastern Jin Dynasty, no one dared to be this audacious in front of him, not to mention a mere little beast.

Feng Tianxue regretted her words immediately, she covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes somewhat afraid to look at Feng Lingran’s back for too long.

She… was just referring to the little fox… Not to Imperial Uncle!

Because of the little fox, Feng Tiancheng lost his reasoning, he opened his mouth and said, “Imperial Uncle, in your arms is the beast that injured Imperial Nephew’s leg. Imperial Uncle please give that to Imperial Nephew to punish.”

Nan Gongyin saw Feng Tiancheng’s actions, how did Eastern Jin Dynasty raise such a stupid Prince? In this lifetime, he definitely won’t obtain any power.

Feng Lingran’s right hand was holding the little fox’s fluffy body, while the left hand was fixing the lapel that was messed up again. His handsome face without any trace of impatience, but after hearing Feng Tiancheng’s voice, he frowned, black eyes instantly turned cold, like a snowstorm.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” You’re the beast… Your whole family are beasts!

Not to be outdone, the little fox scolded Feng Tiancheng with non-human language.

Nan Gongyin watched as the little fox counterattacked, the corners of his mouth slightly pulled into a curve.

That little fox was truly interesting.

Nan Gongyin suddenly felt regret, when the little fox asked him for help, he didn’t do anything.

Feng Lingran turned, his sight fell on the angry face of Feng Tiancheng, with a cold voice he said, “Are you trying to say that this King deliberately injured you?”

When Feng Tiancheng heard what he said, his expressions drastically changed, he stuttered, “Imperial uncle… I… I’d meant nothing of the sort. I meant… that the little beast… was the one who’d hurt me.”

“This is this King’s beloved pet, how could it suddenly injure you without this King’s order?”

The little fox dumbfoundedly stared at Feng Lingran, it was his… beloved pet? Her small heart thumped, in her mind the word ‘beloved’ was repeated again and again.

Suddenly, the word ‘beloved’ sank to the bottom of her heart, she looked worriedly at the side of Feng Lingran’s handsome face.

Since ancient times, injuring a Prince was considered an act of felony, Feng Lingran protected her, and said it was his instigation, if this was to spread to the Emperor’s ears, she was afraid that Feng Lingran with his highly important position of Regent, would suffer suspicion and be subjected to punishment.

Was Feng Lingran not afraid?

Feng Lingran noticed the little fox’s worried eyes, and his left white jade hand stroked the hair on its back, his heart felt inexplicable delight.

He didn’t raise this little white fox for naught, it had even learnt to worry for him.

But in Eastern Jin Dynasty imperial palace, the Emperor was unlikely to stoop so low as to punish him for committing an offense against a Prince that wasn’t favored much.  

Feng Tiancheng never dared to offend his Imperial Uncle, he also knew, that the entire Eastern Jin Army was in Feng Lingran’s hands, even Imperial Father fear him to some degree.

Feng Tiancheng was scared to the point of kneeling, his legs softened like boiled eggplants, nearly falling to the ground. “Imperial Uncle forgive me! Imperial Nephew was confused and spoke the wrong words. Asking Imperial Uncle to take no account of this little small person, and to please excuse this Imperial Nephew!”

Xiao Xi became a bit dumbfounded. Wasn’t this Prince too extreme? In anycase your father is still the Emperor, how dreadful was this Imperial Uncle, Feng Lingran to be able to scare you like this?

Feng Tianxue was also extremely fearful of Feng Lingran. Seeing her Imperial Brother in such a shape only because of the few careless words she’d blurted, made her heart very bitter. But she did not dare to plead for Feng Tiancheng, only allowed large droplets of tears to roll down her face.

Feng Lingran slowly walked towards Feng Tiancheng, looking down on him condescendingly. His hand moved to put the fox from his chest down.

No one knew what’s on Feng Lingran’s mind, nor did anyone dare to speculate.

The little fox was shameless. Picking up a small branch from the ground and then using her hind legs to propel itself, she mercilessly threw the branch at Feng Tiancheng’s face.

She did not sympathize with Feng Tiancheng at all. If it weren’t for Feng Lingran’s timely appearance today, she would have surely died in the hands of Feng Tiancheng. Smacking his face was already having mercy on him!

Feng Tiancheng’s face was hit and his dignity was wiped. But he dare not to move. Even when some dust went in his eyes, he only blinked and used an unclasped hand to rub at his eye.

Feng Lingran watched as the little fox acted against Feng Tiancheng. Bending at the waist to hold it in his arms again, he indifferently left a single sentence behind.

“Remember, this is this King’s beloved pet, if you want to act against it, you can only wait until this King is no longer the Regent of Eastern Jin Dynasty.”

Feng Lingran gracefully carried the little fox away. The kneeling prince on the ground was not as important as the little fox in his arms.

“Imperial Brother!” Only when Feng Tianxue saw Feng Lingran leave did she dare to help Feng Tiancheng up. With her heart feeling extremely guilty, she said, “I’m sorry, Imperial Brother, I didn’t know that it was Imperial Uncle’s beloved pet.”

Feng Tiancheng’s eyes were overcast, his fingers clenched deeply into his flesh. His identity was that of a noble, was of the Prince of Eastern Jin Dynasty, but it  couldn’t even compare to that mere beast?

Unacceptable! His heart can’t accept this!

Feng Tiancheng’s heart roared, he will not admit defeat. He will become an influential and powerful prince -because never will he believe, that the beast can receive Imperial Uncle’s shelter forever.


“Brother Feng, there you are! Ni-er has been looking for you for a very long time.”²

When Yun Ni saw Feng Lingran, her heart was instantly elated. Sweetly, she called out.


1meaning: you spend so much time and effort to obtain something that you never end up getting. But then suddenly, you receive the thing you want without putting in effort.

2form of endearment females in c-novels seem to have the perception that referring to themselves as third person, is cute.

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