The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 — Do You Want to be Human?


The little fox’s ears twitched.

Yu Saobao was truly senseless, even if there were other good looking men, what’s it got to do with her? Why would she want to see? She’s not a nymphomaniac…

When Wan Siyu saw the lack of interest on the little fox’s face, he suddenly said, “Little fox, look at his eyes.”

Xiao Xi felt that it was too difficult to reason with Wan Siyu. Can’t he see? Feng Lingran was sitting with a beautiful girl. She wasn’t happy, so she doesn’t want to look at anyone’s eyes.

However, there are times when the things you want to avoid are unavoidable.

Like now.

When Xiao Xi was ready to move away, the man wearing the snow white robe suddenly raised his head and his line of sight landed on her. She was stunned.

What kind of eyes were these?

Akin to the placid moon, bitter and matchless. An Arctic lake devoid of life, no stone casted can break past the surface. But the strangely was… one cannot help but feel captivated. There was a kind of inexplicable force that draws in the soul of whoever sees them.

Xiao Xi suddenly felt her heart skip, and her mind began to drift.

A pair of large hands covered the little fox’s eyes and her thoughts gradually returned to reality.

When those big hands were removed from her eyes, Wan Siyu had already taken her away from the roof.

“To see the eyes of His Highness is the mistake of one’s life. So he covers them with a jade mask.” Wan Siyu smiled and asked, ”How was it, his bare eyes?”

Xiao Xi raised her fluffy head. Her eyes flickered with doubt and she looked at Wan Siyu strangely.

Did this man bring her here just to make her to fall in love with the Prince of Nanling?

She was currently a fox, so what exactly was Wan Siyu’s goal?

When Wan Siyu saw the suspicious look the little fox was giving him, his smiling face turned slightly stiff. It was truly a celestial spiritual fox, not stupid at all! And actually very clever!

“Cough cough.” Wan Siyu cleared his throat in embarrassment, and said slowly, “Little fox, do you want to become human?”

Xiao Xi’s heart trembled.

A human?

Can she really become human?

“This Gongzi will tell you truthfully, in the possession Nanling’s prince, there’s an elixir that can turn you human.”

Xiao Xi felt excitement boiling in every cell of her body. It was her dream to be human again!  If there really was an elixir, that would be fantastic.

It’s just that…..

How was Wan Siyu so sure that the elixir… could change her, a fox, into a human?

Xiao Xi rarely makes unreasonable decisions, and she felt that Yu Saobao was a little unreliable.

“What? You don’t trust this Gongzi?”

It was obvious that it didn’t trust him from its eyes. Wan Siyu thought that this little spirit fox was better than a monkey.

Trust your ghost ah!

If you were really doing this for my sake, then why didn’t you tell Feng Lingran? And let him help this fox get the elixir?

At the very least, Feng Lingran was the Regent of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. His Highness surely must give Feng Lingran some face.

You secretly brought this fox here, just to tell me this? You think anyone will love me at first sight? Any flowers that I past will just bloom? His Highness will be captivated by this fox’s beauty?1 I think you just want this fox killed!

Xiao Xi’s heart turned cold, she felt that the cool Royal Highness won’t treat her as well as Feng Lingran.

“This Gongzi is the best doctor in ShenYao Valley, no one in this world dare question my words. Even Feng Lingran believes this Gongzi, and there are no lies in my words. Little fox, you still don’t believe this Gongzi, unless you really don’t want to be human….”

When a certain Saobao was bragging, Xiao Xi’s ears began to hurt, she immediately jumped out of his arms and swiftly ran away.

“Little fox, don’t go running around, where are you going?” As soon as Wan Siyu saw the fox disappear into the darkness, his heart jumped with a bad premonition.


1so attractive that males and females would love you at first sight, and flowers will bloom for you when they see you. -baidu

Saobao refers to coquettish male, basically a womanizer

Gongzi = son of a noble / an official

Sellychi: Any first impression of Princey over there?

Sitrus: *clap* yess *clap* another *clap* hot *clap* male *clap* character

Nubilus: yayayay i had fun with the description for the eyes

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  1. Chance to be human…great. is that how XX get to turn into a real lady? Get more interesting. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much for the chapter. I am a bit confused here, the little has been with the Prince for a while and she has never look him in the eyes before?

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