The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 — Center of Attention


Xiao Xi turned her fluffy head to look at the serious face of Wan Siyu. What will happen later?


“If you promise, then nod your head. If you don’t, then this Gongzi won’t take you to see Feng Lingran. If I’m found, then I might lose my head because of this.”


Since we already came here, might as well. Besides, how can she be happy if she didn’t see Feng Lingran?


Xiao Xi tentatively nodded her head. This made Wan Siyu feel so much joy that he couldn’t help but stroke the cute little fox’s fur.


The little fox got goosebumps from his touch, she twisted her body, raised her claw and swiped at Wan Siyu’s hand.


Touch Your Sister!


Wan Siyu looked at the stinging red marks on the back of his hand. This little fox really doesn’t give him any face, it didn’t even let him touch it.


Wan Siyu thought of how well behaved the little fox was when it was in Feng Lingran’s arms, it looked so docile, Feng Lingran can touch it in any way he likes. His heart grieved a little. Seemingly the little fox only likes Feng Lingran, it didn’t even put him, this type of handsome man, in its eyes.


Because Wan Siyu had high qing-gong, it only took him minimum effort to elegantly get onto the roof while holding the small fox. His feet touched the tiles without a sound. If the little fox wasn’t looking at his slightly less handsome than Feng Lingran’s face, she would had thought that it was a ghost that had landed on the roof.


Slender fingers opened a piece of tile, and bright light coming from inside burst forth. Everything that was happening inside could be seen.


There was the sound of string and wind instruments. Beauties were wearing revealing clothes dancing in a graceful way and raising their arms charmingly.


A middle aged man in a long robe sat on a luxurious dragon chair. He didn’t look very outstanding, the Emperor actually looked rather average. Sitting at the side were the ministers and a few very pretty princesses.


What is this?


The little fox easily spotted Feng Lingran, his position was very obvious, and the closest to the Emperor.


Tonight, he wasn’t wearing his official robe, but a black brocade robe, with the neckline were embroidered with clouds. Luxurious but modest. Some people were born to be the centre of attention. Even if he lowered his presence, people still couldn’t ignore him.


Feng Lingran is that type of person, look at him once and it would be difficult to forget…


The little fox stared at Feng Lingran’s unparalleled handsome face. Her heart felt fluffy, when suddenly she saw Feng Lingran’s side sat beautiful girl. Her eyes glancing at Feng Lingran’s face from time to time.


How disappointing!


The little fox immediately felt upset!


The quiet voice of Wan Siyu fell on the little fox’s ear, “Don’t stare at Feng Lingran, he has good senses. Look, in a moment, he’s going to find out for sure. When that happens, neither of us can get away with our life.”


If Feng Lingran knew that Wan Siyu had taken his little fox to the palace, Wan Siyu definitely wouldn’t be able to get away.


The little fox doesn’t like seeing Feng Lingran sitting next to a beautiful lady. Why are you (the maiden) staring at him?


She knew it. A man that stays out all night must be playing with flowers!


Feng Lingran’s garden sure is vast and of top quality, being able to run to the palace and play without a care.


“Little fox, look to the left.” Came the quiet voice of Wan Siyu.


Xiao Xi’s eyes move over. There was a man wearing a snow-white robe with a jade green hairpin holding up half of his hair. His face was covered with a white jade mask.


A man with a white jade face mask, what was there to look at?


“I heard that the appearance of Nanling’s royal highness is number one in the country, even more handsome than Feng Lingran. Little fox, don’t you want to see what’s underneath that mask?

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