The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 113

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Chapter 113 — Playing a Drinking Game


Xiao Xi has not uttered a word, when suddenly Feng Lingran seized her small hand and pulled her to his side. His big palm did not let go afterwards, his hold got tighter instead.  

“Your face is not qualified.” 

Feng Lingran pulled Xiao Xi away with him, leaving the woman as pale as a sheet. 

She is a well-known actress in the capital. The number of princes and nobles that had asked her out for a stroll could not be said as few. Therefore, she has the courage to appear in front of Feng Lingran. She thought that Feng Lingran would at least appreciate her company when he sees her face, but she did not expect him to say… that her face was not qualified. 

The woman’s fingers touches her beautiful face… it was not qualified? 

Xiao Xi glanced at Feng Lingran, she had indeed anticipated him to reject the woman’s offer. It ended up being quite the burn. But, it was somewhat expected when taking into consideration the temper of this great Deity. After all, he did almost drown her in the pool. 

“Did you go to the thatched hut to find me just now? But I didn’t see you there.” 

“Hn, Ben Wang thought that you fell into the pit when your return was delayed.” He said indifferently, but he looked like he was in a good mood. 

Xiao Xi pulled the corner of her mouth and rolled her eyes slightly. “Where are we going now?” Are we going back home?” 

Feng Lingran did not answer her question even after they boarded the carriage. It was not until later, when they got out of the carriage, did her eyes lit up. In front of her was a luxurious restaurant filled to the brim with customers.

“You’re late. It’s fully booked here. Go to another place!” 

The shopkeeper’s fingers whizzed across the golden abacus, flicking beads after beads without rest. He was so immersed with his task that he did not even lift up his head to look at the guests. 

Feng Lingran’s black eyes flashed with a hint of menace. His slender fingers tapped at the counter. Suddenly, the golden abacus snapped and splintered, with its golden beads tumbling down. 

The startled shopkeeper quickly cupped the abacus beads in front of him with one hand and bent over to pick up the stray beads on the ground with the other…… 

Feng Lingran’s fingers once again tapped the counter. The golden abacus beads that was cupped by the shopkeeper turned into gold powder. 

When the shopkeeper noticed that his hands were full of gold powder, he finally realized that the man in front of him was not a simple person. As soon as the shopkeeper lifted his face and saw Feng Lingran’s cold face, his legs went soft and he knelt on the ground. 

“Lord Feng, it’s… It’s you! Damn these poor eyes of a villain.” The shopkeeper raised his hand and slapped his face twice. Gold powder sticks to his face making half of his face look like a bronze statue. Yet this vezed appearance of his looks somewhat funny. 

“Even with a full house, this humble one will not let anyone pass before you. Lord Feng, milady, please go up through here to your private room.” 

The shopkeeper respectfully invited Feng Lingran and Xiao Xi to an elegant private room on the second floor. 

Xiao Xi sat on an intricately carved wooden chair and looked at Feng Lingran with an awed gaze. Just now, he just tapped his fingers lightly, and the golden beads turned into gold powder. Wasn’t that just too overpowered? 

Xiao Xi thought to herself, if it was not for the large number of people in the restaurant and if not for the great Deity wanting to eat here, would it not be the shopkeeper who turned into dust?

Just a moment later, she felt an evil glint from Feng Lingran’s eyes.

Xiao Xi knocked her fingers on the table twice and said with a smile, “Deity, how did you do it?”

Feng Lingran glanced at Xiao Xi indifferently, “Want to learn?”

Xiao Xi nodded her head fervently.

“Pour tea.”


“Tea worship.” 1

Xiao Xi finally understood the meaning, this great Deity is letting her worship him? She has already called Zi Yi as her master, she can’t go and follow this great Deity too.

“Well~ I’m afraid it’s going to be hard to learn. I suddenly don’t want to learn.”

Feng Lingran gave a light hum, but he did not force Xiao Xi to learn.

Not long after, the dishes were served. They were all the most renowned dishes from the restaurant. Soon the table was full.

Xiao Xi smelled the delicious aroma coming from those delicacies and swallowed her saliva. She picked up a pair of chopsticks and started eating. As for having any eating etiquette, it was the least of her consideration.

There were two knocks on the door and the door was pushed open. A man in an embroidered robe came in.

“What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet Brother Feng here today.”

Xiao Xi looked up and her eyes flashed. Isn’t this the elder cousin of Yun Ni Junzhu?

Xiao Xi looked behind Yun Beimo. Sure enough, she saw Yun Ni Junzhu glaring daggers at her.

Yun Beimo was not surprised to see Xiao Xi. He pulled a chair for himself and sat down without asking.

The sharp witted waiter who served the dishes brought two pairs of jade chopsticks and wine bottles to Yun Beimo and Yun Ni Junzhu.

Yun Beimo poured the wine and said, “Brother Feng, it’s been a while since we sat down and had a drink together. I remember that the last time we sat together, it was three years ago, at the war frontier…”

Xiao Xi listened to Yun Beimo’s prattle, she looked at Feng Lingran, and was surprised to find that Feng Lingran’s thin lips was slightly raised, it could not really be called a smile but it shows that Feng Lingran seemed to have no objection to his words.

This great Deity may have a personality disorder, but he also remembers everything Feng Lingran had experienced, including Feng Lingran’s visit to the battlefield.

Yun Ni Junzhu sat beside Yun Beimo, listening quietly while glaring at Xiao Xi, her eyes was disdaining and full of provocation.

Elder cousin and Brother Feng have a very close relationship. As long as elder cousin is willing to help her, she believes that soon, Brother Feng will accept her. That Xiao Xi, a woman of low status, could never reach elder cousin’s eyes, nor is she worthy of Brother Feng. Only her, Yun Ni Junzhu, is truly compatible with Brother Feng.

“Brother Feng, I offer this first glass of wine in respect to you.” Yun Beimo presents the wine bottle with great bravado.

Feng Lingran twisted his fingers around the glass and drank it in one gulp.

Yun Ni Junzhu was more than happy when she saw this. She smiled and said, “Before I came to the capital, my father, the King, told Ni’er all about the fame Brother Feng had amassed during your fight against the XiongNu. Even their leader was terror stricken after hearing the news of Brother Feng. Brother Feng is a hero amongst heroes in the hearts of all the people in Eastern Jin……”

The more the Junzhu spoke, the happier she was. Gazing at Feng Lingran with those star struck eyes, not only does she admire him, but she also worship him. She lifted a bottle in front of him and stood up. She said in a delicate voice, “Brother Feng, Yun Ni also presents you a glass.”

Xiao Xi’s ears twitched. She thought that Feng Lingran was a mere regent that helps the emperor of the Eastern Jin to deal with some state affairs. But she did not expect that he was also an invincible general an impressive prestige. No wonder Yun Ni Junzhu cherish him so.

If the Feng Lingran she knew of before was said to remain indifferent whether granted favours or subjected to humiliation, then she would not be surprised. But, this great Deity in front of her was obviously fond of flattery. Yun Ni Junzhu offered a toast and he drank it.

Yun Ni Junzhu’s heart sped up as she saw Feng Lingran drinking the wine, her twinkling eyes shifts away shyly, and her face underneath the veil was red. Inadvertently she ended up looking at Xiao Xi again, the look she gave as she sat back down… not only was it full of disdain, but also ridicule.

Xiao Xi lazily ignored Yun Ni Junzhu. She busily ate the dishes, without saying a word, and without toasting anyone.

After three rounds of drinking.

Yun Beimo and Yun Ni Junzhu both had inebriated faces, chattering around about this and that. Suddenly, the plague was mentioned by Yun Beimo.

“Brother Feng, you may not know, but this plague outbreak in JiuZhou City has resulted in numerous casualties. If we can’t find any more HuoYi grass to control the plague, I fear that JiuZhou will be wiped out. At that time, there will be a war between Nanling and Eastern Jin to fight for JiuZhou.”

Yun Beimo continued, “Brother Feng, when the time comes, I can act as your military counselor, let’s take Jiuzhou City together and expand the territory of Eastern Jin.”

Xiao Xi’s heart moved after hearing of the Huo Yi grass. She suddenly thought of Leng Yuhan and wondered about his purpose for the HuoYi grass. He even chased her to Eastern Jin. Could it be that Leng Yuhan’s fervent demand for the HuoYi grass was related to Jiuzhou City?

However, Leng Yuhan is an advisor of Nanling and not a person of Jiuzhou City ah!

Xiao Xi thought that this was becoming somewhat complicated. If Leng Yuhan really needs to save JiuZhou from the plague, then… since all Leng Yuhan know is that the HuoYi grass is in her hands, he will never let her go.

But now the HuoYi grass is not in her hands, but in the hands of Wan Siyu.

Now that the little snow wolf is all right, she better take back the HuoYi grass from Wan Siyu’s hands and gives them to Nangong Yin. Whatever purpose Leng Yuhan has, if she returns the HuoYi grass to its rightful owner, Leng Yuhan should not come back to trouble her.

A hand, carrying a wine pot, suddenly poured a glass of wine to Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi looked at Feng Lingran who had drank a lot, “I don’t drink.”


Feng Lingran lowered his black eyes slightly, a gloomy light flashing through them.

“Not even drinking, ridiculous.” The drunken eyes of Yun Ni Junzhu were hazy, and the look she gave to Xiao Xi was even more unpleasant. If she can seize this opportunity to ridicule Xiao Xi, she will never let the chance up.

Xiao Xi pursed her mouth and said nothing. She picked up the glass and drank it down.

It burns!

Xiao Xi spat out her tongue, which aroused another jeer from Yun Ni Junzhu.

Feng Lingran filled Xiao Xi’s glass again.

Xiao Xi looked at Feng Lingran. Was this great Deity drunk? She was laughed at by Yun Ni when her throat was burning, and he poured her more wine.

Is he deliberately doing this to try and see her make a fool of herself?

Xiao Xi’s heart was getting slightly irritated. Isn’t Yun Ni a good boot licker today? Don’t you think so great Deity? Even though she laughed at me, you helped her, didn’t you?

Xiao Xi drank the drink in front of her. Then…. Feng Lingran poured some more for her to drink again……

After drinking a lot of wine, Xiao Xi’s head was dizzy, and the long fingers of Feng Lingran in front of her eyes shook.

The mocking voice of Yun Ni Junzhu was still floating in the air. Xiao Xi grabbed Feng Lingran’s big palm that continued to pour her wine.

“I’ll do it myself.”

Feng Lingran looked at Xiao Xi’s delicate little face, the bottom of his eyes flashed with a strange light, and he loosened his hand.

“Yun Ni, you laugh so happily, let’s play a drinking game!”

“Oh playing a drinking game? What is it?”

Xiao Xi’s slightly drunk eyes flashed a sneer, she can still drink, so why not do a drinking game?

“It’s a drinking game, you lose, you drink, you dare or not?”

She tolerated Yun Ni until now. She really thought that Xiao Xi was so easy to bully. So she bullies her as much as she liked?

Yun Beimo noticed Xiao Xi’s displeasure and tapped Yun Ni’s arm gently. “Ni’er, don’t be rude.”

Yun Ni’s brain was muddled by the wine, how can she endure Xiao Xi’s provocation? Yun Beimo said this to give a way out for Yun Ni, who knows that it ended up becoming a driving word for Yun Ni.

“Who says this Junzhu dares not? Is that the drinking game? This Junzhu has been talented since she was a child, she’s bound to defeat you completely.”

“That’s a big tone you have, I look forward to your performance.” Xiao Xi smiled and continued with explaining the rules once, “First, two little bees are our words of command. Then its rock, paper, scissors to decide who wins or loses. The loser not only drinks, but also listens to the winner’s request. The loser is slapped in the face and shouts ah-ah. Junzhu, do you understand?”

Yun Ni laughed scornfully and said, “Such a simple thing, this Junzhu has heard it once. Xiao Xi, just wait for your imminent defeat!”



Sellychi: Wine doesn’t sound too bad right now… and looks like someone will be in for some face slapping

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