The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 112

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Chapter 112 — Hook up Everywhere


Xiao Xi squatted over the pit and listened to the voice of the woman pestering the man outside. She covered her mouth and laughed.

It smells ah!

Xiao Xi held her breath, after finishing her business, her feet were numb as she trudged out of the hut. Outside, the woman was still pestering the man. Xiao Xi took a deep breath, the air outside was really good, inside it was really stinky.

“Hey, little girl, don’t sneak away. Come and explain it quickly. This Gongzi was outside to help you keep watch, he wasn’t the one to go into the wrong hut like you did.”

When the man saw that Xiao Xi wanted to leave secretly, he strode over and grabbed Xiao Xi’s arm. He lowered his voice and said, “You ungrateful little… this Gongzi shouldn’t have helped you keep watch outside of the hut.”

Xiao Xi could not even reach the man’s shoulder, she looked up at him, and grinned with a faint smile, “My feet are numb, it wasn’t my intention to slip away.”

“You’d better explain to the woman with the pockmarked face. Don’t just look at this Gongzi’s handsome appearance, depend on this Gongzi, then suddenly let this Gongzi take responsibility, and leaving this Gongzi to his death. This Gongzi don’t want that woman either.”

Xiao Xi looked at the man’s angry peach blossom eyes. Did he just thought of her as beautiful when he said that to her just now? So now you want to depend on to her?

“Cough, that… this girl, the pervert you saw in the thatched hut just now was me. It was my fault for disturbing you at the pit. I’m sorry.”

Xiao Xi sincerely apologized to the woman.

“This Miss obviously saw a man just now. How could it be you? There’s nothing wrong with you here. Go away and don’t disturb this Miss anymore.”

Xiao Xi shrugged her shoulders at the man and looked at him with an “it’s up to you now” expression.

“You dare go.”

If it were not for him not hitting women, he would have beaten the brazen woman who depended on him shamelessly.

Xiao Xi gave a bitter smile to the man, “Gongzi, my feet are very numb, you should let me go!”

“Don’t even think about it. This was caused by you. If you don’t solve this for this Gongzi, then this Gongzi will never let you go.”

Xiao Xi sighed in her heart and looked at the man apologetically. 

“You… You… What’s with that look?” The man suddenly had a bad feeling.

Xiao Xi’s eyes turned to the woman’s face. There were indeed pockmarks, but they were not so bad as to be called ugly, “This young lady, can you think of a method to pull him away?”

When the woman heard those words, her eyes flashed brightly, and she threw herself excitedly at the man, “Gongzi, you heard the little girl…”

The man jumped in horror, he lets go of Xiao Xi’s arm, turned around and ran away. He flew up the fence and pointed at Xiao Xi with trembling fingers. “You ungrateful, despicable base person, this Gongzi will remember you.”

Xiao Xi looked at the man innocently. Since he could do Qing Gong, couldn’t he just fly away immediately? Well, as it happened already, the reason being was not clear. Was he actually doing this deliberately?

The woman threw herself into thin air and then gave Xiao Xi an accusing look.

“You can’t blame me for being too slow yourself. Because of you, I got cursed by him.” Xiao Xi said to the woman.

“Forget it. It’s not easy to see an eye-catching individual, but he’s gone now.” Suddenly the woman pinched her nose and looked at Xiao Xi with disgust. “Why are you so stinky?”

Xiao Xi sniffed the sleeves of her clothes, and noticed that it smelled a little, “I just came out of the latrine, how can I not stink?”

The woman was disgusted by Xiao Xi, she turned around and ran away.

Xiao Xi was about to go back to the front of the stage, when she paused and smelled her sleeves once more. If she goes back like this, wouldn’t Feng Lingran also dislike the stink?

The Deity has severe mysophobia, could not handle even the faintest stink. If he smelled this, he would probably bring her back and throw her into the pool.

“Brother, are there some clothes shops nearby?”

Xiao Xi saw a young servant boy coming by, she went up to him and asked.

When the young man saw Xiao Xi, his eyes were mesmerized. But as Xiao Xi came closer, he frowned and covered his nose, “Did you come out of the thatched hut? How could you smell so bad?”

“Mhm, you’re right. I just came out of the thatched hut.”

“There’s a clothes shop in front. Go and change your clothes. It’s not very suitable for a bright and beautiful girl to smell so bad.”

“Thank you, brother.”

Xiao Xi was avoided, her face was not red, her breath was not heaving, she just smells. Why should she care about the gazes and opinion of others?

Soon, Xiao Xi arrived at the clothes shop that the servant boy spoke of. She tried on a water-blue silk dress, and judging by the shopkeeper’s impressed eyes, she knew that she was wearing the right dress.

“Boss, how much is this dress?”

“This little girl really suits this dress beautifully. This dress is made of fine silk. This old man will not charge the little girl too much. Just two silver liang!”

“Boss, you are very kind.”

Xiao Xi knew that in this world, the price of two silver is really not expensive. Moreover, the material of this dress was really good. She happily paid the two silver liang. Then she turned and left the shop.

“Young lady Xiao, please stop.”

Before Xiao Xi could go far, a woman’s voice came from behind. Xiao Xi was very familiar with the voice. She turned around and saw a familiar face…… it was Qiu Lan.

Xiao Xi frowned. Qiu Lan was the maid servant working in Nangong Yin’smansion. Why was she here?

Qiu Lan came up to Xiao Xi, there was anxiety in her eyes. She stopped in front of Xiao Xi.

“Young Lady Xiao, Gongzi has been gravely ill since you left. Come with me to see him at the mansion!”

Xiao Xi’s heart felt tight. What? Nangong Yin is sick?

“Wasn’t he okay when I left? How could it be … How could he fall gravely ill?”

“Young Lady Xiao did not know, but the Regent was furious when he came to the mansion, and injured Gongzi. The doctor came to see him and said that all of his bowels and viscera1 has been damaged. He needed to rest for a long time to recover. But, he misses young Lady Xiao so much, and since he could not see young Lady Xiao, he couldn’t sleep at night and wouldn’t eat. The doctor said, if Gongzi continues like this, I’m afraid… I’m afraid that… It won’t be long now.”

Qiu Lan said, and began to weep, using her sleeves to wipe away the tears.

Xiao Xi was shocked by Qiu Lan’s words. Looking at Qiu Lan’s anxious appearance, she did not look like she was pretending. Does that mean that Nangong Yin is seriously ill right now?

“Young Lady Xiao, Qiu Lan begs you, please go and see Gongzi! Gongzi was so kind to you, how can you bear to watch Gongzi get sick?”

“But…” Xiao Xi thought of Feng Lingran, who was still watching the theatrical play. She had a difficult expression and continued to say, “All right! You go back first. I’ll find an opportunity to see Nangong Yin tomorrow.”

Only when Feng Lingran goes to court tomorrow can she take a look at Nangong Yin.

When Qiulan saw Xiao Xi wanting to leave, she said in a hurry, “Young Lady Xiao, you are really ungrateful. When your foot was injured, Gongzi took good care of you, and even refused to allow you to get out of bed. But now that he is seriously ill, you are not worried about him at all. You are not worthy of Gongzi.”

Qiu Lan’s words pierces Xiao Xi’s heart like a sharp arrow.

Xiao Xi shook her head. She was not an ungrateful person. Nangong Yin was kind to her. She remembered it in her heart, but… If she went to the mansion of Nangong Yin in this way, and then Feng Lingran found out about it afterwards, he will definitely get angry and go to the mansion again. Wouldn’t he end up hurting Nangong Yin even more?

Moreover, right now Feng Lingran’s temperament is even more terrible than before, even if she does not care about herself, how can she not care about the safety of Nangong Yin?

“Feng Lingran is watching the theatrical play. I have been out for a long time now. If he doesn’t see me back, he will try to find me. Are you sure you want me to go to Nangong Yin’s mansion with you right now? When Feng Lingran goes searching, you should know the consequences.”

Qiu Lan’s expression changed, and her eyes flashed with concern, “Well then, tomorrow, young Lady Xiao must go see Gongzi.”

Xiao Xi nodded, “I’ll try my best.”

“Tomorrow the maidservant will send a carriage to pick up young Lady Xiao. If young Lady Xiao does not come out, the carriage will be parked in the south of the Regent’s Palace until the day when young Lady Xiao come out.” Qiu Lan gave Xiao Xi a courtesy bow and said, “Young Lady Xiao, Gongzi’s life is all in your hands, please… take pity on Gongzi.”

Xiao Xi looked at Qiu Lan’s leaving figure, the space between her eyebrows did not relax.

She did not know, that on the day Feng Lingran took her back, he not only fought Nangong Yin, but also seriously injured him.

When Xiao Xi returned to the theatre, Feng Lingran was no longer there. She asked the servant boy who was delivering tea before and found out that Feng Lingran had gone to the thatched hut to find her.

The corners of Xiao Xi’s mouth gave a fierce tug and she ran to the thatched hut in a hurry…

However, Feng Lingran was nowhere to be seen, and both of the thatched huts were empty.

Xiao Xi was slightly annoyed. She just went to change her clothes. How can Feng Lingran not have any patience? After a while she did not come back, he went to find her himself. Fortunately, she did not leave with Qiu Lan just now. Otherwise, Feng Lingran would be very angry if she could not be found for a long time.

When Xiao Xi returned to the seat, she saw Feng Lingran, sitting in his chair, staring at the stage with his black eyes, as if he had never left.

Xiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief and walked over.

After sitting down, Xiao Xi said, “I… I just went to change my clothes, and it took me some time.”


Feng Lingran still did not look at her, black eyes staring at the stage. If Xiao Xi did not know that he had just gone to look for her, she would have thought that the Deity’s ass had not move from the chair.

The theatrical play ended.

A girl dressed as a servant girl trotted over, holding a handkerchief embroidered with Mandarin ducks, and handed it to Feng Lingran with both hands.

“Gongzi, my young lady invites you to stroll by the lake together in the evening, and also invites Gongzi to enjoy her company. My young lady is… the Yue Huan Princess from the play just now.”

Xiao Xi watched as the actress send her maid so boldly to invite Feng Lingran out, she was slightly annoyed, was that young lady blind? Couldn’t she see that Feng Lingran was already going out with someone?

“Ben Wang is not interested in her.”

Feng Lingran got up without looking at the maid, he grabbed Xiao Xi’s little hand and walked away, he strokes the back of her hand with the pads of his finger, making the back of Xiao Xi’s hand go numb.

“Gongzi please stay.” The charming voice of a woman came.

Xiao Xi turned her head and saw a person in costume, even with her makeup removed she was still a gorgeous woman. And the princess costume on her body made her look like a real princess.

Even Xiao Xi thought that the woman was beautiful.

The woman moved to the front of Feng Lingran, her beautiful face looking a little bashful, “This humble one knows that her status is inferior, not worthy of Gongzi, also has no improper thoughts towards Gongzi, just hoping that Gongzi can enjoy some company tonight.”

Feng Lingran’s eyes moved to the woman’s beautiful face. Her eyes turned and drooped down, making her appear more bashful.



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