The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 111 part 2

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Chapter 111 part 2 


Xiao Xi’s long slender eyelashes trembled and she stretched out her hand to straighten her lapel. She saw surprise flashing across Feng Lingran’s eyes. She laughed grimly in her heart, and said: “A few days ago, when I went outside to transform, I found a boy raised by wolves, I want to train him into my secret guard.”

Feng Lingran looked at Xiao Xi for a moment. “Next time you transform, don’t make it so troublesome, do it directly in the palace. As for that boy… Ben Wang allows you and throws him to Xiao Qi for training.”

Xiao Xi’s heart was full of joy. Xiao Gu finally do not have to wait for her in the cave every day by himself. He can finally return to a familiar place, this palace.

Xiao Xi kept her composure, suppressing the excitement in her heart. She knew that Feng Lingran was so agreeable because she had just obeyed his wishes, so she would not thank him for it.

The next day.

Xiao Xi took a carriage from the Regent’s palace to the cave in the outskirts and picked up Xiao Gu.

Xiao Qi saw Xiao Gu and shouted, “How can master throw me a boy who is prettier than I am? No, no, Xiao Qi won’t train him. If Xiao Qi trains him, then he will take the place of Xiao Qi in master’s heart.”

“Little miss, will you go and talk to master? Make him drive the boy out of the Regent’s palace, afterwards Xiao Qi will work like an ox for you.” 1

Xiao Xi saw Xiao Qi made an expression as if there was nothing left to live for.

“Xiao Qi, he will be my secret guard in the future, not Feng Lingran’s secret guard.”

“But… what if… what if master took a fancy to him. What should Xiao Qi do if he doesn’t want Xiao Qi anymore?

Xiao Gu stood beside Xiao Xi and looked at Xiao Qi’s facial expression. He blinked as he understood nothing about the situation. This action was caught by Xiao Qi, his doll like face flashed with surprise and he began to scream again.

“His eyes are too beautiful, even a blink can get people hooked. Xiao Qi can’t tolerate him, can’t tolerate him… Little miss, take him away, have pity on Xiao Qi!”

Xiao Xi drew out the corners of her mouth, turned around and grabbed Xiao Gu’s arms with both hands. She looked at him and said, “Xiao Gu, listen to sister, you follow this little brother. His martial arts skills are very high. In the future, you will become just as fierce as him, you understand?”

“Little miss… How can you do that….” Xiao Qi sounded completely heartbroken.

Xiao Gu nodded his head, his beautiful eyes looking at Xiao Xi happily. 

Xiao Xi saw that Xiao Gu was being so sensible, her heart burst with happiness, but then it turned bitter. He should have been a little snow wolf, because of the disease, transform into a human form had to be done, now every step will be difficult for him. His future road is still long, and there are so many things to learn.

Being a human is much more difficult than being a wolf.

“Xiao Gu, you need to learn well, sister will come to see you again.”

Xiao Xi put her small hand on Xiao Gu’s beautiful delicate face and pat it gently. He enjoyed he touch and nuzzled the hollow of her palm, just like when he was still a little snow wolf nuzzling lightly at the little fox.

Xiao Xi explained that while ignoring Xiao Qi who was screaming loudly. Afterwards, she turned around and left. Since this was Feng Lingran’s arrangement, Xiao Qi will only scream out his complaint, it will unlikely for him to disobey Feng Lingran’s order.

Xiao Gu looked at Xiao Xi’s back, the innocent smile adorning his beautiful face, gradually disappears. He stood motionless and did not chase Xiao Xi, as if waiting… it has long become a habit.

After Xiao Xi left.

Xiao Qi stopped screaming, he looked at Xiao Gu with his jewel like eyes, and laughed, “Since your sister doesn’t want you anymore, just be a kept boy2 for this young master!”

Xiao Gu’s eyes are still in the direction where Xiao Xi disappeared, ignoring Xiao Qi, not even giving him a glance.

Xiao Qi’s fingers shook in front of Xiao Gu’s eyes and he raised his voice. “Are you a fool? This young master is going to make you into a kept boy.”

Xiao Gu blinked his eyes.

What is a kept boy?


Xiao Xi did not expect Feng Lingran to return home so early today. Usually when he goes to court, he will not come back until lunch time. And if he is busy, he will not return home until evening.

Xiao Xi looked at Feng Lingran’s black robe and her eyes flashed slightly. Could this Deity be bored in the courtroom and was unwilling to do the Regent’s work?

Xiao Xi had guessed right.

Feng Lingran was tired of seeing those ministers, and the documents were giving him a headache, so he threw them to the ministers and ran back.

“Deity, why did you come back so early?”


“…” Xiao Xi saw Feng Lingran’s black eyes flashing with irritation. In her heart she thought, this Deity will not make Feng Lingran lose his Regent position, will he?

If Feng Lingran returns to normal, his inner wall will collapse.

When Xiao Xi turned to go back to her room, she was held back by Feng Lingran.

“Xi’er, go out with Ben Wang.”

Xiao Xi looked down, looked at the big palm holding her and nodded.

The luxurious carriage pulled out of the palace half an hour later.

They arrived at a theater. Xiao Xi and Feng Lingran sat off the stage, looking over the white-faced young man with the soft voice above, singing a well known play.

Does Deity like to see theatrical plays?

Xiao Xi watched Feng Lingran’s black eyes fall on the stage, his fingers tapping regularly on the armrest of the chair. How long was he sealed? That even watching a theatrical play became so interesting to him?

Xiao Xi was not interested in theatrical play, but she quietly accompanied Feng Lingran, this ancient deity. Afterall, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. She would wait until Zi Yi came back to teach this ancient deity a hard lesson, and then she can leave the Regent’s palace. Deity wants to find her? With Zi Yi around, it will not be easy.

Xiao Xi had planned everything in her heart, when the time comes she will also take Xiao Gu away.

“Ugh… Deity, my stomach hurts. I’m going to the thatched hut.”

Xiao Xi frowned. What did she eat today? How could her stomach hurt so much?

Feng Lingran’s black eyes did not leave the stage, “Go! Come back soon.”

How soon could it be to go to a thatched hut?

Xiao Xi covered her stomach, asked servant and ran behind the stage.

Aiya~ it really hurts. Xiao Xi’s head was filled with cold sweat.

This time, the stomach ache was very fierce.

Soon, Xiao Xi saw the thatched hut that the servant spoke of. There were two. She quickly ran over and pushed one of the doors aside. Straight ahead of her she saw a man with his back to her… and there was the sound of running water… he was urinating. 

“Eh… Sorry, sorry, I went into the wrong hut.”

Xiao Xi lowered her head in a hurry and turned out of the hut. Her face was red as she went into the other hut….

“Ah~ Pervert~” A woman squatting in the hut started screaming.

Xiao Xi was thrown back by the sound and hurried out, a cold sweat on her head.

Aish~ this hut is occupied too?

After a while, one of the doors opened and a man came out. He saw Xiao Xi with her back to him and tilted his head. He went to Xiao Xi and pointed back at the hut.

“Little girl, this is the man’s thatched hut. Next time you better see clearly, before going in.” After a pause, he said, “The innocence of this Gongzi has been seen, are you going to take responsibility? Or is it better not to ask you for responsibility?”

Xiao Xi turned around and was met with a pair of peach blossom eyes. She blushed and said, “I haven’t seen anything. Like Gongzi said, next time I will try to see more clearly.”

The man saw the young girl’s tender and delicate face, and the corners of his mouth pulled, “If you take responsibility for this Gongzi, with this appearance, you can also be considered worthy of this Gonzi.”

Xiao Xi’s stomach was aching awfully. How could she have the leisure to talk with man?

She said with a tight frown, “Gongzi, you help me keep watch outside of the hut. I really have a bad stomach ache. Thank you.”

And with that, Xiao Xi opened the door and zoomed into the hut.

The man stared at the door of the thatched hut with silly eyes. When did he promise to help her keep watch outside of the thatched hut?

Not long after.

The woman in the other thatched hut finished with her business, she came out to see a graceful and elegant man standing outside of the thatched hut. Those pair of peach blossom eyes were very beautiful. The woman’s heart trembled and she went up to him.

“Gongzi, you just broke into the girl’s hut and saw the innocence of this girl. You need to be responsible for it.”

The man looked at the woman with a speckled face in front of him and gave a sharp click of his tongue.

“When did this Gongzi break into your thatched hut? Don’t frame this Gongzi, it’s not good to blame this Gongzi indiscriminately.”

“Gongzi, are you trying to act dumb? No! This girl will not let you off easily….. for you’ve destroyed the innocence of others…”

The man suddenly thought of the little girl who had just entered the thatched hut. He clenched his fingers. The little girl was going to be the death of him. Why did he guard the thatched hut for her?



Sellychi: The guy is quite a gentleman isn’t he? Technically they didn’t make an agreement, he can just up and go, but he stayed and kept watch, oh my~ (◡‿◡✿)

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