The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 — Feng Lingran’s “gift”



Seeing Yun Ni going crazy, Yun Beimo caught her outstretched hands and frowned, “Ni’er, you mustn’t hurt others.”

Yun Ni looked at Yun Beimo with disbelief, “Elder cousin, you can’t possibly be confused by this bitch, right? She ordered the fox to destroy my face. I will never let her go. Elder cousin, don’t listen to her nonsense. She’s just a lowly woman who was given the bed warming task by the Royal Highness of Nanling. Brother Feng would never be willing to like her at all, she just wants to frighten you so that we will let her go.”

If Yun Beimo does not stand on her side, Yun Ni knows that it would be difficult to deal with Xiao Xi today.

This lowly woman, she will never let Xiao Xi have the chance to step into the Regent’s Palace and approach her brother Feng ever again.

“Let her go.” A cold and stern voice, without the slightest warmth, came.

Xiao Xi looked around, it was An Ye, her lips cracked a slight smile, she almost forgot that there was this mighty expert waiting for her downstairs.

Although An Ye’s appearance is not number one, he could still be counted as a cool and handsome man.

“You are not someone from the Regent’s Palace.” Yun Ni could tell from a glance that An Ye is not someone from Feng Lingran’s side, this is not the crucial point, the important thing was, “Xiao Xi, you are truly a loose slut, you go outside and cheat with other men. If brother Feng finds out about this, you will certainly be kicked out of the Regent’s Palace.”

Xiao Xi was baffled. From which eye did Yun Ni see her cheating with An Ye?

An Ye did not pay attention to Yun Ni, his icy eyes was staring at Yun Beimo, “Let her go.”

Yun Beimo stared back at An Ye, his grip on Xiao Xi did not relax, “You are not a person of Eastern Jin.”

The glint from a sword flashed fiercely, it directly aimed at Yun Beimo’s arm that was holding Xiao Xi’s arm.

It was a superbly fast swordsmanship.

Yun Beimo was alarmed. When the sword was about to fall on his arm, he released his grip on Xiao Xi.

When he finally had his thoughts collected, Xiao Xi was already standing beside An Ye.

Yun Ni was also startled by the fierce sword skill. When she noticed that Xiao Xi has been rescued, her heart felt bitter.

Yun Ni’s hand, points at An Ye, “I don’t care who you are, if you dare take Xiao Xi away today. Then you will be regarded as the enemy of this Junzhu, your whole family will be implicated. If you have any sense at all, you will leave Xiao Xi behind. You don’t have to risk your whole family’s life for this loose woman.”

An Ye seemed to have not heard Yun Ni’s voice, he looked at Xiao Xi’s stomach and said, “Does it still hurt?”

Xiao Xi was called a loose woman by Yun Ni. Of course she was not in a good mood. She spat out one word, “No.”

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Xi glanced at An Ye. He stood still with his sword held in his hand. He meant to let her go first.


Xiao Xi turned and went downstairs, she could hear the voice of Yun Ni upstairs urging Yun Beimo to fight with An Ye.

It was Junzhu’s usual habit, truly nothing big.

If Yun Beimo was truly An Ye’s opponent, would he have released Xiao Xi when the sword striked?

As soon as Xiao Xi had one foot on the carriage, she saw An Ye flying overhead like a deity, and landing beside her.

“Young lady Xiao has been out long enough. If she doesn’t go back to the mansion soon, His Highness will probably blame it on me.”

“That umm… Today’s matter, thank you.”

An Ye did not expect her to suddenly thank him, looking at the young girl in front of him, the delicate jade face was dusted with a light pink, a seemingly bashful appearance, her clear eyes expressing sincere thanks, without a hint of deception.

“It was a matter of duty.”

After he finished his words, he turned around, got into the driver’s position, waited for the little girl behind him to settle in, and he drove away.

Back to the mansion.

Qiu Lan helped Xiao Xi down from the carriage and said, “Gongzi has come back and is waiting for you in the room.”

Nangong Yin has returned?

That’s great. She can tell him about the route to the Regent’s Palace.

Xia Chu and Fu Dong saw Xiao Xi’s happy expression when she heard that Nangong Yin had come back. Xiao Xi’s eyes were shining. They gave a snort in their hearts, how brazen, does she think that she is the crown prince’s imperial concubine?

Xiao Xi gave Qiu Lan the food box in her hand, “My foot is fine. I can go back to the room by myself. You can go do your own thing! I don’t need to be waited on either.”

As she finished speaking, Xiao Xi walked towards the room.

As Qiu Lan held the food box in her hand, she looked at Xiao Xi’s back, the girl walked ahead seemingly in a good mood. Her fingers gradually tightened on the box.

Standing beside Qiu Lan was Xia Chu, she could not bear Xiao Xi’s attitude anymore and whispered in a low voice, “Don’t even see what she is here and still think we will serve you, humph.”

Fu Dong also approached Qiu Lan and whispered, “Don’t worry sister Lan. Sooner or later, Gongzi will kick her out of the mansion, then we’ll see her get off of her high horse.”

“All right, stop talking.”

Qiu Lan took the food box in her hand, turned around and left.

The door is opened.

Standing in the doorway, Xiao Xi saw Nangong Yin inside, sitting on a pear-wood chair with carved flowers engraved on it, he was gracefully carrying a tea cup and drinking tea.

He probably noticed Xiao Xi’s figure, Nangong Yin put down the tea cup in his hand, got up and went over to Xiao Xi, without saying a word, he took her up into his arms.

Xia Chu and Fu Dong saw this scene, and they stared in surprise.

Gongzi… Gongzi… How can you still hold Xiao Xi? and holding her so gently like that?

It was not until Nangong Yin went into the room with Xiao Xi in his arms did Xia Chu and Fu Dong regain their spirits back.

“Chu’er, could it be that Gongzi… truly likes Xiao Xi?” At that moment, Nangong Yin was so unfathomably gentle that Fu Dong suddenly had an illusion that their Gongzi was actually fond of Xiao Xi.

“Dong’er, what nonsense are you talking about? Xiao Xi is already the woman of the Regent of the Eastern Jin. Gongzi surely will not pick up the Regent’s used thing. Besides, Xiao Xi is not worthy of Gongzi.” Xia Chu suddenly felt jealous and continued, “I’m going to tell Sister Lan about this.”


Xiao Xi was carried into the room by Nangong Yin. Her little face was red as she said, “My foot is all right now. I can walk by myself.”

Nangong Yin looked at the little girl in his arms and gave a shallow smile, “Didn’t I tell you not to get out of bed? Why didn’t you listen? You even left the mansion in a carriage.”

Xiao Xi looked down, she did not dare to look directly into the soul-stirring eyes of Nangong Yin, “I have something to do outside of the mansion, I couldn’t find you, so…”

“So you didn’t listen to what I told and left?”

His voice was very gentle, the words that should be blaming her, but from his mouth, there was no sense of blame at all, on the contrary, there was only the feeling of helplessness.

“Yin, I…”

Hearing his words, Xiao Xi felt a little guilty. Her slender eyelashes rose, and her eyes met with his.

“The next time you have something on your mind, you can tell me in advance, I will accompany you out of the mansion.”

The gentle voice of Nangong seems to be flowing softly in Xiao Xi’s ear. He stares at her, his beautiful moon like black eyes, gradually turns into an enchanting whirlpool, trying to suck Xiao Xi’s soul into it and imprison her in the endless abyss inside.

Xiao Xi’s heart seems to have stopped beating. She could not turn her eyes away from those soul-sucking black eyes.

Nangong Yin’s gaze shifted to her small open mouth, it was pink and tender, giving off an attractive charm. His eyes darkened, he bent down his head, and his thin lips gently lowers.

Xiao Xi’s breathing hitched as she saw his face gradually getting closer. Xiao Xi wanted to escape. However, her body felt paralyzed like the time when her acupoint was pressed, she could not escape at all.

How could this be?

Could she really be the kind of person that Yun Ni Junzhu said she was? That she was…. a loose woman?

No, she is not a loose woman.

Xiao Xi could sense that Nangong’s thin lips were about to fall on her lips. Her heart was anxious. She wanted to push him away, but her hands seemed to have lost all their strength, so how could she possibly push him away?

“Gongzi, there is a distinguished guest waiting in the main hall.” An Ye’s voice sounded from outside the door.

Just a little bit more and Nangong Yin’s thin lips could touch Xiao Xi’s lips, but a voice from outside interrupts.

Nangong Yin’s eyes flashed a dark glint, ignoring the voice outside, this little bit more… should disappear…

His thin lips pressed down, and the little girl in his arms suddenly turns her head away. His lips brushed past the corner of her lips. The next moment, the little girl in his arms pushed him away and fell on the bed.

“Nangong Yin…… y-y-you…… m-me……”

Xiao Xi’s cheeks were red, she does not know what to say. It all happened so fast, in a flash they connected with the corner of her lips, she could even still feel the lingering warmth from his thin lips.

Nangong Yin’s eyes twinkled and he said, “Xi’er, sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

After a pause, he continued, “There’s a distinguished guest waiting outside. I’ll go and entertain them first. Have a nice rest, I’ll come to see you again later.”

Nangong Yin went out of the door, glancing at Xiao Xi, whose cheeks were still red on the bed, along the way. His black eyes squinted into a smiling expression and he closed the door.

An Ye saw the corner of Nangong Yin’s lips quirked into a smile, seemingly in a good mood. He glanced at the closed door, is His Highness like this because of the little girl inside?

He’s afraid that with the following matter, His Highness would not be able to keep smiling.

“Gongzi, Feng Lingran is here.”

Sure enough……

The smile on the lips of Nangong Yin disappeared little by little until it vanished entirely, replacing them were his thin lips that clearly showed a cold tint.


In the room.

Xiao Xi held her hot little face in both of her hands, her brain was constantly echoing the words of Nangong Yin. He couldn’t help it….. He couldn’t help it……..

She was so screwed.

She is not falling for Nangong Yin, right?

If not, then when Nangong Yin kissed her, why did she feel like she was paralyzed as if her acupoint was pressed, unable to move? Moreover, now her brain is full of Nangon Yin, it was as if his face was engraved in her mind, it lingers.

What about Feng Lingran?

Xiao Xi blinked her eyes and murmured to herself, “If I go back to the Regent’s Palace and Feng Lingran accuse that I like Nangong Yin, would Feng Lingran strangle me? Should not be! Feng Lingran said that he was responsible for me, but that’s because he looked at my body, not because he liked me.”


At the main hall.

When Nangong Yin entered, he was immediately greeted by Feng Lingran’s cold aura. He gave a shallow smile and said, “To what do I owe this pleasure for the Regent to come here in person?”

Feng Lingran’s eyes moved to the sublime face of Nangong Yin without the jade mask. His black eyes flashed with a fierce cold light, and even his voice was as cold as ice, “Today, Ben Wang came to present a gift to His Highness of Nanling.”

Nangong Yin frowns, he sense an ominous feeling washing over.

Feng Lingran clapped his hands twice, and a cage covered with a black cloth was carried in.

“This is…” Nangong Yin looked at the “gift” that was brought in, he just could not understand Feng Lingran’s mind.

“His Highness of Nanling should open it and see.”



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