The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 108

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Chapter 108 — Ben Gong and Her Are Lovers


Nangong Yin went to the iron cage covered by a black cloth, he raised his fingers, and touched the corner of the black cloth, his cold moon like eyes flashed with hesitation.

“Does His Royal Highness of Nanling dared not open it?” Feng Lingran said with an ice cold jeer.

An Ye hearing Feng Lingran mock Nangong Yin took a few steps forward and reached out to lift the black cloth instead of Nangong Yin……

“Back down.” The clear voice of Nangong Yin coldly shouted.

An Ye lets go of the black cloth and retreated back.

Nangong Yin opened the black cloth and his pupils shrank slightly, there was an injured man in the cage.

The man in the cage was Leng Yuhan, he was whipped all over his body, and left curled up in the cage to die. It was clear that Leng Yuhan suffered severe torture before he was brought here. Otherwise, Feng Lingran would not be able to find them here.

Feng Lingran was silent, observing the surprised expression of Nangong Yin.

A moment passed.

Nangong Yin smiled, “This man has nothing to do with Ben Gong. Why did the Regent brought him to Ben Gong?”

Feng Lingran snorted in his heart, he did not want to continue going in circles with Nangong Yin and said directly, “This Nanling’s Guo Shi1 said that he saw Xiao Xi being taken away by you, now hand over that person to Ben Wang.”

“Presumptuous.” An Ye grips his sword handle, just as he was about to unsheath, a youthful delicate laughing voice came.

“Does this brother want to start? Xiao Qi can play with you.”

Xiao Qi came out from behind Feng Lingran. His exquisite jewel like eyes looks at An Ye. He was much smaller than An Ye, he seemingly looked just as big as the girl, Xiao Xi.

Xiao Qi held a whip in his hand, he looked An Ye up and down then smiled at Feng Lingran and said, “Master, this brother looks very skilled at martial arts! If Xiao Qi can’t beat him, he will make his master lose face.”

Feng Lingran glanced at Xiao Qi and said, “If you can’t defeat him, you’ll go back with him.”

Xiao Qi’s exquisite jewel like eyes turned watery and he cried out, “Master, are you going to abandon Xiao Qi?”

Nangong Yin made a look at An Ye and motioned him to retreat.

At this time, Xiao Qi’s whip suddenly flew toward An Ye, “In order to not to let master abandon Xiao Qi, this brother, you shall lose!”

The corner of An Ye’s mouth twitched, his handsome face was as black as the bottom of a pot, he originally did not intend to start a fight with Xiao Qi, but now Xiao Qi was being aggressive, then let’s start! Who was going to lose? No one will know until it ends.

“Do it outside.” Feng Lingran frowned, somewhat fed up with the sound of fighting.

“Yes, master.”

The whip in Xiao Qi’s hand suddenly changed its direction. An Ye’s figure flashed. While avoiding the whip, he was forced out of the main hall.

Feng Lingran’s patience was running thin, “Nangong Yin, Ben Wang will say this once again, hand over Xiao Xi.”

Nangong Yin’s eyes flashed, “Xi’er has a good time here.”

“Xi’er?” Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed a cold glint, so close that she could be called Xi’er?

“Ben Gong and her… are lovers.” Nangong Yin saw Feng Lingran’s handsome face warped with anger, and his mouth quirked into a smile.


The armrest of the chair where Feng Lingran was sitting was gripped so hard, they turned into debris and fell to the ground.

Feng Lingran stood up and approached Nangong Yin. His black eyes were cold like the blade of a sword. His thin ice-cold lips then said, “Nangong Yin, if you feel impatient with life, Ben Wang can give you a ride.”

Nangong Yin did not fear Feng Lingran’s overwhelming momentum at all. He widened his smile, seemingly trying to annoy Feng Lingran on purpose, “Ben Gong lives very well with a beauty’s company.”

A fierce palm wind, suddenly attacked the chest of Nangong Yin, Nangong Yin’s eyes changed, he tried to dodge, but he was a step to late, and his mouth over flowed with blood.

Nangong Yin looked deeply at Feng Lingran. He knew that Feng Lingran’s cultivation level was high, but he did not expect that it had reached such an amazing level.

“Eastern Jin is Ben Wang’s domain. You won’t live well.”

Feng Lingran voice just finished, and another fierce palm strike was thrown. Nangong Yin has thoroughly angered Feng Lingran this time.

“Your Highness be careful.” When An Ying rushed back, he was shocked to see Feng Lingran throw a palm strike at Nangong Yin. He took his sword in one hand and blocked it in front of Nangong Yin. In his other hand, he was holding a snow-white little fox.

The fierce palm wind struck the sword in An Ying’s hand and made a ringing sound from the sword. An Ying was surprised at Feng Lingran’s powerful internal force. Suddenly, he remembered the little fox in his hand. He puts the little fox in front of the blade of his sword.

“Regent, do you still want the life of this little fox?”

Feng Lingran’s black eyes fell on the little fox, its black beady eyes were like Xiao Xi, and that snow-white fur was almost the same as Xiao Xi’s when she was a little fox.

Although knowing that this little fox is not Xiao Xi, Feng Lingran still held back his palm.

With a sigh of relief, An Ying turned and looked at Nangong Yin with worry. He whispered, “Your Highness, the mansion has been surrounded by the regent’s people, it’s better to let young lady Xiao go first!”

This is Eastern Jin, Feng Lingran’s domain, if His Highness and Feng Lingran fights here, he is certainly not Feng Lingran’s opponent.

Nangong Yin was silent, his cold moon-like eyes were gloomy and uncertain.

An Ying gritted his teeth, looked at Feng Lingran and said, “Regent, as long as you promise to withdraw the soldiers outside, I will bring young lady Xiao out here right now.”

“An Ying.” Nangong Yin growled in a low voice.

“Your Highness, if you want to punish An Ying severely, then An Ying has nothing to say, but today, An Ye agrees to hand over young lady Xiao to the Regent.” An Ye spoke, he then looked at Feng Lingran, as if waiting for an answer from him.

A moment passed.

Feng Lingran cold thin lips open, “Last time.”

In other words, this will be the last time he let Nangong Yin go.

“Thank the Regent.” An Ying breathed a sigh of relief and handed the little fox in his hand to Feng Lingran, “I’ll go and bring young lady Xiao over.”

“No need, Ben Wang will go with you.”

After saying that, Feng Lingran carried the little fox in his arms, and followed An Ying out of the main hall.

Feng Lingran thought that he would reject the little fox, but unexpectedly, after the little fox entered his arms, he did not reject it. Probably because those pair of eyes resemble Xiao Xi’s. His long fingers combs through the fur of the little fox. It squinted comfortably. It was acting very lovable in Feng Lingran’s arms.

Xiao Xi heard the sound of the door opening, and thought that it was Nangong Yin. Without thinking much about it, she asked, “Yin, did the distinguished guest leave?”

Xiao Xi was still curious about what kind of distinguished guest it was. The person walked in rapidly, the cold air from outside entered the room. Suddenly, the temperature in the room dropped to zero, giving people the illusion of a world of ice and snow.

Xiao Xi shivered all over. She looked up puzzled. When she saw the handsome man coming in, she thought that she had seen wrong.

Was it an illusion?

How could Nangong Yin become Feng Lingran?

Feng Lingran went to the bed and looked down at the little girl on the bed. She seemed to be living well here.

“Disappointed to see Ben Wang? Hn?”

Xiao Xi blinked her eyes. It was Feng Lingran standing beside her bed, not Nangong Yin.

“How can you be here?”

Xiao Xi was supposed to be happy to see Feng Lingran, but when she saw Feng Lingran’s cold black eyes, she suddenly felt something wrong and her scalp felt numb. Was this a sign of disaster?

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Ling Er that was in the arms of Feng Lingran, wanted to jump into Xiao Xi’s arms, but was held down by Feng Lingran’s palm.

Xiao Xi saw Ling Er struggling in Feng Lingran’s arms. Her heart swelled with happiness, Ling Er was rescued, such a good thing.

Xiao Xi extended her small hand to hold Ling Er that was in Feng Lingran’s arms, “Feng Lingran, did you save Ling Er? It’s great that Ling Er was not hurt by the adulterer.”

Xiao Xi’s finger holds the body of Ling Er, she wants to hold Ling Er in her arms, but Feng Lingran does not let go. She looks up at Feng Lingran’s face, somewhat puzzled.

“Return to the Regent’s Palace.”

Feng Lingran dropped a sentence, while still holding to Ling Er, he turned around and left Nangong Yin’s room, his eyes were overcast.

Xiao Xi was stunned. Feng Lingran’s voice was so cold. Was he angry because she hadn’t returned for two days and one night?

“Don’t want to go back to the Regent’s Palace? Hnnn?” He paused at the door as if he had eyes behind him, dragging out the last syllable into a dangerous tone.

“No, no.” Xiao Xi lifted the quilt, got out of bed and put on her shoes, she followed Feng Lingran and left the room.

Xiao Xi followed Feng Lingran to the carriage and saw Nangong Yin. He stood there, looking at her with his moon like black eyes as if hoping that she would stay.

“Feng Lingran, wait a moment, I’ll go say goodbye.”

Xiao Xi was not aware of the conflict between Feng Lingran and Nangong Yin in the main hall. Behind her, Feng Lingran’s black eyes were completely cold, while Nangong Yin’s thin lips raised into a smile.

“Nangong Yin, thank you for your two-day care. I’m leaving now. Take care of yourself.”

Xiao Xi finished, she turned around and went back to Feng Lingran. It was not like she could not feel Feng Lingran’s icy and piercing glare, but she felt that if she left like this, she would not be able to say anything to Nangong Yin and that would be like showing ingratitude to her benefactor.

Nangong Yin watched Xiao Xi and Feng Lingran enter the carriage. As the carriage left, the smile on his face gradually disappeared, and a sense of loss flashed through his eyes. In the end she still left. Before leaving, in front of that guy she called him….. Nangong Yin… not… Yin.

Was she afraid that Feng Lingran will misunderstood her? How could she call him out like they were strangers?

“Brother, you lose! Xiao Qi will not be abandoned by master, ha ha ha…”

Xiao Qi rolled up the whip in his palm, his exquisite jewel like eyes was curved, looking at the whip injury he had inflicted on An Ye, his mood was cheerful. This means Xiao Qi’s whipping method has improved again!

Any Ye gave the child like Xiao Qi a cold glare, the pain on his body was nothing, but this young boy’s martial arts was really astounding, he even lost in the hands this Xiao Qi.

That Feng Lingran… what terror is his existence?


In the luxurious carriage.

Xiao Xi looked at Ling Er in Feng Lingran’s arms and wanted to rescue it from his hands. She could see Feng Lingran’s cold face. Her fingers twitched, but did not go further to take Ling Er.

Along the way, Feng Lingran did not say a word to Xiao Xi. He was as cold as an ice sculpture.

Xiao Xi wanted to open her mouth to explain, but she did not know how to explain it to him. She looked at Ling Er. Since Feng Lingran rescued Ling Er from the adulterer’s hand, he should know that something had happened to her, that compelled by circumstances she could not go back.

Feng Lingran is not so angry, is he?



Sellychi: Ah he’s definitely misunderstanding this…

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