The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 106

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Chapter 106 — Provoking Yun Ni


“Hey, stop it. My stomach hurts… My stomach hurts!” Xiao Xi screamed at the top of her lungs, “I need to go to the toilet. Stop and let me go to the toilet.”

An Ye frowned, this woman is really troublesome.

The carriage stopped, Xiao Xi’s eyes lit up, she jumped out of the carriage, hands holding on to her stomach, she faced An Ye with a “pained” expression and said, “There’s not enough time. I’ll go to the teahouse and borrow a thatched hut to settle it. You can’t go. You must wait for me to come back.”

Xiao Xi then scurried towards the teahouse while still holding on to her stomach.

An Ye looks at Xiao Xi’s fleeing figure. This time, instead of waiting for her in place, he follows her.

Xiao Xi ran into the teahouse and released her hands from holding her stomach, she looked back and saw An Ye following closely. She immediately pressed her hands on her stomach again, “What are you following me for? Don’t tell me that you’re interested in watching me go at the thatched hut?”

An Ye heard her words as he entered the teahouse and almost tripped over the threshold stone, “What nonsense are you talking about? Who’s interested in watching you go to the thatched hut?

“You know I have a terrible stomachache. I want to go to the thatched hut. If you’re not interested, then what are you following me for?”


Xiao Xi saw An Ye’s face turn green and blue. She frowned tightly and said to the stunned shopkeeper, “Could you tell me where the thatched hut is please? I have a terrible stomachache. Augh~ ugh~”

The shopkeeper pointed a finger, “The thatched hut is in the backyard.”

“Good man! Thank you.” Xiao Xi held her stomach and ran to the place where the shopkeeper had pointed. Suddenly, she stopped, turned her head and said, “Shopkeeper, you can give him a pot of tea and some refreshments, so that he won’t be anxious while waiting and end up running to the thatched hut to find me.”

“……” The cold and stern face of An Ye turned black in an instant.

Xiao Xi successfully got rid of An Ye and came to the backyard, there was no need to pretend that her stomach ached anymore. She looked around the backyard and found another door which leads to the second floor. Xiao Xi lets out a mischievous laugh, she knew that such a big teahouse would have more than one entrance.

Xiao Xi went up to the second floor and found that every compartment here was closed, thus closing off the identity of the people inside. She glanced around, smiled, then lightly put her ear on the door, allowing her to hear the sounds inside.

“Stop that Master Qin. This is a teahouse. How bad would this be if we’re seen?”

“My sweet plum, you can think of me as a phantom. What matter does it be a teahouse? No one shall wonder in anymore. Who would descry us?”


Xiao Xi’s mouth twitched, the teahouse is not only a place to drink tea, but also a place for lovers to flirt.

Her knowledge has broaden.

Xiao Xi left quietly and pasted her ear on the door of another compartment.

Not it, then change to the next door.

After changing for several doors, Xiao Xi finally heard the voice of Yun Ni Junzhu. Anxiety flooded her heart. Will Feng Lingran be here?

If Feng Lingran is not here, then what is Yun Ni Junzhu doing here?

“Elder cousin, my beautiful face is now like this, thanks to the little beast, I will not stop until that little beast is killed.” The murderous voice of Yun Ni Junzhu came to Xiao Xi’s ears.

Xiao Xi eyes narrowed, Yun Ni Junzhu hates the little fox to bone ah! She even invited her elder cousin to deal with the little fox. If she had not glimpsed Yun Ni Junzhu today, and thought that Feng Lingran was there with her, perhaps she would not be aware of Yun Ni Junzhu’s plan to kill the little fox.

Now Ling Er was the little fox instead of her. Would it not become the target in the eyes of Yun Ni Junzhu?

Xiao Xi became worried for Ling Er.

“Ni’er, I’ve told you earlier that Feng Lingran likes raising animals. There are animal enclosures in his house, but you don’t listen. For Feng Lingran, you moved from the northern border to the capital. Now a little beast has destroyed half of your face. Is there any value to this?”

“The matter of value is not my concern. Elder cousin, aren’t you here to help me, so why are you preaching to me instead? If it’s preaching you’re going to do, then it’s not necessary. I ask elder cousin to go back! I will send someone else to inform my father that he needs to come to the capital in person.” If it were not for her elder cousin blocking the letter she sent to her father in the northern border, it would not be Yun Beimo here meeting with her, but her father… the king of Peiping.

“Ni’er, you should know that a vassal king is not allowed to enter the capital. You can stand in the capital today, because your father the king gave half of his military power of the northern border to get the emperor’s permission. Your father has done enough for you. But you want to ignore your father’s safety for the sake of your childish thoughts and hatred for the little animal in your heart? Ni’er, your father is old enough to no longer be the invincible king of Peiping.”

” Elder cousin, it’s not like that. How can Ni’er ignore the safety of father the king? Ni’er is also a Junzhu. Now that a little beast has destroyed half of my face, how can Ni’er retain her integrity in the future? I’m afraid I’ll have to wear a veil to go out for the rest of my life. Elder cousin, when I was in the northern border, besides father, you were the next one who holds me dearly so. Would you help me kill that little fox? As long as you help me kill that little fox, Ni’er will go back to the northern border with you. With this ruined appearance of Ni’er, there is no chance of being liked by Brother Feng. Ni’er will never have to stay in the capital ever again.”

Yun Ni explained movingly.

Yun Beimo looked at Yun Ni with some heartache, “Are you telling me the truth? You’re really going to give up on Feng Lingran? And also willing to go back to the northern border with me?

Yun Ni nodded forcefully, “Yes, as soon as the little fox dies, I will go back to the northern border with elder cousin.”

“Okay, I promise to kill that little fox for you.”

Yun Ni’s heart swelled with joy, eyes flashing with a dark glint. Little beast, this Junzhu had said that she wants you dead, so you must die.

Outside of the compartment.

Xiao Xi’s small hand was placed on top of her heart. It beats uneasily. That time in the palace, Yun Ni Junzhu passed out. Hei Feng could have killed Yun Ni, but in the end, it let Yun Ni go. And now, this vicious Junzhu wants to kill the little fox.

If she had known this would happen, it would have been better to let Hei Feng kill Yun Ni Junzhu and put an end to this aftermath.

Fortunately, she overheard it today. She needs to return to the Regent’s Palace as soon as possible and tell Feng Lingran. Although Ling Er has replaced the little fox now, she could not let Ling Er receive the little fox’s dangers too.

Xiao Xi’s ear left the door and she turned to leave……

“Little girl, what are you doing snooping by the door?” The boy who came to deliver the tea took Xiao Xi’s action into account and said aloud.

Xiao Xi’s heart cursed her terrible luck. Why does this young boy have to send tea upstairs at this time? If it was just a little bit later, she would not have been found out.

Xiao Xi ignored the boy and turned away in a hurry.

The door of the compartment suddenly opened and a figure approached Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi wanted to use her Purple Burst Shot to deal with that who came after her, but the other person was very alert. He grabbed Xiao Xi’s arm and slid his big palm down, holding in her fingertips. With a squeeze, Xiao Xi’s fingers ached as they curled back into the palm.

Yun Beimo put Xiao Xi’s curled fingers on the wooden railings of the second floor. Hawk-like black eyes stared at Xiao Xi’s delicate little face, and was slightly surprised, it was such a young girl?

“Who are you? What’s the purpose of eavesdropping on us?”

Yun Beimo will not let Xiao Xi go because she looks young. If she was just an innocent young girl, she would not be sneaking around doing such things.

“It’s you, you bitch.”

Yun Ni Junzhu came out and saw Xiao Xi’s exquisite face. Her heart was filled with anger. Last time in the Regent’s Palace, Feng Lingran seemed to treat Xiao Xi very well. Now half of her face was destroyed. Was this bitch proud?

Yun Ni Junzhu went over and slapped her hard on Xiao Xi’s jealous inducing face.

Xiao Xi was not foolish either. She avoided the vicious slap of Yun Ni Junzhu.

“Ni’er.” Yun Beimo warned in a low voice, he gave Yun Ni a pointed look, warning her not to cause trouble.

Seeing this, Yun Ni Junzhu clenched her fingers tightly, “Elder cousin, this bitch is the owner of that little fox, its her… She was jealous of me and deliberately let the little fox scratch my face. Elder cousin, You can’t let this bitch go.”

There are shameless people in this world, but never has she seen such a level of shamelessness as Yun Ni Junzhu.

Xiao Xi endured the pain on her fingers and said, “Yun Ni, you are too shameless. You know full well that what happened in the Regent’s Palace was your own fault. If you had not been so intent on killing the little fox, and even forcefully ordering steward Qin and the Regent’s Palace staff to kill it, your face would not have been destroyed today. Although you are a Junzhu, at the foot of this heavenly son, it is not the place where you can act wilfully.”

After a pause, Xiao Xi said, “Now everyone in the teahouse has seen you and your elder cousin catching me. If you don’t let me go, Feng Lingran will not let you go either.”

“You bitch, who allowed you to call Brother Feng’s name directly? How can a lowly person like you call brother Feng’s name?” Brother Feng is hers, and only her status as Junzhu can match brother Feng. Xiao Xi is only a lowly bed warming tool given by the royal highness of Nanling to Brother Feng. No, this lowly person is not even suitable to be Brother Feng’s bed warmer.

Yun Beimo understood Xiao Xi’s words and frowned. He knew that Yun Ni had been spoiled as a child and became an arrogant and domineering person. But he did not think that Yun Ni dared to be so arrogant in Feng Lingran’s mansion, the thought itself was inconceivable. After all, he knew full well of Yun Ni’s mad infatuation for Feng Lingran. And only in front of Feng Lingran will Yun Ni put down her status of Junzhu to try to please Feng Lingran.

“What if it was Feng Lingran himself which allowed me to call him that way?” Xiao Xi quirked her lips slightly and continued, “Let me tell you, Feng Lingran has promised to be responsible for me. Even if you are a Junzhu, you still could not get Feng Lingran.”

Xiao Xi said this not to provoke Yun Ni Junzhu, but rather to warn the clear-headed Yun Beimo, that she is now Feng Lingran’s person, and that they can not move her so easily.

But Yun Ni Junzhu was provoked by Xiao Xi’s words, pointing at her mouth she said, “You talk nonsense, you liar, you bitch, brother Feng is not close to women, he will not approach you at all, how can he say that he is responsible for you? You’re showering affection on an uninterested party, you’re carried away by your own wishful thinking, I’m going to kill you, you bitch.”

Yun Ni Junzhu fiercely stretched out her hands, wanting to grab Xiao Xi’s face. She was going to destroy this bitch’s face……



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