The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 — To Avenge Your Toes


Leng Yuhan tightened his fingers, icy eyes glared at the young girl who shouted nasty words in front of his eyes. Is she more cunning than a fox, or simply a weak woman?

Finally, he had a chance to catch hold of the little girl. He would certainly be unwilling to leave. Leng Yuhan moved his glacial eyes to Xiao Xi’s small hand with the Yang Zhi Divine Skill. Suddenly, a silver line flew towards Xiao Xi’s wrist from Leng Yuhan sleeve.

Xiao Xi realized that the situation was unfavorable. She shoots a few times, then turned around and ran.

The silver line still manages to coil around her wrist, and Leng Yuhan gave a hard pull. Xiao Xi let out a shout as her body uncontrollably flew backward, knocking into Leng Yuhan, and falling into his hands.

Leng Yuhan grasp Xiao Xi’s shoulder, and whispered, “This time you’ve fallen into my hands, just see what I will do to you.”

Kick him in the face, right? Still thinks he will be a eunuch all his life.

OK, will see then.

“Come on, Brother Leng, can’t you be merciful?” Xiao Xi pleaded with a soft voice.

Brother Leng?

Hearing her soft voice, Leng Yuhan felt goose bumps all over. He wonders if it was possible to change so quickly from being an adulterer into becoming brother Leng.

All of a sudden.

There was a sharp pain on the top of his foot. The silk rope broke away from his palm. Then a dark attack was issued to his lower half.

Leng Yuhan’s eyelids twitched fiercely, an extremely awful feeling washed over him, as he held his palm down under. Who would have known a sudden attack there, his legs trembled. Suddenly, a foot kicked his knee. Leng Yuhan has his guard down and his body fell to the ground.

“Help! The perverted wolf is too terrible, too terrible, help ah…”

Xiao Xi’s shout was loud enough to wake up even ghosts and spirits, waking up all the heavy sleepers around, and also further irritating Leng Yuhan who was still trembling all over.

Leng Yuhan watched the little girl running towards the luxurious sedan chair with her wrist still bound by the silk rope, he clenched his fingers and smashed them hard on the ground. His black icy eyes narrows, once again the little girl had left his grasp. He thought of the little fox that was still on his hand and his lips drew up in a cold curve, “I wonder if you still care about the death of the little fox?”

Leng Yuhan stood up, it was not an easy feat after Xiao Xi kicked the top of his foot and knee. His cold thin lips were pursed up. This vulgar little girl came and dealt such despicable injuries to him. Will see next time, he will never be injured nor provoked by her again.

Xiao Xi ran to the luxurious sedan chair, paused, turned to look in the direction of Leng Yuhan, but did not see his figure. Xiao Xi’s heart felt relieved, the adulterer finally left.

The sedan chair bearers saw a little beauty dressed in light and beautiful clothes running up, with her wrists tied by ropes plus she was just screaming. They roughly knew what had happened. But the one sitting inside the sedan chair is not some ordinary lord, so they will not be meddlesome.

The sedan chair bearers were going to bypass the little girl in front of them. When the sedan chair was about to pass her, the little girl accidentally stepped on the silk rope tied to her wrist and slipped. She fell uncontrollably into the sedan chair……


The sedan chair fell to the ground, and the sedan chair bearers was stunned silly.

Xiao XI felt no pain from the fall. She seemed to have landed on a “cushion”. It felt soft and comfy, it was quite a good “cushion”.


The cushion gave off an awkward cough.

“Ah~ I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Xiao Xi heard the man’s cough. She hurriedly got off of him and apologized.

“No worries.” The man’s voice was like a spring breeze and flowing river, refreshing to the heart and soul.

Xiao Xi felt that the voice sounded familiar. She looked at the man she had crushed, but the inside of the sedan chair was too dark. She could only see the outline of the man’s face, but could not see the man’s facial features.

“Where had I seemingly heard your voice before?”

The man got up and sighed quietly, “Xi’er, how could you forget about me that fast?”


“Nangong…  Yin?”

Eh why is he here? Isn’t he supposed to be in Nanling?

Nangong Yin took out a night pearl from his sleeve. It was the size of an egg. The light of the night pearl illuminated the dark sedan chair in an instant. It also illuminated Xiao Xi’s lightly dressed body, and Nangong Yin’s maskless face.

Xiao Xi looked at the sublime face of Nangong Yin, and suddenly forgot how to breathe, “Why do you… you…… you’re not wearing the jade mask?

Nangong Yin gave a light smile, “This time I did not come to the Eastern Jin as His Royal Highness of Nanling, that jade mask… Naturally I don’t have to wear it.”

“…” Was that really okay?

If his sublime face is to be revealed, there is no knowing how many women in Eastern Jin would be harmed.

Nangong Yin noticed Xiao Xi’s colourful and light clothing and frowns, his eyes shifted to the silk rope that tied her wrist and the gentle eyes of Nangong Yin flashed with a cold glint.

“What happened?” Nangong Yin sat down beside Xiao Xi, jade white fingers gently unraveled the silk rope on Xiao Xi’s wrist.

Xiao Xi’s white wrist was red from the silk rope. She rubbed her painful wrist, and thought of Leng Yuhan, her lips turned into a scowl, “The adulterer came to Eastern Jin and demanded me to give back the Huo Yi Grass and Jindan.”


Nangong Yin soon realized that the “adulterer” Xiao Xi was talking about was Leng Yuhan.

Nangong Yin’s eyes flashed with a cold gloom, he took out an ointment and prop up Xiao Xi’s small delicate hands, “I’ll apply some medicine on your wrist first!” The cool ointment on his fingers was gently applied to Xiao Xi’s red wrist.

Nangong Yin’s ointment was very effective. After a while, the injury on Xiao Xi’s wrists were all healed.

“Are there any other injuries?”

Nangong Yin let go of her little hands and looked at her….. Cold moon like eyes, observes her exquisite and delicate figure, and his eyes turned somewhat misty.

Xiao Xi raised her foot that was bitten by Leng Yuhan, she took the ointment from Nangong Yin’s hand, then scooped some of the ointment out, “My toes were bitten by the adulterer’s dog mouth. I’ll apply the medicine myself!”

Xiao Xi looked at the deep bite marks that penetrated through the flesh of her toes and reassured herself that it was fine. Leng Yuhan was just like a dog, biting her toes…..

Nangong Yin slightly shifted his eyes, complexion slightly turning a dark red, looking at Xiao Xi’s injured toes, the fresh blood glaring at him, made his pitch-black pupils contract slightly, “This bite was done by Leng Yuhan?”

Smearing the ointment on the injured toes, Xiao Xi lets out a pained “hiss”, can it even be seen how deep the bite was?

“Ugh! It hurts. “

Damned adulterer, she must find a mad dog and let it bite his toes in order to avenge her toes.

“It’ll be better if I help you with the medicine.”

After Nangong Yin finished speaking, he seized her jade foot and gave Xiao Xi no chance to refuse. He dipped some ointment in his hand and gently applied it to the wound on her toes. When he looked closely at the wound on Xiao Xi’s toes, he could almost see the white bone inside. The bottom of Nangong Yin’s eyes flashed a cold glint, “This wound is not light, Xi’er, you shouldn’t put pressure on your foot as of now, and let it properly heal first.”

Xiao Xi nodded and looked at Nangong Yin strangely. Why did she feel pain when she applied the medicine to herself but when he applied the medicine to her, she didn’t feel any pain?

“Yin, are your fingers enchanted with magic? How could you apply the medicine without it hurting?

“Maybe… My fingers are indeed magical.”

Nangong Yin smiled, with an injury so deep, that even the white of the bone could be seen, how could the medicine not hurt? Nangong Yin did not tell Xiao Xi that he injected Zhen Qi into the ointment so that she would not feel the pain from the wound.

After applying the medicine, Nangong Yin said, “Xi’er, I will handle Leng Yuhan’s matter and put him into account.”

Xiao Xi moved her jade foot off of Nangong Yin’s hands, but he grabbed it and put it on his lap.

“It’s best not to let the wound come in contact with some dust. Put it on my lap!”

Xiao Xi looked at her foot on his snow-white robe and felt somewhat embarrassed, but Nangong Yin’s palm was on her ankle, making it hard to move away.

“The adulterer has caught Ling Er, I need to save it from his clutches first.”

“Ling Er?”

“Ling Er is a little fox, the adulterer mistakes that little fox for me.” Thinking of Ling Er, Xiao Xi’s heart felt anxious, “Yin, you are a kind person, please drop me at the Regent’s Palace!”

This matter, she would like to go back and discuss with Feng Lingran. She has been away from the Regent’s Palace for so long, Feng Lingran did not see her, he must certainly be angry again.

Nangong Yin heard the “Regent’s Palace” and his eyes dimmed slightly. With a clear voice he said to the sedan bearers outside, “Go to the Regent’s Palace first.”

Soon, the voice of a sedan bearer came from outside.

“Apologies, Gongzi. We live in the outskirts of Eastern Jin. We don’t know how to get to the Regent’s Palace.”

Having heard what the bearer said, Nangong Yin gave an apologetic look to Xiao Xi.

“Xi’er, why don’t you go back with me first, and wait till tomorrow to go back to the Regent’s Palace.”

Xiao Xi’s pursed her lips andfrowned slightly. The sedan bearers did not know the way to the Regent’s Palace. It seemed that there is no other way but to go with Nangong Yin.

Forget it, first go back with Nangong Yin! It’s better than bumping into the adulterer, Leng Yuhan. As for Feng Lingran…… Let’s think about it tomorrow when she gets back.

After a while, the sedan chair stopped.

“Gongzi, we have arrived.”

The voice of the sedan bearers resounded from outside.

Xiao Xi removed her jade foot from his lap and was about to get off the sedan chair when she was suddenly held by Nangong Yin and carried in his arms. A white robe covered her exquisite and delicate figure.


He carried her so suddenly that Xiao Xi instinctively reached out and grabbed onto Nangong Yin’s neck. He stepped down from the sedan chair with Xiao Xi’s delicate little face pressed against his chest.

“As I’ve said, you must not put down your foot.”

The voice of Nangong Yin resounded in Xiao Xi’s ear, it was slightly domineering, but also gentle at the same time. He seemed to be worried about her foot, and lightly scolding her for being so thoughtless.

Xiao Xi’s heart trembled slightly, this feeling of being cared for… felt very nice.

“I’m fine.” She said in his arms.

Nangong Yin looked at the little girl in his arms, and said nothing as he took her into the mansion.

In the room, there was a candle light dancing about.

Nangong Yin move the little girl in his arms onto the bed and said gently, “Xi’er, don’t worry about anything. I’ll help you deal with it. Now it’s late at night. Just have a nice rest!”

Xiao Xi wanted to open her mouth, to say thanks to him, but Nangong Yin had already covered her with the quilt, turned and walked out of the door.


“Your Highness, Feng Lingran has sent people to look for the little fox everywhere, is it possible that he……”



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