The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 — What If I Said I Like You?



An Ying glanced at Xiao Xi’s door, the meaning of the action was clear.

Nangong Yin, with one hand behind him, looked at the flickering candles coming from within the room with his cold moon like eyes, and said indifferently, “Feng Lingran is looking for a little fox, not Xi’er. How can he trace it to this prince? It’s Leng Yuhan that’s in danger tonight.” 

“Does Your Highness really intends to send young lady Xiao to the Regent’s Palace tomorrow?”

Nangong Yin was silent for a moment. His dark eyes unfathomable. 

“I don’t intend to.” 

His thin lips spits out these words very decisively, while his sublime face remains impassive like a cold jade. 

An Ying saw a cold glint flash through Nangong Yin’s eyes and his heart was slightly surprised. His Highness was a profound person, who never exposed his emotions to the surface. But just now, he clearly saw the eyes of His Highness flashing with a hint of anger, was it because of young lady Xiao? 

“An Ying, keep an eye on Leng Yuhan and try to bring back the little fox belonging to Xi’er.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” 

An Ying finished his words, turned and disappeared into the night.

Nangong Yin stood under the moon, a straight disposition, and white robes like an immortal. His cold moon like eyes watch over Xiao Xi’s room, until the young girl inside blew out the candlelight, his thin lips smiled, he then turned away and left. 


Waking up the next morning, the sun was already high up in the sky.

Xiao Xi was really tired yesterday. She woke up so late and stretches. She sat up and touched behind her back. Suddenly, she found that her plush tails were missing. She was stunned, not daring to believe, her shiny black eyes wavers. Her little hands moved slowly to the back of her butt and feels around, there was nothing. 

Xiao Xi’s eyes shined with excitement, she felt around again. There was really nothing. 

The tails are gone! 


Xiao Xi really wants to laugh three times. She could say that those tails were her biggest annoyance. It could not be better, but… How could the tails suddenly disappear? When did it happen?

Xiao Xi thought of yesterday, when she was sent to the brothel by the adulterer, and when Xiang Chun helped her bathe, her tails were not there. In other words… could it be that her tails were no longer there by then? 

No, No.

Maybe it was much earlier.

Xiao Xi thought of Zi Yi, when he was leaving, he told her about reverse growth, will the tails disappear… was it related to the reverse growth?

Unfortunately, Zi Yi has gone away. Just now when she was sleeping, she could not see him anymore. She still needs to save Ling Er from the adulterer. Afterwards, perhaps she can ask about her tails. 

Don, don, don. 

There was moderate knocking from outside the door. 

“Xi’er, are you awake?” 

It was Nangong Yin.

“I’m awake, come in!”

Xiao Xi watch the man push the door open and comes in. He wore a snow-white robe and glides in like an immortal. His sublime face was not covered with a jade mask, making it hard for people to take their eyes off of him. 

She thought of Zi Yi’s words, and kept her eyes open, but did not look at his soul sucking black eyes directly. 

Nangong Yin went to the bedside and took out a delicate porcelain bottle from his sleeve. He said gently, “Xi’er, stretch out your foot. It’s time for medicine.”

Xiao Xi looked at the porcelain bottle in Nangong Yin’s hand, and recalled yesterday’s event in the sedan chair, where he gently helped her with the medicine. Her delicate little face, turned slightly red. 

“Yin, the wound on my toe has gotten better. Give me the ointment. I can use the medicine myself. 

Although she is not an ancient woman, where upon an ancient woman would not allow their foot to be looked at, before being married. It was the thought of Nangong Yin holding her foot in his hands…… that was extremely embarrassing to her. 

Nangong Yin looked at Xiao Xi’s outstretched hand, as if to ask him for the porcelain bottle in his hand. Nangong Yin pursed his thin lips, directly lifted the quilt, sat on the bed, and grasped her ankle. 

Xiao Xi did not expect Nangong Yin to suddenly open her quilt. Before she could make a move, she was already seized by Nangong Yin, and the warmth of his palm spreads to her ankle. 

He would not let her escape. His fingers were covered with ointment and he gently smeared it on the wound on her toes. Although the wounds had scarred, his fingers were still so gentle as if they were afraid of causing pain. 

This was the feeling of being treasured. 

“Xi’er, I don’t like you refusing me.” He said as he applied the medicine. His gentle like a jade voice was mixed with an undeniable hint of domineer. 

Xiao Xi’s foot was still in Nangong Yin’s hands, she dare not move her toes. Hearing his words, Xiao Xi’s heart quivered slightly. Was it her imagination? Why does she think that Nangong Yin is being too good to her? 

Could it be that…… Nangong Yin likes her? 

At the thought of this possibility, Xiao Xi’s heart trembled. Nangong Yin was an absolutely gorgeous man! He likes her, does it not mean that her charm is boundless, loved by the people, flowers blossoming upon her arrival? Hahaha… Feng Lingran, it seems like you have a rival, you should be better to me in the future, in order to capture this maiden’s heart.

After Xiao Xi’s little bout of narcissism, she looked at Nangong Yin in puzzlement. He was the Crown Prince of Nanling. What kind of beauty would not want him? Why does he like her? 

Moreover, Nangong Yin knows that she and Feng Lingran are both……

“Xi’er, are you doubting me?” Her eyes were so obvious that it was difficult for Nangong Yin to even wonder. 

“Yin, why are you so kind to me?” Xiao Xi finally voiced out her doubts in a question.

If it was said that Feng Lingran comes because of the concern over her blood, his attitude towards her have changed, but Feng Lingran’s character disposition is still there, giving her a real feeling. But Nangong Yin… His kindness to her was like a dream, it is not real, but he is real in front of her eyes, she is able to reach out and touch him. 

Nangong Yin’s fingers slightly paused, he lifted his eyes and looked at Xiao Xi for a moment, he then slowly said, “Xi’er, what if I said I like you?” 

Xiao Xi let out an “ah” sound, her delicate little face looking slightly uncomfortable, “This… How is that possible? 

“How is it possible?” He repeated. 

Xiao Xi’s eyes became flustered, “You know that I am a little fox, and because I swallowed Jindan, I became a human. Besides, this form is also not stable, there’s no telling when I will become a little fox again. You are the Crown Prince of Nanling, is it possible for you to like a little fox?” 

Nangong Yin chuckled and smiled, “What human? What little fox? What if I am His Highness the Crown Prince of Nanling? I like you, simply you.”

Simply her? 

Xiao Xi’s heart quivered, such beautiful words, from the mouth of such a beautiful man, if her heart does not skip a beat, perhaps she is not even a woman.

Is Xiao Xi a woman? Right now, she is a little fox that is barely maintaining a human form.

In Xiao Xi’s mind, the handsome angry face of Feng Lingran appeared, and she felt heartbroken. It was replaced with an ice-cold feeling, just like being shot by a cold arrow from Feng Lingran’s eyes. Xiao Xi shook her head, no, no, she can not be confused by Nangong Yin, the person she likes is Fenglingran! 

“Nangong Yin… I actually…

Nangong Yin put down Xiao Xi’s jade foot and interrupted her, “Although I like you, I don’t want you to promise me anything right away. Like is mutual, I believe that one day you will find me worthy, and happily accept me.” 

After a pause, he said, “With your toes right now, you can’t get out of bed yet. Tell me what you need, if possible, I won’t refuse. I’ve got people keeping an eye at Leng Yuhan, and I’m sure I’ll be able to bring Ling Er back soon. 

Hearing Nangong Yin say that he would soon bring back Ling Er, made Xiao Xi feel ecstatic, “Nangong Yin, thank you.” 

“Nangong Yin? Hmn? 

“Yin, thank you.” 

“Between you and me, don’t mention it.”

Nangong Yin pulled the brocade quilt over, and covered Xiao Xi’s leg, but still exposing the toes which had just been medicated, he then said, “In a moment, the maids will bring breakfast. I have some things to deal with. When I’ve finished, I’ll come to accompany you.” 

After that, Nangong Yin left Xiao Xi’s room.

Just a little after Nangong Yin had gone, three maids came in.

One was holding a bronze basin for washing the face, the other was holding a new set of clothes, and the last was carrying a breakfast box.

She is not a golden lady 1. Nangong Yin’s arrangement was too excessive.

“Young lady Xiao, your maids are ready to wait upon you, for rinsing your mouth and washing your face.”

“Eh… No, I can do it myself.

Xiao Xi was not used to being served. In the Regent’s Palace, Feng Lingran did not arrange servant girls to serve her. Feng Lingran is mysophobic. Besides, the aunties and maids in the dining room and courtyard, he does not allow women to approach the places where he often goes to.

Xiao Xi took the initiative to take the water from the maid’s hand and proceed to washed her face and rinse her mouth by herself.

“Put the clothes and breakfast here! I have my own hands. I don’t need you three to wait on me. So just go out!”

“How can this be?”

“If you all don’t go out, I won’t eat this breakfast.”

The three maids looked at each other and finally bowed out respectfully.

Xiao Xi changed out off her light thin clothes, she had to say that Nangong Yin had sent quite the suitable clothes for her and they were just the right size.

Xiao Xi ate some breakfast and thought of the little boy in the cave in the outskirts. She hit herself on the head. If she could not get out of bed for a few days, would she not starve the little snow wolf to death in the cave?

No, that will not do.

Xiao Xi looked at her toes. The wound had healed well. It should not be as serious as Nangong Yin said it to be.

Xiao Xi walked out of the room with the food box on hand, there was still more than half of the breakfast left. The three maids stood by the door, when they saw Xiao Xi coming out, they stared with astonishment.

“Young lady Xiao, your foot is injured. Gongzi had instructed that you can’t get out of bed.”

“Nangong… Cough, where is your Gongzi now? I have something to do with him.”

Xiao Xi remembered that Nangong Yin was not the prince of Nanling in Eastern Jin, and hurriedly changed her words.

“Gongzi has gone out of the house and may not be back until later.”

“Then help me prepare a carriage. I’m going out.”

It was not known when Nangong Yin will return, and she could not let the little snow wolf go hungry in the cave.

“This is…”

The three maids awkwardly looked at each other.

“If you don’t prepare a carriage for me, I’ll go myself.”

After saying so, she took the food box and went out of the mansion.

“Young lady Xiao, the prince has explained that you have a foot injury, so you can’t get out of bed, you can’t go out, please don’t make things hard for your maids.”



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