Raising a Fox Chapter 2

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Chapter 2- Count your life lucky

Xiao Xi thought too late. She immediately rolled to avoid the danger using her animal instincts.

A powerful arrow broke the glazed roof tile, flying into the sky. Xiao Xi froze, not sure what to do when the tile under her suddenly cracked, making her plummet to the ground.

A certain little beast was stunned as her heart sighed with bitterness: this time, she couldn’t even be an animal….


The water and flowers splashed as a certain little beast fell into the water before floating to the surface and trying to doggy paddle, its paws making ripples on the water’s surface.

Help ah! This sister can’t even swim! This sister was just trying to look for something to eat, so who was so cruel to want to destroy this sister’s little life?

Coast…… where’s the coast?

A certain little beast struggled to save her life, getting to shore with great difficulty. It was almost paralysed as it spat out a belly full of anger, trying to using two paws to pull itself onto the jade and stone coast as stars spun in front of her eyes.

This sister’s about to die out of tiredness!

After resting for a moment, Xiao Xi shook her head, shaking the water out of her fur. Suddenly, she could feel a stare watching her intensely.

She turned her head, meeting a pair of deep, cold eyes. Xiao Xi trembled from head to toe as she blinked, clearly seeing the man’s appearance.

His perfect face seemed to be God’s masterpiece. His eyes were cold as ice, as if disdainful of everything under the heavens. His thin lips were like cherries, but cold like winter snow. You can look, but you can’t touch.

This man was really too handsome. A phrase popped up in Xiao Xi’s mind: God’s pet.

Right, this man was truly God’s favored pet. His appearance was truly too beautiful, without the slightest flaw.
Xiao Xi’s gaze wandered downwards. Ai…. this man wasn’t wearing clothes? He was bathing?

Xiao Xi swallowed. Confused, confused, she was confused. The visual impact was too powerful, she couldn’t focus ah!

Xiao Xi unscrupulously looked the beautiful man up and down. Such a good thing, she hadn’t seen even thoroughout her entire lifetime of living. If you don’t look, you’ll regret, but if you look, you’ll never regret.


Suddenly, Xiao Xi felt a chill seize her. Why did it feel just like that ominous premonition she had earlier?

A certain little beast lifted her head, and then immediately averted her eyes. One glance almost her soul fly out!

A bow was in the beautiful man’s hands. His powerful arm, jade like skin tensing as he pulled the bow. His arm
muscle was elegant as he aimed the bow towards Xiao Xi’s body. His glistening white finger seemed as if it would relax if she made another move.

The animal will die!

Xiao Xi was frightened stiff. Her two paws slowly lost their grip on the jade stone bank. Her snow white body fell backwards, landing in the water. Her eyes closed, dizzy. This time, she didn’t float back to the surface…..

Feng Lingran’s expressions changed as he took in the scene. He originally wanted to scare the trespassing young fox, but didn’t expect for the little fox to fall into the water and not come up. He frowned and set aside his bow and arrow before jumping into the water.

Feng Lingran searched underwater for the fox and fished it up. He looked at the unconscious little “white lump” in his palm. The water glistened in his hand. The “white lump” was very soft- just a little bit of strength and he could easily squeeze it to death.

A tiny life, unable to even stand a squeeze.

Feng Lingran wasn’t a person who liked small animals, but gave the little fox a grace.
Not squeezing it to death was his grace.

A moment after.

Feng Lingran seemed to remember something, extending a finger to check for the little fox’s breath. Sensing its weak breaths, an unknown emotion flashed in his cold eyes.

“Count your life lucky.”

Feng Lingran’s lips formed a small smile for a split second. One hand carefully held the soft little fox as he entered the white jade bath.

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