Raising a Fox Chapter 1

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Wangye= Prince/King

Chapter 1: The Struggling Young Animal

Xiao Xi felt as if all the misfortune from both her previous lives and future lives had been piled up into this lifetime.

If this wasn’t the case, why had she transmigrated without any signs? Not only had she transmigrated, but why did it seem like she was a newly born animal?

What a fraud, ah!

Xiao Xi stared at the two furry paws in front of her and felt like crying. You deceitful god! What did this sister’s past lives do to offend you, ah! Why didn’t you at least let me transmigrate into an adult? Why did this sister have to become a small animal?

You simply want to hound me to death, right?

Xiao Xi put down her paw, her heart gloomy. What sort of animal was she anyways?


Xiao Xi’s furry little belly suddenly rumbled, which caused her to realize that she was hungry.

Xiao Xi extended her tiny, soft pink tongue to lick her lips and swallowed. Where could she find something to eat?

Xiao Xi walked for about an hour, then suddenly stopped in front of a fence. The area behind the fence seemed to be very large, akin to that of a rich person’s house.

Xiao Xi’s body shook, and she felt as if some sort of incredible force had been poured into her furry paws. She suddenly felt refreshed, and immediately ran towards the fence in front of her at an incredible speed.

Finally, food…

Xiao Xi struggled to climb up the fence, but managed to haul herself atop it after expending a considerable amount of effort. As she sat atop the fence, she was almost blinded by what she saw.

Glazed roof tiles, vermillion doors, arabesque windows, and jade walls filled her vision.

What sort of tyrant’s house was this? Or maybe… was this some place meant to film a movie at?

Xiao Xi was new to transmigration. On her way here, she hadn’t seen anyone, thus she still didn’t know if she was in ancient times or modern times.

However, that wasn’t important to her right now. The most important thing right now was… where was the kitchen?

Xiao Xi was a clever beast, and chose to walk along the fence to look for it. When she wasn’t able to find the house’s kitchen, she stopped.

Xiao Xi suddenly stomped her paws and her eyes lit up when she spotted a group of people clad in servant robes carry two caskets full of water into the residence.

A kitchen!

The word instantly popped into Xiao Xi’s mind when she saw them. With them carrying so much water, where else would they go but the kitchen?

The owner must really be a rich man, ah! With so many people carrying water, aren’t you afraid that your kitchen will be flooded?

“Bring the water in quickly. Wangye will arrive soon; if we delay his matters, even our lives won’t be enough to compensate.”

The servants’ expressions instantly became fearful and they immediately hastened their pace.

Xiao Xi’s ears twitched as she listened intently to the middle-aged man’s words.


Neither a director nor a cameraman are present… Does this mean that I’ve transmigrated into ancient times?

What year is it?

These thoughts flashed through Xiao Xi’s mind when all of a sudden she heard the servants respectfully call out ‘Wangye’. Xiao Xi immediately lifted her furry head to see a man clad in official robes enter the ‘Kitchen’.

Even though Xiao Xi couldn’t see the young man’s face, she was still able to sense an imposing aura surrounding his body. That imposing aura seemed to permeate into her soul, as if it were pure instinct.


The cruel reality of how hungry she was snatched Xiao Xi’s soul back. Who cared about this ‘Wangye’? She needed to fill her stomach.

Xiao Xi looked towards the ‘kitchen’ door, only to see several bodyguards with swords at their waists standing next to it. She realized that she had no choice but to forget about entering the ‘kitchen ‘through the front door.

Even though she was a small animal right now, if those men were to see her sneaking into the kitchen, wouldn’t her life be gone with one slash of those swords?


Nowadays, it was too hard to get food. For a small animal like her to find food, she actually had to think about it so much.

Xio Xi didn’t think or rest before she climbed onto the roof of the ‘kitchen’. However, the glazed roof tiles were too slippery!

She almost fell to her death…

Xiao Qi stabilized herself with great difficulty. When she did, her ears suddenly twitched, as she’d heard a thin ‘whoosh’ sound from below her. Furthermore, it seemed to be getting closer and closer, as if it was about to break straight through the tile she was currently sitting on.

She suddenly felt an ominous premonition in her heart.

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