Raising a Fox Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 — The Stomach is Even Cleaner Than the Face


Xiao Xi suddenly woke up covered in cold sweat. She gasped for breath. A nightmare, she had a terrible nightmare……

After calming down with great difficulty, Xiao Xi wanted to get off the “bed”, only to discover a very, very tragic thing. Her hands….. Had changed into an animal’s paw.

Xiao Xi stared at her paws blankly for a long time. It was already a fact. Yesterday, she transmigrated into the body of an animal…..

Two streams of liquid flowed from her eyes. This tragedy called her life…… it started when she met the psycho at the hot spring in Dragon Valley…..

As Feng Lin Ran sat on the intricately carved purple sandalwood chair, taking in all the actions of the young fox, an unknown emotion was brewing within his eyes.

It was not until ‘cat urine’ flowed out from the young fox’s dumbfounded eyes Feng Lin Ran stood up. An unknown emotion flashed by his raven eyes, he then walked towards the young fox.

His massive shadow enveloped the young fox’s small stature, his hand reaching towards the fox. As the young fox raised it’s furry little head, it stepped back in fear when it saw Feng Lin Ran’s hand reaching out to it.

Even though this young fox is still small, it can run pretty fast.

Feng Lin Ran’s interest was piqued, his eyes gleaming. He swiftly caught the young fox, it’s fur was soft and smooth like silk.

“Why are you running? Do you think I would eat you?”

Right after Feng Lin Ran finished his sentence, he was stunned. Why would he talk to a young fox? Is it possible that this young fox can really understand?

Feng Lin Ran involuntarily smiled and shook his head. He probably got baffled by the fox’s human-like behavior.

Xiao Xi raised her fuzzy head up only to see an enlarged, handsome face with raven eyes that were as deep as an endless void.

A void that if you fall in you won’t be able to climb up again. His face was flawless, you couldn’t even see his pores, smooth as sheep-fat white jade. His lip colour light and thin, like a sharp, ruthless blade that could execute anyone.

However, this man is charming when he smiles, even though his smile vanishes as soon as it appears Yet, it is captivating enough to let the world fade away in comparison.

Xiao Xi remembered what had happened in the bath. He was holding a bow wanting to shoot her, and she…….depleted all her energy, sustained too much shock, and disappointingly fainted. Could it be that he saved her?

My god!

Beautiful man, you scared the life out of me. Please don’t treat my life like a joke next time, okay?

Since the young fox woke up, Feng Lin Ran placed the fox in his hand, playing with it. He could hardly bear to put the little thing down.

This young fox is quite smart. Everytime Feng Lin Ran reached his finger out to tease it, it would always raise its front claws and pounce on him like a cat.

When those soft and plump pink paws pounced on his finger, it would always hug his finger and nibble……

The soft feeling entered his finger like an electric shock. As his heart trembled, the way he looked at the young fox got even deeper and more mysterious.

Do you know how much Xiao Xi wanted to bite off his finger? Teasing her non-stop, isn’t it too annoying?

As Xiao Xi bit Feng Lin Ran’s finger again and again, she realized a cruel fact. His finger wasn’t even injured, even though her teeth was hurting really badly.

Can anyone tell her, where did all her teeth go?

When Xiao Xi got tired, she would lay down in Feng Lin Ran’s palm. She got a clear understanding of the situation, she transmigrated into a newborn beast.

Is there something more fraudulent than this?


Xiao Xi’s stomach was complaining, quite some time has passed since she last ate…..

“Hungry?” Feng Lin Ran took an clean white handkerchief from his sleeves and meticulously cleaned the wet finger that the young fox had bitten.

The young fox nodded it’s little fuzzy head.

Feng Lin Ran paused, a probing gaze landed on the fox that’s laying in his arms.

It can really understand human language?

A certain young fox hugged its stomach rolled around in his arms. She can already tell that it’s been a long time since she last ate. Her stomach was even more clean than her face, so how can she not be hungry?

Stomach was cleaner than her face: meaning her stomach was empty and clean of food, clean like her face.

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