Raising a Fox Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 — The Law of the Jungle


After Xiao Xi walked for a while, she suddenly thought of a very important issue. She had tricked Feng Lingran. Then what should she do at night? Her nest was in Feng Lingran’s room. Wouldn’t that mean that she’d be sleeping outside tonight?


Forget it, don’t think about things that makes the brain hurts. Besides, who told Feng Lingran to do such a jerk move? It wasn’t her fault.


Suddenly, her fox ears moved, there seemed to be a commotion?


She shall climb a tree and find out. There was a tree close to her, so she ran up to it and climbed the tree. She perched on one of the highest branch and managed to listen to the conversation .


“Damned beast stole this old lady’s chicken again! You better hope this old lady doesn’t catch you next time. For I will skin you and smoke your tendons, then I’ll put you in a pot of boiling water!”


A woman wearing rough clothes and a headscarf shouts. She had a fierce expression with burning eyes, even the little fox felt afraid.


So aggressive!


Xiao Xi pull back her neck. Fortunately, she wasn’t the one who stole the chicken.


It had nothing to do with her. Just when the little fox was about to get down from the tree, she saw a bloody mouth with a nearly dead chicken, which was then placed under the tree the little fox was on.


One of the chicken’s leg was bitten. It was frantically flapping its wings, desperately trying to escape.


The mother wolf licked her bloody snout, then she pushed the little snow wolf forward and swiped at the cheeky chicken, knocking the chicken to the ground as it clucked with horror.


The little fox stared with wide eyes. It was the mother wolf that stole the chicken? Was it because she drank the milk belonging to the little snow wolf, causing the snow wolf to not eat enough, so the mother wolf had to steal a chicken?


The little fox felt guilty, but soon the feeling disappeared without a trace. She contemplated for a while. If the little snow wolf was lacking food to eat, then the mother wolf could have just killed the chicken, tore it into pieces and feed it to the little wolf. There was no need of catching a live one.


In an instant the little fox understood. The mother wolf was teaching the little snow wolf so that it can learn the laws of the jungle.


The little snow wolf was obviously afraid of the chicken and didn’t dare to bite it. It proceeded to retire to the mother wolf’s back and issued a small whine.


The mother wolf’s eyes glowed with a faint green light. When the little snow wolf retreats to its side, the mother wolf’s paw pushes the little snow wolf forward again. It does not allow the little snow wolf to go back.


The little fox’s heart bursts with emotion. Wolves are clever creatures. This mother wolf stole a chicken and risked being killed just to train the wolf cub. It doesn’t want the little snow wolf to be trapped inside Feng Lingran’s house forever. So after escaping it has the knowledge to survive.


Aish~ the wolf wants to escape this place, while she as a little fox was content with living under Feng Lingran’s wings.


Forget it, a wolf has the idea of ​​a wolf, while a fox has the idea of ​​a fox. Feng Lingran had been very good to her, so she don’t want to leave Feng Lingran at the moment.


Suddenly, the mother wolf’s faintly glowing green eyes found her. Xiao Xi was stunned by its fierce eyes. Her claws slipped from the branch and she fell down from the tree.


Xiao Xi’s back was in pain, but she reluctantly got up for she felt the mother wolf’s cold gaze on her. Xiao Xi was afraid to move, this mother wolf had always resented Feng Lingran. He took her milk and used it to feed the little fox. This time won’t the mother wolf take advantage of Feng Lingran’s absence and use her in the little snow wolf’s hunting practice?


Xiao Xi’s whole body turned cold. Ah, a wolf’s cruelty is far greater than any human’s imagination. Xiao Xi can’t bear the pain of being torn to shreds as food.


Won’t her fate be worse than the chicken now?

Sellychi: Hey hey big news the title of this novel will be revised soon! I was somewhat bothered by it for a while, but after talking to Kiki about it she gave me the green light! Ah so exciting!

The raw title is <<养狐为妃:高冷摄政王夫君>>, rough translation would be <<(Raise/Keep) (Fox) (Consort): Cold Regent Husband>> so I played around with it and ended up with….

Dun dun dunnnnn…….. <<The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort>> !!!

Well the title might seem weird at the current chapter, but! trust me in this, it won’t be bestiality, if you notice from the picture on the project page and I’ll quote a comment from a witty reader, “the cutie will turn into a beauty” hahaha~

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