The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 — Arrogant Fox


Xiao Xi suddenly felt regret. She shouldn’t have teased Feng Lingran, then she wouldn’t have the opportunity to leave his side and end up in this life threatening situation.


The mother wolf made the little snow wolf practice hunting on the almost dead chicken, no matter what, please don’t use her as hunting practice too!


Her soul is human!


The little fox knew that Feng Lingran wasn’t a god. He wouldn’t suddenly appear to save her. So she needs to find a way to save herself!


She thought of the tree behind her. After taking two breaths, she suddenly pounced towards the snow cub. The mother wolf thought that the little fox was going to hurt her cub, her eyes flashed and she opened her jaw to bite the little fox.


The little fox suddenly changed direction, it jumped on the trunk of the tree and quickly climbed up.


Only when she sat on a high branch, did the little fox sighed with relief. She looked at the livid mother wolf and grinned.


Ha ha~ if you have the capability, come bite me!


The little snow wolf watched with confusion. It really wanted to play with the little fox, but the mother wolf scared off the little fox…


The little snow wolf glanced at the indignant mother wolf and then climbed the tree like how the little fox did. She didn’t expect it to also climb up. The pup happily wagged its tail in invitation for the little fox to play with him.


The little fox panicked. It was being too arrogant and forgot that some wolves can also climb trees as well.


The mother wolf…the mother wolf…


The little fox looked nervously at the mother wolf and saw that it had not climbed the tree. She sighed with relief. Fortunately, this mother wolf that she encountered couldn’t climb trees.


Because Feng Lingran wasn’t here, the cub had guts. It raised its paw to pet the little fox’s back while opening its mouth and playfully nipping at the little fox’s legs and neck.


Xiao Xi couldn’t even put the little snow wolf in her eyes. It didn’t even have the courage to face a chicken so can it still be counted as a wolf? It can only count as a meek little puppy.


The little wolf pup was then regarded as a small puppy in Xiao Xi’s eyes.


Xiao Xi did not like the snow pup using its mouth to play with her. It made her feel a bit sick. She was probably influenced by Feng Lingran’s mysophobia.


When it nipped her again, she lifted her paw and gave the cub two slaps, which almost knocked it off the tree branch.


When mother wolf saw that her own son was being “abused” by the fox, her heart was aggrieved. Her green eyes were cold with fury, but she couldn’t reach the little fox.


Her son’s skin must had turned red, the wolf thought. He was slapped by the little fox twice, but it was him who looked for trouble. So who was actually to blame?


The mother wolf couldn’t take the little snow wolf away. She could only stay under the tree and guard the chicken. She hoped that the little snow wolf can learn to hunt other animals soon, so that he could teach the little fox a lesson.


The little fox was tired of playing, her paws rested on the back of the cub and she had a smug look on her face. The little fox glanced down to look at the mother wolf.


She felt at ease after seeing the mother wolf still under the tree, albeit in a bad mood.


The wolf cub on the other hand, enjoyed the little fox’s closeness. It usually has no one to play with, so now that the little fox appeared, it had became the playmate that he’d always dreamt of. Currently Feng Lingran isn’t around, so it was the best opportunity to play with the little fox.


As the sky approach dusk, the little fox jumped onto the stone fence and left under the little snow wolf’s dejected gaze.


Before it left, the little fox gave a meaningful look to the mother wolf, as if to tell her, you’re in bad luck later.


The mother wolf has a high IQ and understood clearly that the little fox was going to tell Feng Lingran to punish her.


Wolves are cold and ferocious animals. The mother wolf was not afraid of danger, but… it worriedly look up the tree at the ignorant snow cub.


Those pair of endearing eyes were still looking sadly at the little fox’s retreating figure.

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