Raising a Fox Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 — It’s Good


Feng Lingran saw the fox’s eyes turn to him and wrinkled his eyebrows, he gently rubs its head.

“Just endure it.”

He did not notice that the voice he used to speak to the little fox had become very gentle, as if he was coaxing a child.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…” Endure it? If I endure, can you give me a kiss? You’re going to make it a promise right?

The little fox swallowed fiercely at the sight of Feng Lingran’s handsome face, it was ready to pounce.

It was so unbearable! She can’t control herself right now and just wants to tackle him.

Feng Lingran’s palm has been gently stroking the little fox’s head, seemingly trying to comfort it in hopes that it can suppress its desire. After all, it was far too small. Even if a fox was found to mate it, he was afraid that it cannot bear it.

If the little fox knew of Feng Lingran’s thoughts, it would have jumped and strangle Feng Lingran right that instant.

I want to mate with you! You dare give me a fox to satisfy me?

About one hour later.

The little fox was very hot, its fluffy fur was now wet. It tiredly laid in his arms. Its little nose twitched from time to time, sniffing his scent which could seemingly abate its desire by a fraction.

Feng Lingran occasionally glanced at the door, the person he called for has yet to come. He was starting to get impatient, his black eyes turns cold comparable to a thousand years of ice.

Xiao Xi has given up. She really wants to just push down the handsome man, but she was simply not his opponent. She can’t even get out of his palm, let alone kiss his lips.

Her desires was suppressed. The result: she now feels like she was dying.

Feng Lingran, you are so ruthless! Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you know how difficult this is for me?

In Xiao Xi’s mind, she was scolding Feng Lingran over and over again. Just a kiss on the lips won’t kill him! Can’t he understand her suffering? Please just save her this once?

Unfortunately, it did not work.

Feng Ling Ran would rather hold the sweaty little fox than letting it succeed.

“Wang Ye, Yu Gongzi* is here.” Said Qin Wen breathlessly as he came in.

An individual holding a white feather fan then gracefully walked in. He was dressed in a white robe which compliments his good looks.

“Lingran, I heard that you’ve been exposed to an aphrodisiac. If I remember correctly, your constitution should make you invulnerable to even a hundred poison at once. How could a low-level stuff like an aphrodisiac affect you?”

Wan Siyu’s voice was warm and pleasant like a trickling stream, elegant and incomparable. Even the drowsy Xiao Xi could not help but lift her head to look at Wan Siyu.

Wow! Handsome man!

Unfortunately, Feng Lingran was still better looking.

Wan Siyu soon noticed that Feng Lingran was cradling a little fox. When it looked up, he almost thought he was hallucinating. The young fox’s eyes sparkled, wasn’t this a magical sight? But soon the eyes of the young fox dimmed, as if after watching him for a glance it was just a simple misunderstanding.

This kind of misunderstanding somehow makes Wan Siyu feel inferior to whoever this fox was comparing him to.

This feeling does not sit well with him.

“I’m not the one effected, it is this little fox that was. Yu, you should have the medicine to get rid of the drug affecting it.”

Feng Lingran does not even care about the reason of why Wan Siyu could misunderstand him. His only concern now was of the little fox in his arms, he was worried of its survival.


Wan Siyu opened his mouth in surprise, “Can a little fox even be effected?”

It was unheard of, but the world is large and full of wonder. Though it was never known of a fox taking an aphrodisiac that does not mean that a fox won’t be effected.




*Gongzi = son of nobility/an official (Honorific)

An aphrodisiac is technically poison

Sellychi: So, someone asked if I have a schedule or if it’s just for fun. Hmnn… well doing this is a fun activity indeed, cause I love the story so much. So far I’m trying my best to do daily or am I just spoiling you guys? I’m pretty sure it’s going to get pushed to once every few days soon. Then once I hit once every week in the far off future you guys will face withdrawals? That happens to me all the time. Hahaha~

On the other hand, reading comments are like taking drugs for me now. Soon I’ll be addicted to them… *cough* keep them coming tho, I love them <3

(UPDATE) Sorry for the confusion, the raws says charm medicine so I instantly wrote it as love potion in the heat of the moment, which I realized now would indeed mean liquid. Thank you for pointing it out in the comments. Its been changed into aphrodisiac instead. Again, I do apologize for the mistranslation, I hope this may clear the misunderstanding a bit~

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